Daily News Policy on Article Removal

The Daily News often receives requests to remove from bgdailynews.com information regarding arrests, indictments or other legal proceedings. The newspaper’s longstanding policy, which mirrors that of many publications, precludes it from granting such requests in most circumstances.

As the newspaper of record for Bowling Green and Warren County, the Daily News maintains a complete and accurate archive of items that have been published in its print and digital formats. Failure to do so damages the Daily News’ credibility in its role as a public service.

Daily News management will consider retracting or removing an article if any of the following criteria are met:

  • the report is proven to be false or grossly misleading due to significant errors of fact that result from the author’s misconduct, negligence or honest mistake;
  • the report includes plagiarized material;
  • the report includes information that is determined to have been gathered unethically.

When an error in a published article is brought to the newsroom's attention, the Daily News will verify the information and issue a correction. In addition, if the Daily News is made aware of a legal case’s adjudication that the newspaper has not yet reported, a reporter will verify the information through public records and the Daily News will update its previously published article to reflect the final judgment, verdict or settlement. 

If you have questions about this policy, or if you believe an article meets the criteria for retraction or removal, please contact Editor Steve Gaines at 270-783-3269 or Managing Editor Daniel Pike at 270-783-3235.

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