Estate of Pauline Markham to Walter and Sharon Jenkins, Lot 1, minor plat book 4, page 22, $138,030.

Centerpointe Church Inc. to Colby Osborne, Lot 4, C.A. Tygrett Lots, $115,000.

Rogers Living Trust to M&S Reh LLC, land near Fair Street, $67,410.

Ryan and Kyle Guffy to Stephen and Tamitha Gallup, land near Greencastle Road, $125,000.

Joseph and Laura Price to DTL Properties LLC, Lot 3, Parkland Gardens, $115,000.

Trevor and Amanda Lee to Jeffrey and Jennifer Blackford, Lot 109, Greystone, $164,500.

Zeljko and Anelija Simic to Billy Romero and Leslie Forte, Lot 40, Dogwood Village, $400,000.

Jarod and Hillary Womack to Brittany and Jordan Pierce, Lot 40, Coalition Estates, $168,000.

John and Kelly Monarch to Macy and Darrin Laswell, Lot 132, River Bend Landing, $140,000.

Crabbe Homes to Mary and Shaun Reecer, Lot 16, Kingston Pointe and John Boswell property subdivision, $310,000.

Donald Lacy to WD Properties LLC, Lot 2, minor plat book 5 page 62, $125,000.

Jennifer Cardwell to Michael Cardwell, land near Galloway Mill Road, $7,650.

Garnett and Kathy Owens to Tom and Portia Pennington, land near H.E. Johnson Road, $195,000.

Zach Williams to TKG2 Properties LLC, Lot 1, Zach Williams property subdivision, $960,000.

Golden Family Investments LLC to Tophill Homes LLC, land near 10th Street, $50,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to JT Real Estate LLC, Lot 7-4, Olde Stone, $150,000.

David and Teresa Jones to PKG LLC, Lot 6, College Heights addition, $85,000.

Estate of Glenn Wilcutt to Vincent and Holly Willingham, Lot 234, Ashmoor Parke, $289,900.

Betty Puckett to Betty Puckett, Melissa Liedkie and Autumn Puckett, Lot 3, Coleman subdivision, $21,050.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 121, Drakes Ridge, $59,900.

Jared and Jennifer Holland to Darri and Joy Pinerola, Lots 10 and 11 Hillview addition, $245,000.

Paul Nash to Paul and Melody Nash, Lot 72, McKinney Farms, $157,000.

David and Sophia Holland and Sean and Julie Willgruber to Nancy Meszaros, Lot 5, Legacy Pointe, $273,439.

Deena Brooks to Keith Honaker, land near Scott Street, $44,000.

David and Kay Williams to Jared and Jennifer Holland, Lot 11, Crestmoor subdivision, $285,000.

Chris Logsdon to Sheri Sims, Lot 10, RCP Thomas addition, $117,000.

John and Brenda Foster to Live the Dream Development Inc., Lot 23, Suburbanite Heights, $135,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Bryan and Jennifer Burgess, Lot 507, Greystone subdivision, $226,500.

Vernon and Ora Alford to Nancy Persell, Lot 12, Nichols addition, $134,000.

Jason Jaggers to Larry and Sierra Russell, Lot 4, plat book 40, page 118, $35,000.

Bormann Rentals LLC to Trevor and Amanda Lee, Lot 38, Pioneer Village subdivision, $315,000.

Briese and Manzell Henry to Nickolas Price, Lot 82, Kelly Heights subdivision, $138,000.

Justin and Jessica Daffron to Bradley Chapman, Lot 343, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $150,000.

John Riley and Nidia Liberato to Ana and Matthew Hire, land near W.G. Talley Road, no tax.

Terry Rone to Thomas and Chelsea Wells, Lots 15 and 16, Ky. 234, $142,000.

City of Bowling Green to Greenwood Square Holdings LLC, land near Rush Drive, no tax.

Jerry Hampton, Ronald and Lori Hampton and Amy and Michael Stephens to Roger Hampton, Lot 46, Glen Lily Manor, $41,250.

Kam Pu and Hoih Nu to Boi Cung Chin and Len Remy, Lot 10, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $170,000.

William Smrtic to Biak Mawi and Bawi Tial, Lot 286, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $208,000.

Banks and Patricia Crandell to Gara Harp, Lot 12, Crandell property subdivision, $124,900.

Rebecca and Patrick Herman; Cathy Sims; Nace Taylor; and Ronald and Laura Sims to Spring Lakes LLC, land near Three Springs Road, $1,000,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Woodland Station Holdings LLC, Lot 78, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property, no tax.

Michael and Sandra Graham to William Smrtic, land near Morgantown Road, $240,000.

Shakhzade Akhmedov and Asiya Ilyazova to Ngey Reh, Lot 318, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $234,900.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Jamie Basil, Lot 541, North Ridge subdivision, $153,900.

Angela Ryne to Jack Ryne, Lot 45, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $54,295.15.

Micra Litchford to William Joiner, Lot 4, plat book 42, page 447, no tax.

William and Rena McCaig to Caitlyn Jones, Lot 17, Pleasant Place subdivision, $150,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Jessica and Justin Daffron, Lot 36, Hidden River Estates, $296,000.

Tanya and Charles Hobbs to Dolores Yanneris and Francis Shiro, Lot 56, Pleasant Place subdivision, $166,900.

Damon and Beverly Carlock to Steve and Amy Norrod, Lot 11 Country Place, $314,000.

GTS Properties LLC to Mackenzie Meadows LLC, Lots 1, 2, 6, 13, 14, 29 and 42, Brownstone, $262,500.

Linda McIntyre to James and Jill Brown, land near Rich Pond Road, $144,000.

Claypool Knob Development LLC to Christopher Houchin, Lot 56, Weatherstone subdivision, $185,000.

William and Carolyn Siebold to Biak Muan and Jubilee Par, Lot 143, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $199,900.

Mark and Christina Fuqua to Nicholas Fuqua, Lot 28, Cedar Ridge Road, $150,000.

Michael and Donna Denney to D & M Investments LLC, Lot 16, Lost Woods subdivision, no tax.

Kenneth and Iva Phelps to Eugene and Victoria Phelps, land in deed book 1062, page 771, no tax.

Bill and Dianne Grimes to 7-G Properties LLC, Lot 21, Lost Woods subdivision, no tax.

Terri and R. Eric Brogli to Brandon and Lydia Gilliam, Lot 8, Matlock Manor subdivision, $350,000.

Alison Kirby and Bryan Parker to Joseph and Abigail McReynolds, Lot 10, Chippendale subdivision, $253,500.

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