Tabor’s book republished, available at RailPark

Professional Calligrapher Terry Caturano (above) numbers copies of the newest edition of Pauline Tabor's life story "Pauline's." The book was recently reprinted by Acclaim Press with assistance from Bowling Green's Historic RailPark & Train Museum. The book can be purchased at the RailPark starting on Tuesday.

Bowling Green icon Pauline Tabor’s memoir has been reprinted with assistance from the Historic RailPark & Train Museum.

Republished by Acclaim Press, “Pauline’s” will be available for purchase at the RailPark’s gift shop beginning Tuesday for $44.95.

All 1,000 copies are made with a hard, red velvet cover and are only available for purchase at the gift shop. They cannot be bought online.

RailPark & Train Museum Executive Director Jamie Johnson said the RailPark decided to take part in the project due to Tabor’s popularity within the community.

“Years ago, when we took over UnSeen History Tours, the story of Pauline was one of the things that came with that tour,” Johnson said. “This past year, when we opened up the Pauline Tabor tour dates, they all sold out by mid-afternoon on the date of the first tour. When we realized that there was a demand for something with Pauline, and definitely a demand for the book, we created our own.”

Tabor operated a well-known brothel on Clay Street in Bowling Green for 38 years between the 1930s and 1960s.

She died in 1992.

Johnson said Tabor’s story is one of female empowerment as she was a very successful business owner during a male-dominated time in society.

“Pauline Tabor was very smart, she was very decisive, she was a great leader and she was able to do a lot of things at that time that people didn’t think women could do,” Johnson said. “Not only did she run a business, but she ran it better than probably any other madam in the country because she really is world famous. She really did put Bowling Green on the map for a lot of things.”

First editions of Tabor’s 1972 book, “Pauline’s: Memoirs of the Madam on Clay Street,” can be purchased on eBay and Amazon from $400 to $500.

Johnson said the RailPark will sell certain copies of the book but will keep ones that have lower numbers due to their higher demand.

“Some of the book numbers will be very sought after and highly collectable,” she said. “This is essentially a fundraiser for the RailPark, and they will make great Christmas gifts.

“We are so excited about it because the community has been so welcoming with the story of Pauline,” she said. “They have been excited for us to bring the story back to the forefront. When we can get people excited about history – that serves our mission.”

Johnson said the RailPark’s board members were “very supportive” of the project, and they agreed Tabor’s story needs to be retold and shared.

Terry Caturano, a professional calligrapher, was selected to number each copy of the new edition of “Pauline’s” during a signing session Monday at the RailPark.

Caturano said she isn’t from the area but was still aware of Tabor’s story beforehand.

“After you have been in Bowling Green for awhile, you hear about Pauline,” she said with a laugh.

New editions of “Pauline’s” can be purchased during the RailPark’s gift shop open hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. Copy No. 101 will be the first released at the RailPark.

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