Golden Hammer LLC to Cedric B. Offutt, Lot 18, Autumn Grove subdivision, $305,000.

Vernon Nielsen to Virgil Nielsen, land in deed book 472, page 507, no tax.

Terry and Brenda Hale to A.I.D. LLC, 188, 220 and 230 Adamson Drive, $360,000.

William and Rebecca Scrivner and Christopher and Lorena Herbert to Bradley and Joyce Young, Lots 4-1 and 4-2, Pernia Smith Estate subdivision, $123,750.

Mattie Abbott to Poe Reh and Shaw Meh, Lot 40, Hidden River subdivision, $282,000.

Larry Hagan to Donald and Robin Bennett, land near Petty Road, $75,000.

April Pearson to James and Jill Brown, land near State Street, $203,000.

Danny and Jennifer Price to Roberto Valentin Melendez and Ashley Nicole Price, Lot 7, minor plat book 12, page 193, $135,000.

William and Kelly Koons to Aric Polston, Lot 86, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $275,000.

Havka Avdic and Damir Malagic to Dailen Muguruza Cabrera and Marisela Amador Esquivel, Lot 292, Greystone subdivision, $166,900.

Micah and Summer Sturgeon to Timberland Land and Farm LLC, Lots 2, 3 and 4, Smallhouse Hines subdivision, $92,500.

Kirk and Natalie Vessel to Havka Avdic and Damir Malagic, Lot 45, Plano Estates, $295,000.

Thea and William Anderson to H-Bar 15 Trust, Lot 123, Northridge, no tax.

Minnie Lee Clements Scott Revocable Trust to Novo Capital LLC, Lot 230, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $120,000.

Burr & Jones LLC to Alan and Jane Cannon, Lots 6 and 19, Poplar Grove subdivision, $106,506.

Thomas MacMillin and Myong Sun MacMillin to Kirk and Natalie Vessel, Lot 16, Oaks subdivision, $348,000.

William and Nancy West to AMA Investments Inc., Lot 39, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $195,000.

Spirit Ridge Properties LLC to Evan Michael Brown, Lot 22, Oakview subdivision, $119,000.

Ozzie McIvor and Krystle Gabbard to Andrew Gabbard, Lot 4-4, Hidden River subdivision, $25,000.

Mark Collier to Stephen and Phyllis Schnacke, Lot 114, Hartland subdivision, $505,000.

James and Kathleen Goad to Craig and Kayla Swindle, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 24, $245,000.

Wesley Milliken to Homebase Properties LLC, Lot 6, Collet addition, $156,000.

Janice Avery to Tom and Sherry Melcher, Lot 40, Rivergreen, $385,000.

Chris Hood to Allen and Joelene Martin, Lot 7, Glendale subdivision, $83,000.

Sue Campbell and Peggy and Michael Moseley to Gin Sin Tuang and Vung Ngaih Lian, Lot 56, Springhurst, $204,000.

Community Options Inc. to Celene Homes LLC, Lot 8, Heritage Meadows, $120,000.

James and Helen Monroe to Jamm Holdings LLC, Lot 127, Countryside Manor, $90,000.

Larry and Sharon Kirby to Kyle and Jaclyn Kirby, land near New Cut Road, $200,000.

Southern Draw LLC to Timothy and Pepper Phelps, Lot 2, Creekwood subdivision, $66,250.

Gin Tuang and Vung Lian to William and Joelle Jones, Lot 30, minor plat book 2, page 272, $160,000.

Robert and Christy Reinstetle to Terrence and Chelsea Dayleg, Lot 11, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $279,900.

Ajkuna and Amir Atic to Nangkhawm Thang and Dimmuan Huai Thang, Lot 459, Hidden River subdivision, $239,900.

Shannon Murphy to Jeremy Dick and Kyra Rookard, Lot 17, Cherry School addition, $121,000.

William Florman to Tracy and Randall Dyer Jr., Lot 6, Charles M. Moore subdivision, $250,000.

Hammer Homes LLC and Tom Goodworth Construction Inc. to Candice and George Steele IV, Lot 116, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $372,500.

Larry Killebrew to Manuel Escobar, Lot 438, North Ridge, $171,000.

Melisa Hatcher and Shari Perry to Darlasue Roach, Lot 327, North Ridge subdivision, $148,000.

The estate of Judith Magers Keith to Laura Norrod and Melody Farmer, Lot 4, Westmeade subdivision, $60,000.

George McKinney to AWEX Properties LLC, Lot 1, Glen Lily Manor, $52,500.

Reeves Enterprises Inc. to Salameh Plastic Surgery LLC, Unit C5, Hartland Place, $265,000.

Mary Frances Poston Revocable Trust Agreement to S&G Holdings LLC, land near Main Street, $345,000.

TNR Bowling Green LLC to Terranova Development, Unit 18A, Eaglestone Villas Condo, no tax.

Charles and Marian Westfall to Lah Moe and Say Mo, Lot 274, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $200,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Devin Smith and William Smith, Lot 536, North Ridge subdivision, $153,900.

Chelsea Bartley to Matthew and Rebecca Poore, Lot 19, Meadows at Smiths Grove, $199,000.

Pat Goad to Beverly Spangler, Lot 28-2, North Mill Village subdivision, $140,000.

Brian and Tracy Eppolito to Julie Kitchens, Lot 72, Drakesboro subdivision, $267,900.

Barry Vinsant to Phillip and Janet Stephens, Lot 13, Trammel Creek subdivision, $360,000.

TLC Real Estate LLC to Barry Vinsant, Lot 22-1, Burr Oaks, $259,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Raul Vaz Filho and Geiele Vaz, Lot 238, McCoy Place, $293,258.

Jeremiah and Petrina Slagill to Casondra Fox, Lot 2, minor plat book 23, page 11, $178,000.

Warren and Cheryl Whitfield to Annette Robertson, Lot 315, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $257,500.

T&S Brown Builders Inc. to David and Rebecca Browning, Lot 3, plat book 38, pages 461-464, $132,000.

Kimberly Vinson to Gin Mung and Khup Tawi Cing, Lot 95, Lost River Cove, $163,500.

Ruben and Martha Lancaster to Curtis and Karyn Rafferty, land near Plano Pike and Matlock Lane, $370,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Whitney and Gerry McMahon, land near North Sunrise Drive, $110,000.

John and Bree Kuntz to William Florman, Lot 38, Mount Ayr Circle Estates subdivision, $630,000.

Christopher and Elizabeth Cannon to Ron Rios Raeder and Maria Concepcion Nava del Canizo, Lot 51, Briar Ridge Estates, $533,000.

Douglas Henning to Gary and P. Karen Wantland, Lot 3, plat book 36, page 127, $345,500.

GC Land Development to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 77, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

WKU Real Estate Corp. to Tim Page, land near Hadley Cohron Road, $85,600.

James and Barbara Jones to Kyle and Kadi Burden, Lot 63, Meadowwood Estates, $205,000.

Double D Rentals Inc. to Jose Miguel Valdivia Rodriguez and Elisabet Valadez Aranda, Lot 19, Green Meadows subdivision, $58,000.

BG Constructors LLC to Denise and James Lewis Jr., Lot 17, Autumn Grove subdivision, $329,000.

Denise and James Lewis Jr. to Brian and Kimberly Myers, Lot 78, Plano Estates, $287,000.

The Prodigy Co. LLC to Chad and Jennifer Tatum, Lot 189, The Summit, $399,900.

Elijah Properties LLC to James and Jill Brown, land near College Street, $203,300.

James and Misty Wade to Brian and Melanie Ewert, Lot 33, Cobblestone subdivision, $322,500.


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