Dane and Ashley Boeglin to Dane and Ashley Boeglin, Lot 19, Copperfield subdivision, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 9, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $215,000.

Ronald Bunch to Ryan and Addye Stokes, Lot 34, Briar Ridge Estates, $408,500.

John Lewis to Richard Hess, Lot 38, Sunny Acres Mobile subdivision, no tax.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to Phillip and Rebecca Myers, Lot 77-6, Scottish Manor Estates, $63,500.

Ross King to Zachary and McKenzy Chaffin, Lot 339, Greystone subdivision, $162,000.

J. Trapper Construction LLC to Eric Wheat, Lot 543, Greystone subdivision, $229,500.

H&D Development of Bowling Green to American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities Inc., Lot 170, McCoy Place, $51,000.

Amie Aspley to Michael and Kimberly Timmer, Lot 199, Hidden River Estates, $242,500.

Carolyn Clark to Hammer Development Company LLC, land near Carter Sims Road, $520,000.

Lynette and Steven Haggbloom to Freybloom LLC, Lot 56-1, Woodland Station subdivision, no tax.

Tai Nguyen to Kevin Jackson, Lot 35, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $48,000.

Sheet Metal Workers International Association, AFL-CIO Local Union No. 110 to MacKenzie Meadows LLC dba Southern Design Build, Lot 3, Stockland Investors Inc., $128,000.

Billy and Shirley Kendall to James and Sabrina Simmons, Lot 26, Peachtree Downs, $223,000.

A.M. Ventures LLC to Cobblestone Capital LLC, Lot 10, Ogden Park, $133,000.

Shamrock Homes LLC to Joshua and Vanessa McClaren, Lot 70, Plano Estates, $289,900.

Kerry and Stacey Pulliam to SEJ Investments LLC, Lot 47, Covington Station, no tax.

D&D Builders LLC to Michael and Sherry Williams, Lot 3, Shultz Property subdivision, $310,000.

Dennis Towe to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 26, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $66,666.66.

Dennis Towe to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 9, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $66,666.66.

Dennis Towe to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 27, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $66,666.66.

Bonnie Howard to Allison and Jarrod Higgins, Lot 1, Bonnie Howard subdivision, $185,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to Doran Investments LLC, Lot 80, Scottish Manor Estates, $50,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to SCL Consulting LLC, Lot 97, Scottish Manor Estates, $45,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to SCL Consulting LLC, Lot 98, Scottish Manor Estates, $45,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to SCL Consulting LLC, Lot 99, Scottish Manor Estates, $45,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to SCL Consulting LLC, Lot 96, Scottish Manor Estates, $45,000.

Craig and Cindy McAllister to Betty Greene, Lot 53, Crestmoor subdivision, $225,000.

John and Amber Estes to Danny and Melva Thomas, Lot 281, Springfield subdivision, $185,500.

Estate of James Kirkwood to Aspley Properties LLC, Lot 21, Nealwood addition, $195,000.

Josh and Tasha Aspley to Aspley Properties LLC, Lot 8, Cabell Gardens addition, no tax.

Cynthia and Tom Barricklow to Jeremiah Jones, Lots 1 and 2, J.W. and Martha Simmons minor subdivision, $67,500.

Wanda Kirby to Estile and Irene Hughes, land near Hale Bend Road, $30,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Michelle and Robert Bowden Jr., Lot 6-3, Olde Stone subdivision, $240,000.

Ruth Franklin to John Miller, Lot 93, Crestmoor subdivision, no tax.

The estate of Bernie Cox to Kathryn Rogers and William Cox, land near Ky. 234, no tax.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Renee Sherry, Lot 39, Springwater subdivision, $185,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Jordyn and Megan Trimble, Lot 486, North Ridge subdivision, $162,900.

Mount Victor Development LLC to Eric and Elizabeth Smith, Lot 5, plat book 42, page 349, $123,125.

Tara and Robert Barnett to James Wafer, tract 1, Don and Glenda Pearson sudivision, $330,000.

Terry and Brenda Staff to Charles Hardcastle, Lot 25, Fox Run Trail subdivision, $238,300.

Zachary Carrico to Harold and Staci Simpson, land near 13th Street, $85,000.

James and Megan Wade to Cody and Christina Thompson, Lot 131, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $92,500.

Patrick and Jennifer McKinney to The Underwood Family Living Trust, Lot 216, Hunters Crossing, $262,000.

Jacob Orr to Corey and Savannah Mahaney, tract 2, plat book 42, page 459, $60,000.

Linda Rush to Amy and Gary Gillon Jr., Lot 15, Drakes Creek Hills subdivision, $275,000.

Vision Development LLC to David Watkins, Lot 50, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $328,000.

Logan Beach to Kevin Beach, Lot 5, Dovefield Estates, no tax.

Knee Rental & Management Properties LLC to Paul Stigers, Lot 398-1, plat book 25, page 161, $4,000.

Keith Honaker to Blake Isenberg, land near Coonhunters Club Road, $160,000.

Dana and Tammie Cortes to John Monarch, Lot 51, Shawnee Estates, $246,900.

James and Linda Shelton to Nichole and Michael Holtgraver, land near H.T. Downing Road, no tax.

Matthew Mikolajczyk and Christie Scott to Brent and Whitney Davis, Lot 61, Charleston Place, $198,000.

Terrell and Demetria Clark to Steven Lange, Lot 98, Countryside Manor subdivision, $110,900.

David and Sara Hunt to David and Sara Hunt, Lot 1, plat book 42, page 63, no tax.

Christian Life Center of Bowling Green to Golden Flower LLC, Lot 6, plat book 34, page 143, $675,000.

Jimmy and Gina Word to AV Realty LLC, land in deed book 1173, page 108, $45,000.

Ketler Calixte and Linly Turner, and Jerry Turner to Ketler Calixte and Linly Turner, Lot 17, Hillview Mills subdivision, no tax.

Joshua and Lori Boston to George Amos Jr. and Stephanie McClendon, Lot 38, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $259,500.

Stonehenge Properties LLC and Donald and Deborah Cook to WKU Student Life Foundation Inc., Parcels 1, II, III, IV, V: land near High Street; Parcels VI, VII, VIII, IX and X: land near Park Street; and Parcel XI: Lot 2, major subdivision plat book 35, page 114, $1,400,000.

Cody Gray to James Matthews, Lot 135, Riverbend Landing subdivision, $143,500.

Jaime Hinojosa Gomez and Iveth Zavala to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 2, Gary Property subdivision, $339,000.

Mark and Tina Hale to Patricia Owens, Unit 8C, Greens at Hartland, $251,000.

K&M Properties LLC to White Oak General Contractors LLC, land near Ky. 240, $170,000.

Mary Ann Fondren to Donna Renshaw, Lot 34, Cherry Hill subdivision, $301,200.

Riverwood Development Corp. to House Springs Property LLC, Lot 34B-1, revision of Lot 34B, Walker & Associates subdivision, $265,000.

Legacy Built Homes LLC to Joseph and Deanna McClung, Lot 77-2, Scottish Manor Estates, $423,000.

George and Sayrah Sweatt to Callie Hullett and Carson Combs, Lot 2, plat book 17, page 83, $188,000.

Richard and Cynthia Gentler to Karen Pearson, Lot 130, Shawnee Estates, $173,500.


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