Eric and Melissa Cunningham to Mike and Janet Hurt, Lot 63, Crossings at Cave Mill, $196,000.

Maria Heredia to Michael Clayton, Lot 153, Riverbend Landing, $114,900.

Stephanie and H. Harris Pepper Jr., Christiaan and Anne Marie Volkert and Dean and Eliza Montgomery to C Trace Flex LLC, Lot 1, Cumberland Trace Village subdivision, $280,000.

James and Kathleen Goad to Larry and Kimberly Brown, Lot 3, James and Kathleen Goad subdivision, $31,500.

William and Deanna Blondin to Daniel and Alexandria English, Lot 2, plat book 36, page 87, $280,000.

Jessica Roberts to Daniel and Tiffany Skaggs, Lot 12, Northview Farms, $207,000.

Jones Bros. Properties LLC to Billy Miller, Lot 26, Shannon Acres, $235,000.

Adaleue and Calvin Filburn and Nancy Bridges and Stacey Camper to Grace LLC, Lots 10-12, Ogden Park subdivision, $153,000.

Chris Collins Construction LLC to Dave and Angie McManigal, Lot 9, Briar Ridge Estates, $490,000.

Benjamin and Amanda Carroll to Sheri and Thomas Raseta Jr., land near Greathouse Road, $183,000.

Chandler Holdings LLC to Glenn and Priscilla Martin, Lot 30, Cambridge Grove, $245,000.

Ronnie and Kayla Rogers to David Smith, Lot 205, North Ridge subdivision, $160,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Robert and Patricia Goodwin, Lot 3-72, Olde Stone subdivision, $115,000.

Jonathan and Amy Winkenhofer to Derrick and Jessica Ping, Lot 20, Plano Acres subdivision, $150,000.

Theodore and Debra Wells to Kevin Wells, Lot 110 Blue Grass Meadows subdivision, no tax.

The estate of Larry Daws to David Rogers, land near Kenton Street, $129,900.

Mitchel and Mary Ellen Henson and Todd and Denise Henson to Vivian Mitchell and Elizabeth Mitchell, Lot 202, McCoy Place, $282,000.

James and Marsha Wallace to Thang Khawm Pauzomi and Cing Lun, Lot 340, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $205,000.

Kevin Turner to S. Liset Espinoza, Lot 6, plat book 31, page 88, $67,500.

Kevin and Ziza Kirk to Mike and Susanne Sundseth, Lots 35-37, Golden Ayr Estates, $215,000.

Michael Intravaia to Cindy Clark and Brenda Kelly, Lot 380, North Ridge subdivision, $150,000.

Joseph and Kelsey Herbst to Jacob and Holly Jensen, Lot 3, plat book 39, page 387, $178,000.

John Deeb Jr. to Stephen Parker and Krystal Neal, Lot 11, Gary Smith subdivision, $202,000.

Carmon Jones to Larry and Peggy Basham, Lot 151, Normal View addition, $20,000.

Robert Mayhall to Sai San Hla and Shai Nay Phaw, Lot 86, Springhurst subdivision, $244,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Travis and Angelena Cavazos, Lot 1, Lottis E. Doty subdivision, $280,000.

Greystone Properties Inc. to B.G. Builders LLC, Lot 543-3, Greystone subdivision, $38,500.

Amanda and Anthony Stovall Jr. to Elizabeth Ford, Lot 10, Sharon addition, $50,000.

John Horn to Leroy and Diana Johnson, Lot 32, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $182,500.

Connie and Tony Phelps Sr. to Kelly and Christopher Schmidt, Lot 5, minor plat book 22, page 167, $410,000.

Bluegrass Realtor Group LLC to Darrell Oliver, Lot 2, Cobblestone subdivision, $55,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Sarah Riley, Lot 544, North Ridge subdivision, $154,900.

Desert Sunrise Property and Management LLC to Jonathan and Michele Hawks, Lot 11, Serenity Estates subdivision, $273,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Nakita Riggsbee and Raymino Bell, Lot 517, North Ridge subdivision, $158,900.

Josh and Brandi Duvall to Keith and Christine Shotwell, Lot 3, Josh and Brandi Duvall subdivision, $35,000.

Rebecca and Kenneth Ault to Justin LaCroix, Lot 2, Rainwaters Hinton subdivision, $190,000.

Fang Jiang to John and April Groves, Lot 16, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $449,275.

Jacqueline and Andy Mendez to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Lot 132, Belle Haven, $344,950.

South Glen Properties LLC to Tony Henon Construction Inc., Lot 182, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $60,000.

L.S. and Shelia Cherry Jr. to Drakes Creek Self Storage LLC, Lot 1, plat book 20, page 133, no tax.

Jason and Kimberly Lambert to Nan and Brian Montgomery, Lot 44, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $204,000.

Barry Claypool to Robert and Teresa Montoya, Lot 2, plat book 37, page 465, $15,000.

Choice Rental Properties LLC to Peter Wertheimer and Janet Fosdick, land near 14th Street, $159,900.

Hammer Homes LLC to Kerry and Jerri Williams, Lot 18, Legacy Pointe, $265,000.

Jimmie and Ann Gipson to Timothy and Deborah Gravil, land near Porter Pike, $552,500.

Candice Watkins to Wade and Sara Hughes, Lot 1, minor plat book 21, page 39, $169,000.

Graham Builders LLC to Xiaoxia Huang, Lot 23, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $249,000.

Bret and Teah Collins to Jeremy Seabolt, Lot 2, plat book 24, page 44, $225,000.

James Cabral to William Compton, Lots 5 and 6, Perkins subdivision, $119,000.

Myles Properties LLC to Roemer Real Estate Holdings LLC, land near Kentucky Street, $100,000.

Daniel and Kristin Crain to RAC Closing Services LLC, Lot 183, Summit subdivision, $535,000.

T&P Real Estate LLC to John and Rita Riley, Lot 23, Highland addition No. 2, $130,000.

Steven and Penny Wells to Haxhi Shabani, Lot 4, Shannon Acres subdivision, $55,000.

Crabbe Homes to Ziza and Kevin Kirk, Lot 12, Weatherstone subdivision, $204,000.

Leo Wells to Mary Martin, Lot 4C, Greens at Hartland, $200,000.

Hale and Carol Desonier to Jeffery and Lori Brooks, land near Bowling Green-Scottsville Road, $335,000.

Geynita and Richard Alford to James and Lamanda Pruett, Lot 5, plat book 24, page 85, $167,500.

Linda and Thomas Lohmann to Krystle Gabbard and Ozzie McIvor, Lots 15-17, Three Springs subdivision, $250,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Jared and Alyssa Scott, Lot 543, North Ridge subdivision, $153,900.

Jimmie and Ann Gipson to Cody Gravil, Lot 2, minor plat book 23, page 36, $125,000.

Bishop Land Sales LLC to Neal Villarreal, Lot 2, Collett Cove subdivision, $30,000.

Kentucky Rail Transport Inc. to Memphis Junction Properties LLC, land in deed book 970, page 299, $400,000.

Scott and Patricia Harris to SNS Homes LLC, Lots 2 and 3, minor plat book 14, page 103, $25,000.


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