Warren County

BCTA Properties LLC, 6115 Scottsville Road, business, $225,000.

Chad Howe, Lot 135, South Glen Gables, in-ground pool, $26,000.

Dorothy and Robert Gaylord, 1650 Claypool Boyce Road, garage, $28,000.

Norman and Julie Simpson, 8018 Porter Pike, in-ground pool, $35,000.

Kevin and Tina Watkins, 9061 Nashville Road, garage, $10,500.

Alan and Lindsay Ramey, Lot 27, Hickory Heights, garage, $10,000.

Craig and Cindy Johnson, 160 Teresa Court, sunroom, $35,000.

National Corvette Museum Foundation Inc., 505 Kimberlee A. Fast Drive, sign, $13,000.

Damon Bartley McKinney, 270 Webb Ave., single-family residence, $150,000.

Gregg Reece, Lot 3, Reece property, single-family residence, $100,000.

Gregg Reece, Lot 3, Reece property, assembly, $50,000.

Kathleen Overton and Oscar Bates, Lot 2, Hadley Farm, in-ground pool, $47,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC, 1833 New Cut Road, single-family residence, $140,000.

Barry Jones Construction, 3377 Girkin Road, single-family residence, $150,000.

Sanel and Mirela Music, Lot 220, The Summit, single-family residence, $480,000.

Horizon Development Group, Lot 135-2, Springfield, single-family residence, $140,000.

Horizon Development Group, Lot 308-15-1, Springfield, townhouse, $115,000.

Horizon Development Group, Lot 308-16, Springfield, townhouse, $115,000.

Horizon Development Group, Lot 308-17, Springfield, townhouse, $115,000.

Horizon Development Group, Lot 308-18, Springfield, townhouse, $115,000.

Shelby and Jane Parrott, 348 Boyce Fairview Road, single-family residence, $200,000.

Leon Adams, 568 Coleman Lane, single-family residence, $110,000.

Leon Adams, 592 Coleman Lane, single-family residence, $110,000.

Crestmoor Properties Inc., 472 Crossfield Way, single-family residence, $150,000.

Jeremy and Kristina Moran, 378 Vance Lane, single-family residence, $320,000.

Douglas and Janette Taylor, 303 Clay Starks Road, garage, $30,000.

Mike and Denise Cornelius, Lot 209, Hidden River Estates, garage, $20,000.

Tony and Connie Phelps, 131 Old Dearing Road, single-family residence, $200,000.

Tony and Connie Phelps, 131 Old Dearing Road, workshop, $21,000.

Louis and Teresa Carney, 1535 White Stone Quarry Road, single-family residence, $100,000.

Jon Eric Thomason, 199 Greathouse Road, garage, $25,000.

J and R Contracting LLC, Lot 152, South Glen Gables, single-family residence, $350,000.

Steven and Gayle Zeller, 10680 Cemetery Road, single-family residence, $482,000.

Terry M. Hale Trust and Brenda A. Hale Trust, 1305 Carl Jordan Road, single-family residence, $40,000.

Henson Contracting, 305 Cottontail Circle, single-family residence, $125,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2853 Windsor Trace Court, single-family residence, $200,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2878 Derby Hill Court, single-family residence, $180,000.

Brian and Lara Park, Lot 84, The Summit, single-family residence, $20,000.

Andrew Prince, Lot 9, Crabtree Estates, single-family residence, $165,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2922 Pennyroyal Lane, single-family residence, $185,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2867 Winstar Ave, single-family residence, $160,000.

Mark and Tara Bratcher, 3255 Garrett Hollow Road, garage, $15,000.

Ruben Lancaster, 2996 Dye Ford Road, single-family residence, $82,000.

Kevin Branstetter, Lot 33, Fairvue Farm, single-family residence, $12,000.

Aaron and Kayla Alvey, Lot 3, Weatherstone, fence, $1,700.

BG Constructors LLC, Lot 119, Drakes Ridge, single-family residence, $300,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 230, The Summit, single-family residence, $325,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2861 Winstar Ave., single-family residence, $185,000.

Derwin Carrier, Lot 17, Rolling Acres, barn, $22,000.

William and Terry Bush, Browning Road, barn, $50,000.

James Tarrence, 11258 Scottsville Road, single-family residence, $200,000.

William and Marianne Wilson, Lot 20, Hunters Crossing, garage, $60,000.

Jeremy and Chastity Taylor, Lot 52, Mackenzie Meadows, in-ground pool, $27,000.

Justin and Natalie Feldman, 2624 Ewing Ford Road, single-family residence, $350,000.

Paul and Donna Duncan, 2450 W.G. Talley Road, above-ground pool, $5,200.

Marietta Martin, 2195 Barren River Road, business, $325,000.

Amy Barnett and Ura Yoder, 455 Cox Road, single-family residence, $143,000.

E.A. Biggs Farms LLC, Gotts Hydro Road, barn, $52,000.

Billy and Pamela Sheppard, 4409 Hourigan St., fence, $4,700.

Trevor Adwell, 3331 Austin Raymer Road, single-family residence, $210,000.

T&C Homes, Lot 14, Poplar Grove, single-family residence, $280,000.

James and Marsha Wagoner, 11260 Ky. 185, covered deck, $8,000.

Patricia Bunch, Lot 20, Deerfield, single-family residence, $50,000.

Miguel Garcia Linares, Lot 229, University Estates, enclosing deck, patio, porch etc., $2,000.

Mary Susan Waldemar, 375 Coleman Lane, single-family residence, $55,000.

Hammer Homes LLC, 2855 Winstar Ave., single-family residence, $150,000.

Ryan and Amanda Tarrence, 4564 Carl Jordan Road, garage, $20,000.

Gemini Homes Inc., Lot 7, Hardcastle Farms, single-family residence, $450,000.

Henry and Barbara Kuecken, Lot 19, Peachtree Downs, single-family residence, $100,000.

Stokes Home LLC, Lot 24, Drakes Ridge, single-family residence, $340,000.

Michael and Catherine Webster, 1551 Old Springfield Road, single-family residence, $280,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc., 391 H.E. Johnson Road, single-family residence, $168,114.

Jon Kyle Roby and Karen Kane-Roby, Lot 7, Lake View Estates, in-ground pool, $38,480.

Pamela Skipworth and Gary Chandler, 312 Emerald Way, in-ground pool, $31,850.

Brian and Melanie Ewert, Lot 33, Cobblestone, garage, $20,000.

Douglas and Rebecca Sims, 1136 Alvaton Greenhill Road, storage shed, $2,000.

Steve Lane, 1545 Old Springfield Road, garage, $40,000.

Jordan and Stephanie Waters, 443 Herchel Lucas Road, single-family residence, $165,000.

Stanley and Lena Jones, 380 Murphy Road, single-family residence, $140,000.

Jimmy and Teresa Chapman, 290 Timberhill Ave., in-ground pool, $37,000.

Ronald and Dacia Cummings, 3860 Three Springs Road, covered patio, $25,000.

Crabbe Homes, Lot 116, Weatherstone single-family residence, $125,590.

Estle and Floyce Hughes, 171 Trammel Bend Lane, $115,000.

Bowling Green

Contracting Unlimited (Lambda Chi fraternity), 1504 Chestnut St., commercial building, $825,000.

Stewart Richey Construction, 487 Century St., site work, $1,400,000.

Stewart Richey Construction, 472 Century St., site work, $850,000.

Scott, Murphy & Daniel (Bendix Spicer Brake Foundation LLC, add/alter commercial building), 346 Central Ave., commercial building, $13,595,221.

Hansbrough Development, 1613 Fords Farm Ave., residential building, $220,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc., 748 Kobus St., residential building, $192,883.

Starnes Custom Built Homes, 442, Bellevue Ave., pool, $47,446.

Starnes Custom Built Homes, 442 Bellevue Ave., residential building, $28,360.

Morningside of Bowling Green, 981 Campbell Lane, temporary sign.

Banks Crandell, 814 Boatlanding Road, residential building, $50,000.

Banks Crandell, 818 Boatlanding Road, residential building, $50,000.

Signature Signs (K&L Asian Restaurant), 1640 Scottsville Road, sign.

Scudder Remodeling & Construction, 101 Tahoe Court, residential building, $9,000.

Byteforce LLC, 1901 Russellville Road, temporary sign.

Taylor Auto Sales, 1105 Broadway Ave., temporary sign.

Kentucky Natural Healings, 130 Walton Ave., temporary sign.

Cici’s Pizza, 760 Campbell Lane, temporary sign.


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