Knight’s Construction LLC to Hidajeta and Zijad Hasanovic, Lot 33, Springwater subdivision, $219,900.

Andrew Tiedt to Nicolas Hudson, Lot 14, Cherry School addition, $118,362.

Susan James Revocable Trust to Rachelle Beal, Lot 98, Shawnee Estates, $169,000.

Johnny Douglas to Joshua and Ashley Hardy, land near High Street, $70,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Mitchel D. Henson, Lot 224, McCoy Place, $52,500.

James Holland to William Holland III, Lot 17, Cedarwood subdivision, $111,500.

GC Land Development to Crabbe Homes, Lot 99, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Johnie and Charlene Ford to Richard and Heather Appling, Lot 30, Eastland Park subdivision, $211,500.

James and Carole Dunn and Amy and Andrew Jackson to Nay Blu Htoo, Lot 148, Whispering Hills subdivision, $156,000.

Deborah Ecton to Robert Hendrix, Lot 3, Crossridge subdivision, $251,900.

Mark and Robin Douglas to Aaron Doutt, Lot 1, Carson Dickerson Estate, $188,900.

GC Land Development to Crabbe Homes, Lot 86, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

The estate of Judith Keith to Joshua and Brittney Smith, Lot 5, Oaks subdivision, $321,500.

Winner Circle LLC to BR Rental Properties LLC, Lot 42-25, Paddock, $237,500.

Dorothy Koven to Rebecca and Benjamin Tomblinson III, Lot 25, Camden Place, $259,900.

James and Janette Meyer to Belcher Holdings LLC, land near Lovers Lane, $123,500.

GC Land Development to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 79, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Larry Kinder to Nicholas Wilkins, land near 11th Street, $140,000.

Harold Loafman to Three Springs Properties LLC, Lot 27, Robins Nest, $35,000.

Mary Ruge to Anthony and Andrea Tanaro, Lot 83, Shawnee Estates, $129,000.

Matt and Adrian Hardy to David and Beverly Rowland, Lot 31, Summit subdivision, $387,500.

Sharon Thomason to Jon Eric Thomason, Lot 2, minor plat book 17, page 72, no tax.

Lee and Barbara Budziak to Jeffrey Budziak, Lot 12, Drakes Ridge, no tax.

Beverly Young to Nicholas and Jessica Pittman, Lot 1, Oak Manor, $124,500.

GC Land Development to Crabbe Homes, Lot 98, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Jason and Ashley Jones to Amber and Christopher Grayson, Lot 2, Mary Tabor minor subdivision, $174,900.

Double D Rentals Inc. to Raul Hernandez and Leandra Lopez, land near Barren River Road, $55,000.

Patrick and Sharon Blevins to Andrew and Elizabeth Alvey, Lot 1, minor plat book 11, page 109, $165,000.

Kenneth and Lenda Moore to Sunnyside Holdings LLC, Lot 1, minor plat book 9, page 28, $19,500.

GC Land Development to Steve and Alesia Chaffin, Chad Chaffin and Brandon and Kyla Baird, Lots 26 and 27, Weatherstone, $70,000.

The estate of James Johnson Breeding to James and Katrina Carter, Lot 2, Cherry Hill subdivision, $219,000.

Lenox LLC to Lenox LLC, Lot 1, Lenox Place subdivision, no tax.

Michael and Ashley Campbell to Joshua Lee, land near Glen Lily Road, $172,000.

Edward and Judy Gravil to Preston and Carolyn Craft, Lot 4, Meadowview minor subdivision, no tax.

Joshua and Cassie Adkins to Michael and Daphne Lyons, Lot 13, Autumn Grove residential subdivision, $342,000.

Robert and Marietta Zane to Zhiqi Liu, land near Stubbins Street, $290,000.

Jackie and Stephanie Hoffman to Brian and Dawn Innes, Lot 52, Stone Crest subdivision, $168,000.

Kelly Thompson Jr. to The Liberty Way LLC, Lot 2, Forest Borders subdivision, no tax.

Victoria Leigh Golden-Thompson to The Liberty Way LLC, Lot 5, Greenwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Victoria Leigh Golden-Thompson to The Liberty Way LLC, Lot 5, plat book 3, page 100, no tax.

Donald and Dianne Harris to Timothy Wade Harris, land near Morris Duff Road, no tax.

David Tarter to Charles and Cari Evans, Lot 2, Brooks Hunt Bend subdivision, $215,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Tim Harwood, Lot 174, McKinney Farms subdivision, $205,000.

Sue Harris to Sue Carol Harris, Lot 77, Hidden River Estates subdivision, no tax.

Armory Lofts LLC to Loafing Dove LLC, 608 Greenlawn Ave., 701 Greenlawn Ave., 601 Magnolia St., 1425 Nutwood St., 114 Riverwood Ave., no tax.

Duane Keehan to Tania Maria Perez Molina and Carlos Barbaro Pereira Hervis, land near Morgantown Pike, $55,000.

Luka and Jeka Jokic to James Willis, Lot 180, Greystone subdivision, $195,000.

Carol Pippin to Michael and Kimberly Brownfield, Lot 27-1, minor plat book 8, page 183, $90,000.

Clark Dalton to C&T Properties LLC, Lot 6, Porter Place subdivision, $134,200.

Patricia and Johnny Simmons to David and Lisa Updegraff, tract 3, plat book 43, page 146, no tax.

Maggie and David Stucy to John Paschal, land near Media Drive, $60,000.

Shawn and Natalie Perry to Douglas and Michelle Gorman, Lot 33, Bent Tree Estates subdivision, $524,500.

Kimberly Phillips and Carol Phillips to James and Amy Craycroft, Lot 29, South Glen Gables subdivision, $306,000.

Corner Lot Holdings LLC to Walter Hyman Jr. and Kristen Richards, Lot 24, Robins Nest subdivision, $105,000.

Brent and Shelly Thomas to Neesa and Daniel Richardson, Lot 94, Crossridge subdivision, $363,500.

Neesa and Daniel Richardson to Sarah and Phillip Hines, Lot 29, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $225,000.

Dolores Eskew Whitehead to Harley McCabe, land near State Street, no tax.

Brian and Ashley Miller to Mike and Andrea Miller and Donald Scott Jr., Lot 13, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $283,900.

Patricia Hull and J. Thomas Kasee to Christopher and Meredith Stewart, Lot 3, Bill and Lois Smith minor subdivision, $315,000.

James Gibbs and Diana Meyer to Timothy and Michelle Shultz, Lot 80, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $430,000.

Stephanie and Jimmy Brown and Sarah Layne to Hermie and Sharon Stith, land near Little Knob Road, $375,000.

Estate of Rita Vaughan to Eric and Elizabeth Hathaway, land near Nashville Road, $374,350.

Nathan and Fida Sprague to Steven and Stephanie Marr, Lot 1, plat book 43, page 157, $29,960.

Kenneth and Pamela Drake to Tabitha Smith, Lot 119, Coalition, $212,500.

Jerry and Brenda Wilson to Edward and Mayumi Bock, Lot 1, Elsie Tabor Estate subdivision, $75,000.

Tim and Michelle Shultz to Jamie Goeden, Lot 3, Four Oaks Farms subdivision, $715,000.

The estate of Thomas Vernon Neblett and Pamela and James Riddle to James and Lisa Caldwell, Lot 33, Hidden River Estates, $233,000.

Fraternal Order of Police Inc., Lodge No. 13 to National Corvette Museum Foundation Inc., Lots 12, 12A and 12B, Corvette subdivision, $1,300,000.

Caleb Stahl to Travis Mandeville, Lot 8-1, plat book 20, page 140, $167,000.

Jonathan and Lindsey McElroy to Eric and Melissa Cunningham, Lot 21, Pine Grove subdivision, $260,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jason and Ashley Jones, Lot 18, Vinings subdivision, $271,202.

Corner Lot Holdings LLC and Hudson Capital Properties LLC to Noha West and Alexandra West, Lot 18, Collett addition, $160,500.

Virgil and Beverly Rakers to Frank Rakers, Lot 2, plat book 22, page 64, no tax.


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