Billy and Theresa Priddy to Millicent and Sean Culverwell, tract 1, minor plat book 12, page 70, $195,000.

Marlon Brandon and Alicia Anderson-Brandon to Denis and Jenny Lazo, Lot 23, plat book 2, page 145, $25,000.

John and Jocelyn Knepler to Joseph and Linda Seagle, land near New Cut Road, $133,700.

Charles Coleman to Robert W. and Karen Hall and Robert H. Hall, Lot 1, Hilltop Acres, $142,500.

Charles Coleman to Kenneth Kuehn and Valerie Brown, Lots 1-1 and 1-2, Hilltop Acres, $20,000.

B.G. Builders LLC to JAG Properties LLC, Lot 487, Greystone subdivision, $160,000.

Legacy Built Homes LLC to Kristi Parrish, Lot 64, Legacy Pointe, $223,500.

Anna McReynolds to KB Family Limited Partnership, Lot 38, RCP Thomas Estate, $130,540.

Boss Lady Properties LLC to Agnes Hernandez, Lot 555, Greystone subdivision, $214,900.

Robert and Melissa Howard to Gabriel and Rachel Conway, Lot 18, Cedar Ridge subdivision, $323,000.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Zachary and Anna Caldwell, Lot 3, minor plat book 20, page 109, $141,000.

Dianna and Lloyd Williford to Dianna and Lloyd Williford, Lot 21, Silver Springs subdivision, no tax.

Estate of Terry Potter to Yvonne Potter, land near Murphy Road, no tax.

Kenny and Mary Wheet to Matthew and Kelly Blair, Lot 2, Kenny Wheet property, $136,650.

Estate of Martha Martin to Shirley Jones, land near VanMeter Harris Road, no tax.

B.G. Builders LLC to Brennan Clark, Lot 545, Greystone subdivision, $218,000.

TLC Real Estate LLC to Kyle Coombs, Lot 23, Burr Oaks subdivision, $264,900.

Jennifer Haines to Christa and Carla Lafontaine, Lot 12, Hillview subdivision, $282,500.

RPK Properties LLC to Tiffany Hendrick, Lot 9, Briarwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Ricky and Elaine Powell to Brian Doolin, Lot 62, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $256,000.

Teresa Leibfreid to James and Deborah Carroll, land near Peachtree Lane and Old Scottsville Road, $145,520.

Jacob Hildebrant to Zachary and Kelli Kreider, Lot 339, North Ridge, $170,000.

Andi and Erin Howell to Timothy and Sherri Larimore, Lot 5-74, plat book 41 page 12, $345,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to GTS Properties LLC, Lot 15, Brownstone Farms subdivision, no tax.

GTS Properties LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 19, Brownstone Farms subdivision, no tax.

Joseph and Lynne Walton to Bennie and Laura Jones, Lot 6, Sunshine Gardens addition, $135,890.

Crestmont Investments to Alvin Beck and Clarissa Merideth, land near Herchel Lucas Road, no tax.

GTS Properties LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 22, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $37,500.

Rose Valley Banquet Hall LLC to Christian Life Center of Bowling Green Inc., Lot 25-13, Bowling Green Corporate Park, $1,000,000.

Christian Life Center of Bowling Green Inc. to Myanmar Assembly of God Inc., land near Sharon Drive, $450,000.

Eric and Whitney Elkins to Brian and Lara Barnhouse, Lot 1, Roy Morehead subdivision, $97,000.

A.M. Builders LLC to Timothy and Denise O’Hara, Lot 51, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $338,000.

Cory Henon to William Odil, Lot 9, Ogden Park subdivision, $210,000.

Karen Buege to Tom and Portia Pennington, Lots 21 and 22, Edgewood addition, $156,500

Jeremy and Megan Rodgers to Lionel Luu and Chuxiang Qin, Lot 194, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $274,900.

Huffman Homes LLC to Robert and Catherine Sanspree, Lot 1, Pennyroyal Farms, $254,900.

WHW V Properties LLC to Coaljori LLC, Lot 8, Fort Valley addition, $60,000.

JFM Holdings LLC to Coaljori LLC, 131 W. 10th Ave., 410 Woodford Ave., 1249 Stubbins St., $163,000.

YB&R Investments LLC to Lead Properties LLC, Lot 44, Brookfield addition, $70,000.

BCTA Properties LLC to Inga Wolff, Lot 8, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $48,000.

BCTA Properties LLC to JS Property Holdings LLC, Lots 7, 23 and 24, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $144,000.

James and Edith Bice to Karen Roth, Lot 19, Deer Meadow subdivision, $278,000.

B N R Realty LLC to Korey and Mikkella Pryer, Lot 504, Greystone subdivision, $237,900.

Golden Hammer LLC to Faith Alexander, Lot 140, McKinney Farms subdivision, $187,500.

The Jones Company of Kentucky II LLC to Christopher and Jamie Baker, Lot 22, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $457,000.

Joseph Vallelonga to Amy and William Poland Jr., Lot 1, Ishel Massey Estate subdivision, $75,000.

Joshua and Brittney Smith to Richard and Bonny Huskey, Lot 78, Deer Meadow subdivision, $265,000.

Brian and Megan Woods to Amanda and Daniel Thomas, Lot 200, Hunters Crossing, $350,000.

Brian Furkin and David Salyers to Jimmy Smith, Lot 95, Summit subdivision, $398,000.

Fabian and Heidi Alvarez to Tom Goodworth Construction Inc., Lot 2, Stuart subdivision, $70,000.

Crabbe Homes to Evan and Emily Kraus, Lot 22, Weatherstone subdivision, $196,500.

Billy and Mabel Moran to Hunky Dory LLC, Lot 123, Winfield Acres, $137,500.

GTS Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 43, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $37,500.

Trieu Le Dong Vo and Nhon Thanh Vo to Trieu Le Dong Vo and Truong Thuy Nguyen and Nhon Thanh Vo, Lot 205, Springfield subdivision, no tax.

Brenda Belcher to Gary and Sherry Belcher, land near Smiths Grove Hays Road, $175,000.

Dale and Jennifer Taylor to Mallory and Adam Hyman, Lot 64, Plano Estates major subdivision, $259,000.

Shirley and Alice Basham to Marvin and Linda Russell, Lot 1, Sunshine Gardens subdivision, $169,060.

Joyce Tamayo to Kimberly and Scott Hart, land in deed book 523, page 613, no tax.

Clifford and Tammy Holley to Stanley Hodges Jr., Lot 23, Green Meadows subdivision and land on Longview Drive, $95,000.

Nathan and Fida Sprague to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 157, $29,960.

Harlan Construction Inc. to Brenda Lissett Buezo de Diaz and Erick Giovanni Diaz Bobadilla, Lot 533, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $258,000.

White Owl Ventures LLC to Ethan Smith and Jake and Sandy Stanton, Lot 213, North Ridge subdivision, $163,000.

Phillip Shehan to Bowling Green Concrete LLC, Lot 133, Countryside Manor subdivision, $110,000.

Clifford and Alicia Haley to Oscar Hidalgo Avalos and Anabeti Corina Chiquirin Canizalez, Lots 8 and 9, Ken-Rad addition, $35,000.

Annette Robertson to Michael and Kelly Durnen, Lot 70, Ridgewood Estates, $345,000.

3D Builders Inc. to Alen and Minka Grabus, Lot 50, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $275,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Michael Tooley and Sarah Blevins, Lot 173, McKinney Farms subdivision, $202,000.

David Ramsey Sr. to James and Jessi Clark, Lot 1, plat book 31, page 140, $190,000.

Daniel and Amanda Thomas to Timothy and Lydia Jenkins, Lot 66, Hidden River Estates, $281,000.


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