Bowling Green

MNM LLC, 341 Topmiller Ave., commercial building, $600,000.

Rogers Real Estate, 677 Cherry Blossom Road, residential building, $135,000.

Du Trinh, 141 W. 14th Ave., commercial building, $5,000.

David Turner Construction, 1925 Twilight Ave., residential building, $123,500.

Premier Sign, 1010 Wilkinson Trace, sign.

Decker Services, 125 Cynthia Lynn Drive, pool, $35,000.

Premier Sign, 1200 Broadway Ave., sign.

Rushing Builders Inc., 1967 Twilight Ave., residential building, $120,000.

Rushing Builders Inc., 1973 Twilight Ave., residential building, $120,000.

Scott Murphy & Daniel (Barren River Child Advocacy Center, wheelchair elevator), 103 E. 12th Ave., commercial building, $78,494.

Sign Crafters (Ace Hardware/Hallmark, sign attached), 709 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, sign.

WAKY Signs (Hope House Community Store), 485 Glen Lily Road, sign.

Pool & Spa Depot LLC, 904 Cumberland Ridge Way, pool, $52,500.

Focal Building Group (Joe Taylor CPA, alter commercial interior), 1733 Campus Plaza Court, Apt. 4, commercial building, $20,000.

Jagoe Homes, 800 Lily St., residential building, $276,993.

Anthony and Mary Rainey, 1585 Windsor Way, pool, $18,000.

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