Bowling Green

Scotty’s Contracting, 1000 Woodhurst St., site work, $40,000.

Jose Escobar, 309 Hanover St., residential building, $3,000.

Leon Mueller, 348 W. 10th Ave., residential building, $3,000.

Precision Contractors (Hillview Place, building 1, new eight-plex), commercial building, $425,000.

Precision Contractors (Hillview Place, building 6, new eight-plex), 4938 Worth Way, commercial building, $500,000.

Eder Conejo, 952 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, commercial building, $200.

Toby’s Pest Control, 913 Lovers Lane, sign.

Mahira Ajanovic, 312 Brighton Ave., residential building, $14,900.

Matt Sewell (Crossroads Express Store No. 852), 1851 Scottsville Road, commercial building, $132,500.

John Williams (Louisville Road Ventures, Lot 36C), 123 Graham Ave., commercial building, $275,000.

Stewart Richey Construction (Rover’s Landing Edge), no address, sign.

Vision Builders LLC, 283 Townsend Way, residential building, $150,000.

Johnson Equipment, 428 Dishman Lane, commercial building, $1,500.

Cedar & Sage (alter commercial interior), 426 E. Main Ave., commercial building, $11,000.

Signs Express, 1053 Lovers Lane, sign.

Smith & Smith Contracting (Dream Meadows Farm, add/alter commercial building), 313 E. 10th Ave., commercial building, $40,000.

Azmir Mehmedovic, 825 Biscayne Court, residential building, $10,000.

Jusic Sead, 807 Buiscayne Court, residential building, $10,000.

Rushing Builders, 1963 Spring Lakes Circle, Lot 19 , residential building, $120,000.

Decker Services, 677 Covington St., pool, $35,800.

David Witty/Witfix LLC (convert garage into bonus room), 1254 Williiams Court, residential building, $22,500.

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