Bowling Green

Mike Moseley & Son Construction (sunroom), 3310 Hunting Creek Court, residential building, $15,300.

Design Collaborative Inc. (Abound Credit Union, new commercial building), 2518 Penn Drive, commercial building, $1,439,851.

Justin Flickinger, 2971 Meadow Ridge Court, pool, $30,000.

Lee Neon Signs, 2608 Scottsville Road, sign.

S&S Earthscapes, 1945 Scottsville Road, site work, $13,830.

Signature Signs (Hitcents, new attached illuminated sign), 200 Natchez Trace Ave., sign.

Scott Murphy & Daniel (add to commercial building, storage for electrical equipment), 123 Williamette Lane commercial building, $105,200.

Precision Contractors, 806 River Birch Court, Lot 62, residential building, $125,000.

Columbian Neon Co. Inc. (Dollar General, new attached illuminated signs), 208 Technology Way, sign.

Charles Whitley (new shed), 952 Ironwood Drive, residential building, $8,127.

Sign Crafters, 1901 Russellville Road, sign.

Mike Mosley & Son Construction (add covered porch to single-family residence), 349 Brighton Ave., residential building, $16,100.

Signature Signs (Ebenenezer Restaurant, alter attached sign face), 1901 Russellville Road.