Bowling Green

New Life Church, 1565 Newton Ave., site work, $5,700.

LA Construction, 826 Brownstone Way, residential building, $1,200.

LA Construction, 1108 Raven Ave., demolition, $2,500.

Century Construction Co. LLC (Shubh Beauty), 150 Walton Ave., commercial building, $42,100.

Remodeling Pro, 901 Magnolia St., residential building, $20,778.

Jagoe Homes, 812 Sweet Bay Ave., residential building, $285,994.

CSR BG Investments, 254 Porter Pike, two commercial buildings each at a cost of $275,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc., 862 Loebner Ave., residential building, $278,419.

Scudder Remodeling & Construction, 832 Nutwood St., residential building, $20,700.

Alicia and Brandon Anderson, 1801 Morgantown Road, Lot 511, residential building, $3,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc., 742 Kobus St., residential building, $192,588.

McGown TV, 1011 E. 10th Ave., temporary sign.

Jagoe Homes, 727 Kobus St., residential building, $181,998.

Jagoe Homes, 852 Star Ave., residential building, $261,143.

Halloween 24 LLC, 2710 Scottsville Road, tent.

Halloween 24 LLC, 2710 Scottsville Road, temporary sign.

Cami Flowers, 1553 Chestnut St., tent.

Cash Express, 719 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, temporary sign.


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