Bowling Green

Graf Construction (new pool and fence), 924 Smith Court, pool, $200,000.

Graf Construction (new shed), 924 Smith Court, residential building, $125,000.

Newco Design Build (commercial alter interior, Meijer), 1676 Westpark Drive, commercial building, $40,000.

Neon Campus Inc. (Crazy Closeout, new attached illuminated sign), 1355 Veterans Memorial Lane, sign.

Southwinds Contracting, 20 Elijah Court, site work, $25,000.

Moderwash, 1124 Fairview Ave., sign.

Moderwash, 2168 Gary Farms Blvd., sign.

WAKY Signs, 820 Three Springs Road, sign.

Greg Gary Trucking (Gemini Partners, demolition commercial building), 270 Porter Pike Road, demolition, $13,200.

Signature Signs (Muttley’s, new attached sign), 288 Cumberland Trace Road, sign.

Signature Signs (BG Mower, new attached sign), 288 Cumberland Trace Road, sign.

Windsort Construction Inc. 1220 Drakes Ridge Lane, residential building, $850,000.

WAKY Signs (Fruit of the Loom, alter existing signs), 2622 Scottsville Road, sign.

Pleasure Pools, 1645 Wickland Court, pool, $47,210.

Intrigue Construction LLC (Robert Donnelly, add/alter single-family residence, 5 Parkview Ave., residential building, $65,000.

Tom Goodworth Construction (add to single-family residence, garage/carport), 825 Ironwood Drive, residential building, $65,000.

Tom Goodworth Construction (porch addition), 825 Ironwood Drive, residential building, $35,000.

Charles Deweese Construction, 150 Walton Ave., site work, $500,000.

Mevludin Rami (add roof over existing porch), 711 Red Clover Ave., residential building, $6,000.

Build 270 LLC (add porch to single-family residence), 5501 Aquifer Court, Lot 19, residential building, $14,000.

Signature Signs, 760 Campbell Lane, sign.

Francisco Espinoza (add play room to single-family residence), 1252 Crewdson Drive, residential building, $20,000.

Steve Wilson (new covered patio), 903 Highland Way, residential building, $35,000.

Cirque Entertainment, 2625 Scottsville Road, tent.

Maranda R. Duron (add to single-family residence, living room/bedroom), 1544 Virginia Drive, residential building, $20,000.

Kathleen Gildersleeve (alter interior single-family residence, enclosing garage), 800 Hampton Drive, residential building, $130,000.

Medical Center of Bowling Green, 250 Park St., tent.