Bowling Green

Booth Properties (Lynnwood Apart-ments, new eight-plex, Lot 342, Building 6), 865 Lynnwood Way, commercial building, $482,000.

Patricia Gutierrez (La Conchita Bakery, alter commercial interior, change of use), 1391 Morgantown Road, commercial building, $23,000.

Ken Brown/Design Inc. (Wendy’s of Bowling Green, alter exterior and interior), 624 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, commercial building, $350,000.

Arco National Construction (Dollar General Bowling Green, new commercial warehouse storage building), 208 Technology Way, commercial building, $27,367,090.

Modesto R. Murillo (carport), 626 Glen Lily Road, residential building, $1,808.

M. Norris Con-struction, 661 Cherry Blossom Road, Lot 34, residential building, $140,000.

M. Norris Con-struction, 665 Cherry Blossom Road, Lot 35, residential building, $140,000.

BM Projects LLC (add/alter porch), 646 Wakefield St., residential building, $6,000.

Precision Contractors, 809 Sagittarius Ave., Lot 2, residential building, $105,000.

Precision Contractors, 898 Sagittarius Ave., Lot 18, residential building, $105,000.

Alderson Homes, 787 River Birch Road, Lot 73, residential building, $162,000.

Alderson Homes, 783 River Birch Road, Lot 74, residential building, $162,000.

Stewart-Richey Con-struction (Red Bull Distribution, Suite C, alter commercial interior), 275 Central Ave., commercial building, $200,000.

Oscar Ramirez Nunez (add to single-family residence, covered back porch), 1309 Audubon Drive, residential building, $4,000.

WAKY Signs, 262 Three Springs Road, sign.

Louisville Road Mini Storage, 201 Scottys Way, site work, $40,000.

Thang K. Mang (deck addition), 936 Shive Lane, Lot 43, residential building, $600.

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