Warren County Public Works and its related agencies are getting some upgrades to their headquarters building at 1141 State St.

Warren Fiscal Court, meeting Tuesday, approved the $563,585 bid of Miller & York LLC of Bowling Green to renovate both floors of the building that now has more space available after the City-County Planning Commission moved to new quarters at 922 State St.

The renovation, to be paid for out of stormwater management funds, will allow Public Works Director Josh Moore to move his department’s offices from the second floor to the first-floor area that had been home to the planning commission.

Upgrades are planned for the 6,500-square-foot first floor and for the same amount of space on the second floor, which will continue to be home for the Contractors Licensing Board and Operation PRIDE.

“We’ll be replacing windows with more efficient types, and we’ll do work on the flooring and painting and also get some new doors,” Moore said. “We’ll make some improvements such as adding bathrooms that are compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).”

Moore said the building got upgrades to its heating and air conditioning and new water heaters through the county’s energy savings project. This renovation, slated to begin next week, will complete the upgrades to a building constructed about 60 years ago.

The upgrades will also involve reconfiguring the office space in ways that Moore hopes will make it easier for local residents who need building and electric permits, contractors licenses or other items from his staff.

“It’s disjointed now,” Moore said. “We’ll have a new layout that will change where some doors are and allow us to operate more in pods. It will be easier for us to communicate with each other, and it should make it easier for the general public.”

Moore said the renovation is a cost-effective alternative to finding or constructing a new building for Public Works.

“It will cost less than $43 per square foot,” he said. “We couldn’t build a new building for anywhere near that.”

In another item on Tuesday’s agenda, the magistrates approved spending $124,476 to purchase a 2021 Kenworth dump truck for use by the county road department. According to Public Works documents about the purchase, the new truck will have a larger dump bed, snow plow connections and a salt box.

Moore said the truck will replace a 1994 model that has more than 300,000 miles. It will give the road department a total of 11 trucks for use in maintaining county roads.

“The engine was blown on the truck that’s being replaced,” he explained. “The cost to fix the engine would be more than the value of the truck.”

The magistrates also voted to grant authority to Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon to sign the County Road Cooperative Program Agreement involving the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid and fiscal court.

Under the agreement, Warren County will receive $1,801,116.51 in county road aid funds for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Other items approved by fiscal court Tuesday:

  • An expense of $3,450 to Sprouse Container for an 8-foot-by-20-foot storage container for BG OnStage.
  • An expense of $2,850 to Toadvine Enterprises for two aluminum benches for the inline hockey rink at Basil Griffin Park.
  • Purchase of two John Deere utility vehicles from Wright Implement for the county Parks and Recreation Department at a total cost of $23,127.44.

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