Bowling Green

EOP Architects (Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers), 1771 Campbell Lane, $1,900,000.

WAKY Signs (Morgan Stanley), 1945 Scottsville Road, sign.

REB Architects PLLC (Lifeworks at WKU, alter/add commercial building), 1328 Adams St., commercial building, $1,003,210.

Sign Crafters Inc. (Ace Hardware Marketplace), 2706 Russellville Road, sign.

Century Construction Co. (Potter Children’s Home, Building No. 15, new four-plex), 2350 Nashville Road, commercial building, $709,980.

Maung Maunt, 527 Park Hills St., residential building, $2,000.

WAKY Signs (Evine Shop HQ), 4813 Nashville Road, sign.

Hoard Custom Signs LLC (Raising Cane’s), 1771 Campbell Lane, sign.

Sang Nang, 2249 Smallhouse Road, residential building, $1,119.

Pink Lily Boutique, 2425 Scottsville Road, temporary sign.

Jan and Jim Bohannon, 1824 Todd Trace Court, tent.

Jagoe Homes, 806 Lily St., residential building, $251,964.

Southern Design & Build, 6590 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $145,000.

Southern Design & Build, 6620 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $125,000.

Southern Design & Build, 6614 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $125,000.

Southern Design & Build, 6612 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $125,000.

Southern Design & Build, 6618 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $125,000.

Hammer Homes, 6583 Night Horse Circle, residential building, $100,000.

Lickers Grooming, 160 River Place Ave., two temporary signs.

Glitter and Gold Spa, 1548 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, temporary sign.

Warren County

Tommy Sears and Paul Fetcko, Lot 4, Robert Moseley subdivision, $10,000.

Stephen Daniel Properties LLC, Lot 49, Drakes Ridge, garage, $12,000.

Naftali Cabrera and Ana Gomez, 6067 Louisville Road, paving, $4,000.

Mario Ayala, 2256 Richpond Rockfield Road, single-family residence, $120,000.

Shane and Heather O’Banion, Lot 41, Remington Place, fence, $9,600.

Houchens Properties Inc., Lot 2, South Glen Gables, two signs.

Bobby and Lena Turner, Lot 5, Golden Ayre Estates, enclosing deck/patio/porch, $12,100.

Keith and Pamela Cline, Lot 112, Coalition Estates, $2,500.

Roddy and Lisa Grimes, Lot 25, Quarry View Estates, garage addition, $40,000.

Wayne and Christie Williams, Lot 11, Henson subdivision, single-family residence, $150,000.

Stephen Trussell, Lot 2 The Summit, in-ground pool, $40,00.

Stephen Trussell, Lot 2, The Summit, pool house, $50,000.

Donald and Linda Howell, Lot 31, Shaker Mill Bend, garage, $20,000.

Paul and Marlon Sanders, Lot 35, Meadows at Smiths Grove, in-ground pool, $30,000.

Kim and James Hammersley, 4366 Mount Olivet Road, garage, $7,200.

J. Harlow Properties LLC, 418 Plano Richpond Road, barn, $3,000.

Barbara and Joey Stancil, Lot 3, Fox Run Hills, fence, $3,000.

Larry and Tatum Bratcher, 1444 Mount Olivet Road, deck, $9,900.

Rob Jones Construction, Lot 35, Stuart Farms, single-family residence, $155,000.

Rob Jones Construction, Lot 34, Stuart Farms, single-family residence, $155,000.

Leslie and Judith Stigers, Lot 423, Northridge, pergola, $2,500.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 175, McKinney Farms, single-family residence, $125,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 172, McKinney Farms, single-family residence, $125,000.

Jeff Martin Construction, Lot 12, Poplar Grove, single-family residence, $275,000.

Benjamin and Krista Graves, Lot 4, Bobby Dale White and Sarah White subdivision, barn, $12,000.

Clay and Janet Hughes, Lot 17, Poplar Grove subdivision, single-family residence, $325,000.

Robert and Patricia Milam, 1249 Prices Chapel Road, garage, $13,500.

Clinton and Dorothy Reece, Pleasant Hill Road, grading, $4,500.

AM Builders, 2378 Bristow Road, single-family residence, $180,000.

AM Builders, 2416 Bristow Road, single-family residence, $165,000.

Krystle Gabbard and Ozzie McIvor, Lot 4-4, Hidden Ridge, single-family residence, $225,000.

Robert and Megan Fuller, Lot 6, Autumn Grove subdivision, single-family residence, $290,000.

Erin Faulkner Lanphear, 438 Shaker Mill Road, single-family residence, $580,000.

3D Builders Inc., Lot 14, Legacy Pointe, single-family residence, $165,000.

3D Builders Inc., Lot 19, Legacy Pointe, single-family residence, $175,000.

Daniel and Afton Davis, Lot 180, The Summit, in-ground pool, $61,200.

Kara and Jason Phelps, 3481 H.E. Johnson Road, garage, $7,300.

Elliott and Jessica Whitworth, Lot 65, Legacy Pointe, fence, $7,000.

Phillip and Linda Klusmeier, 2520 H.E. Johnson Road, garage, $105,000.

John and Suzanne White, 227 Lawrence Road, garage, $28,635.

John Wyatt, Lot 2, Idle Acres, in-ground pool, $21,000.

Henson Contracting, Lot 27, Stuart Farms, single-family residence, $200,000.

Henson Contracting, Lot 28, Stuart Farms, single-family residence, $200,000.

Wendy Sizemore, Lot 116, Coalition Estates, fence, $3,400.

Kevin and Sandra McDonald, 10373 Morgantown Road, single-family residence, $60,000.

J. Harlow Properties LLC, 418 Plano Richpond Road, accessory apartment, $30,000.

T&C Homes, Lot 63, Stuart Farms, single-family residence, $200,000.

Christine and Keith Shotwell, 922 Girkin Road, above-ground pool, $8,200.

Brad Knee Builders LLC, Lot 503, Northridge, single-family residence, $95,000.

JLW Rental & Property Management LLC, Lot 40, South Glen Gables, single-family residence, $150,000.

Gary and Beth Tuck, Lot 13, Remington Place, fence, $2,550.

Kelly Renee and Joel Aaron Robertson, Lot 420, Stone Crest Ave., fence, $8,000.

Marquee Broadcasting Kentucky Inc., Glasgow Road, utility/miscellaneous, $769,445.

Amber Dye, 558 Winston Road, single-family residence, $160,000.

Kyle and Jo Sledge, 3649 Hays Smiths Grove Road, single-family residence, $360,000.

Anthony and Jana Kirchner, 1768 Carter Road, garage, $20,000.

Todd and Stephanie Combs, 1003 Greenbriar Road, above-ground pool, $9,000.

Focal Building Group LLC, Lot 233, The Summit, single-family residence, $300,000.

Mike Brown Construction, Lot 27, Serenity Estates, single-family residence, $150,000.

Kathy Holland and Brad Glover, Lot 21, Fairvue Farms, in-ground pool, $20,000.

Karl Schrecke, 438 Vanmeter Road, in-ground pool, $43,000.

Karl Schrecke, 438 Vanmeter Road, fence, $4,000.

Stephen and Debra Epley, Lot 117, Northridge, storage shed, $3,000.

JDA Construction LLC, Lot 12, Autumn Grove, single-family residence, $255,000.

Amy Rucker and David Melear, Lot 154, South Glen Gables, in-ground pool, $54,200.

Calvin and Lindsey Tooley, Lot 132, Springfield subdivision, fence, $1,400.

Richard and Susan Thibeault, Lot 22, The Vinings, deck, $3,000.

Billy and Teresa Minton, 2979 Penns Chapel Road, garage, $19,915.

Melissa Gayle and Brad Daniel Burridge, Lot 309, Hidden River Estates, porch addition, $6,000.

Donavan Tovar and Michele Durkalski, Greencastle Road, workshop, $80,000.

William and Lonnie Day, Lot 52, Legacy Pointe, fence, $4,750.

Paula Sue Hittson, 3744 Mount Olivet Road, garage, $10,000.

Amelia Liane and Daren Lynn Bowden, 180 Morningstar Court, fence, $5,400.

Shawn Hudson, 2731 Lodge Hall Road, single-family residence, $80,000.

Dale and Fran Baugh, Lot 144, McCoy Place, single-family residence, $10,000.

Megan Corvarrubias, Lot 50, Coalition Estates, fence, $5,040.

Steven Keltner, Lot 49, Sherwood Forest subdivision, garage, $10,000.

Stella Renee and Orean Mason Decuir, Lot 21, Plum Grove subdivision, fence, $5,000.

Charles Basham, 6360 Barren River Road, manufactured home, $23,000.

Jeb Homes LLC, Lot 4, Collett Cove, single-family residence, $175,000.

Dillon and Morgan Gilbert, 463 Cleveland Drive, above-ground pool, $11,600.

Curtis Rafferty, 2371 Plano Road, demolition, $25,000.

Logan Brower, Lot 68, Upton Farms, single-family residence, $180,000.

Logan Brewer, Lot 69, Upton Farms, single-family residence, $180,000.

Samil and Sanela Salcinovic, Lot 203, The Summit, in-ground pool, $34,000.

Jackson White, 5851 Scottsville Road, grading, $50,000.

Kendall and Amber Patton, 706 Cooper Dearing Road, in-ground pool, $25,000.

Kendall and Amber Patton, 706 Cooper Dearing Road, pool house, $15,000.

Plum Springs Baptist Church, 2080 Plum Springs Road, religious/worship remodel, $15,000.

Curtis Rafferty, 2371 Plano Road, mercantile, $470,000.

Huang Xiaoxia, Lot 23, Legacy Pointe, fence, $5,100.


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