Rita M. Howard Estate; Margaret and Hughey Miller; Linda and Jason Murphy; and Barbara and Brent Carter to Megan Sanson, tract 8-1, Rita Howard subdivision, $46,200.

Delores Proffitt to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 9, minor plat book 20, page 100, $87,740.

MD Property Management LLC to DDNR Investment Group LLC, land near 14th Street, $130,000.

Gator Development LLC to Saab Holdings LLC, Lot 72, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

The Amy Claudene Wheeler Revocable Trust to Gary and Michelle Wheeler, Lot 16, Greenwood Heights, $130,000.

Kenny and Sharon Woods to JoAnn Woods, Lots 2 and 3, minor plat book 14, page 80, $5,000.

Redmond & Associates LLC to Isenberg Properties LLC, land near U.S. 68, $500,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to Elijah Properties LLC, Lot 50, Rolling Fields, $1,500.

Elijah Properties LLC to Hannah and David Herrington, Lot 3, Northgate Country Estates subdivision, $154,900.

William and Janice Cole to David and Buffy Gourley, Lot 11, Stagecoach Springs, $375,000.

J. Roger and Doris Thomas to Steven Elkins, Lots 2-5, Roger and Doris Thomas subdivision, $180,000.

Melissa Gregory to Aaron Brantley, Lot 14, Cedar Moore Estates subdivision, $158,000.

Thomas Manley and Zita Pedigo-Manley to Bimala K. Rai and Budha K. Rai, Lot 54, Chenoweth subdivision, $270,000.

Wilson and Autumn Smith to Emily Gaddie, Lot 98, Greystone subdivision, $165,000.

Brian and Evelyne Peters to Gregory and Alison Alberalia, Lot 2, minor plat book 12, page 167, $480,000.

Joshua and Chelsey Poling to Joshua and Chasity Grace, Lot 8, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $337,500.

Kristie and Dayan Railey to Ronald Martin, Lot 7, plat book 7, page 4, $189,500.

Johnny Watts to Logan Mohon, Lot 199, River Bend Landing, $139,900.

Estate of Haven Hendricks to Sarah Randolph, Lot 122, Springhill, no tax.

Holley Performance Products Inc. to 129 Holdings LLC, Lot 3-1, plat book 27, page 56, $425,000.

Gregory and Sharon Grooms to Wendell Capps, Lot 61, Remington Place subdivision, $285,000.

Kevin and Jamie Sears to Mario Ayala, Lot 4-2, Price Family Farm, $33,500.

Anthony and Jennifer Swift to Vette City Property Management LLC, land near 14th Street, $112,000.

David and Deanna Hale to Brandon Eades, Lots 59-61, Ogden Park subdivision, $155,000.

Bobby and Sandra Woods to Bobby and Sandra Woods, land near Old Greenhill Road, no tax.

Bobby and Sandra Woods to Bobby and Sandra Woods, Lots 1 and 5, minor plat book 14, page 80, no tax.

Joe Motley to John Hazel, Lot 4, Cumberland Landing subdivision, $375,000.

Minh and Kha Nguyen to Khiem Vu and Nhan Dang, Lot 186, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $180,000.

Shawn Smith to Herschel Smith, Lot 4, minor plat book 16, page 151, $150,000.

Benjamin Anderson to Earnest Meador, land near Richardsville Road, no tax.

The estate of Joan Davenport Phelps to Jacob and Haley Merriman, tract 5, plat book 43, page 147, $41,250.

The estate of Jerry Clayton Tinsley to Adem Cavka, Lot 1, plat book 18, page 83, $135,000.

Mary and Zacharey Shannon to James Bucher, Lot 290, North Ridge subdivision, $152,000.

Keystops LLC to City of Bowling Green, land near Fitzgerald Industrial Road, no tax.

Imogene Moore Revocable Trust to William Odell Moore Revocable Trust, Lot 51, Pleasant Place subdivision, no tax.

William Odell Moore Revocable Trust to Imogene Moore Revocable Trust, Lot 10, Camden Place, no tax.

Ajae Management LLC to Vungh Khen Pau and Vung Kaih Cing, Lot 30, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $175,500.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to James and Sydney Cannon, Lot 30, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $292,000.

Judy Winkenhofer to Thang Cin Lian and Man Cing, Lot 5, Cedarmoor Estates subdivision, $159,500.

Westside Ventures LLC to JFM Holdings LLC, land near West 10th Street, no tax.

Top Gun Properties LLC to JFM Holdings LLC, land near Woodford Avenue, no tax.

Four M Investments LLC to JFM Holdings LLC, Lot 32-1 plat book 19, page 98, no tax.

Auctions Concepts USA Inc. to Thomas and Amy Hinkebein, Lot 5-83, Olde Stone, $480,000.

Deborah and William Champion to Thurmond Insurance Group LLC, Unit 111, Destiny Place Office Condo, $144,000.

Larry and Frank LLC to Jason and Dena Mills, Lot 6, RCP Thomas Estate addition, $140,000.

Gary Dekker to Bradley and Amanda Greenwell, land near Hays Smiths Grove Road, $390,000.

Rocky Hill Properties LLC to Harley Jacob Anderson, Lot 2, Pacific International Investments, $191,000.

Carlene Griffin to Admir Dautovic, Lot 2-1, Kenneth Harrell subdivision, $125,000.

David Elkins to David Elkins, Lot 2, plat book 42, page 444, no tax.

J&T Property Management Inc. to Chelsey and Brentley Gregory, Lot 13, Maplehurst Manor subdivision, $99,000.

Meghan McCloud and Madison McCloud to David and Deanna Hale, Lot 5, Pennyroyal Farms and Vernon Dearing Estate subdivision, $256,000.

Ann McLellan to Stephen and Perry Rey, Lot 112, Hartland subdivision, $420,000.

Paul and Lindsey Montgomery to Curtis and Janece Hockersmith, Lot 360, Greystone subdivision, $191,000.

Terry and Tami Cohron to Terry and Tabitha Dean, Lot 20, Crestmoor, $220,000.

Joe and Penny Morgan and Tim Page to Marie Guthrie, land near Cabell Drive, $108,000.

Victor and Sintevia Wilson to Raymond and Cynthia Hendren, Lot 48, Summit subdivision, $483,000.

TNR Bowling Green LLC to Terranova Development Corp., Unit 16A, Eaglestone Villas Condo, no tax.

Richard and Stephanie Long to Betty Cook, Lots 44 and 45, Sunrise addition, $87,500.

Estate of Carolyn Darnell to Rockwood Realty LLC, Lot 139, Cedar Grove subdivision, $127,330.

Estate of Faye Carroll to Lena and Mark Allen, Lots 5 and 8, RCP Thomas addition, $143,000.

Harvey Wallmann and Inge Patton to Charles Morrow II, Lot 69, September Lakes subdivision, $332,000.

Ben Burry to Ricky and Kelly Roy, Lot 28, Robert Loving subdivision, $142,000.

Estate of Patsy Alberta Allen to Stephen Bailey, land near Hayes Lodge Road, $28,600.

Yoakem Realty LLC to John and Susan Yoakem, land near Coles Bend Road, no tax.

Terry and Tabitha Dean to BG Rental Property LLC, Lot 18, Greenbriar subdivision, $200,000.

Drakes Creek Properties LLC to BCTA Properties LLC, land near Woodburn Allen Springs Road, $260,000.

BCTA Properties LLC to Mark and Stephany Carter, Lot 22, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $49,000.

Nijaz and Almira Sipic to Jonas Nkindaimana Musafiri and Therese M. Nyamitavu, Lot 353, Greystone subdivision, $208,000.

Barbara Strickler Revocable Trust to Adam Cassady and Drew Cassady, Lots 10 and 9, plat book 3, page 40, $160,000.

Gator Development LLC to Kolton Simmons, Lot 1, Upton Farms subdivision, $140,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to EMA Capital LLC, Lot 3, plat book 18, page 39, $78,500.

Holly and Vincent Willingham to Thang Bat Tung Nung and Man Sian Nuam, Lot 52, Lost River Cove subdivision, $150,000.

John and Madina Basham to Robert Basham Sr., Lot 1-1, plat book 43, page 143, no tax.

Hilltopper Estates LLC to Steven Scott Bratcher, Lot 134, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $180,000.

Tina Jenkins to Ricky and Charolette Jones, land near Clifty Hollow Road, $20,000.

Charles and Nadia Brassell to Fortune Unicorn LLC, Lot 35, Fountain Trace subdivision, $525,000.

Aron and Maria Epstein and Nicolas Epstein to W3 Properties LLC, land near Johnson Street, $70,000.


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