Alex Alvarado and Socorro Lovos to Shane Roberts, Lot 1, plat book 36 page 75, $25,000.

Taibos Landing LLC to Choice Rental Properties LLC, Lots 1 and 2, Plan B LLC property, $630,000.

Bishop Land Sales LLC to JEB Homes LLC, Lot 4, Collett Cove subdivision, $35,000.

Timothy and Shelly VanMeter to Robert and Chanda McLellan, Lot 4, Highland addition No. 2, $125,000.

Estate of L.J. Basham to Judy Hittson, land in deed book 645, page 398, no tax.

Estate of L.J. Basham to Ricky Basham, land near Hwy. 67, no tax.

Estate of L.J. Basham to Rose Ann Basham, land near Boatlanding Pike, no tax.

Estate of L.J. Basham to Rose Ann Basham, land near Hwy. 67, no tax.

Jason and Donna Seaton to Rosey Cia and Tum Sang, Lot 65, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $209,500.

Bishop Land Sales LLC to Motley Trading Co. LLC, Lots 1 and 3, Collett Cove subdivision, $63,000.

Betty Hardison to Misty Cline, land in deed book 986, page 138, $56,000.

Estate of Mary Louise Yale to Raymond A. Yale and Mary Lou Yale Caring Trust, Lot 46, Shawnee Estates, no tax.

Estate of Sarah Smith to Tony and Connie Phelps, land near Old Dearing Road, $52,500.

Elite Real Estate Investments LLC to Codi Durbin, land near Barren River Road, $124,000.

Judy Ballard to Colten Thompson, Lot 3, minor plat book 15, page 32, $128,400.

Ashby Holdings LLC to Bruce and Kimberly Wilkerson, Lot 5, Cabell Gardens Extension subdivision, $121,250.

Scott Biggs to Ron and Jerri Tinsley, Lot 154, Winfield Acres, $251,000.

Elijah Properties LLC to Smith Broz Properties LLC, land near 13th Street, $278,200.

Andrew and Heidi Elmore to Joanna Futrell, Lot 95, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $192,500.

Nezam Iraniparast and Parinoosh Iraniparast, Lot 20, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $247,500.

The estate of Jo Ann Vanderpool to Vicky and Jeffrey Huff, land near Young-Snell County Road, no tax.

William and Rebecca Scrivner to Blevins & Blevins LLC, Lots 3-1 and 3-2, Pernia Smith Estate, $64,900.

Catherine and Robert Sanspree to Wendy Wilson, Lot 42, North Ridge, $152,000.

Gemini Homes Inc. to Glenda Timmerman, Lot 176, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $423,000.

Monica and Duran Ausbrooks to Emily and Owen Cook, Lot 247, North Ridge subdivision, $159,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Rita Scott, Lot 11-13, Olde Stone subdivision, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Barrett Bratton Ray Hammer, 213 Atlanta Way and 1239 Blue Sage Court, no tax.

Tiffany and Ben Kinney to Jeremy King, Lot 1104, Durbin Village subdivision, $124,000.

Jack and Tanya Bush to Kurt and Natalie Cooper, Lot 79, Drakesborough Inc., $354,900.

Adrian and Janet Brasher to Darla Kreitz, Lot 4, Southfork subdivision, $170,000.

Gator Development LLC to Stonewood Construction Inc., Lot 45, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Danny and Vickie Renshaw, Lot 6-1, Olde Stone subdivision, $240,000.

James and Arlene Berger to Morteza Nurcheshmeh, Lot 4, Thomasdale Estates, $165,850.

The estate of Evans Johnson Sr. to Deena Brooks, Lot 9, Parker Bennett subdivision, $34,000.

Rita and Timothy Preston to Jonathan and Sarah Westmoreland, Lot 118, Coalition Estates, no tax.

Patten Properties LLC to Steven C. Janes and Steven Tyler Janes, Lot 2, Ogden Park subdivision, $145,000.

James and Doris Britt, Delois Britt Anthony and Kiara Britt to Darel and Donna Carrier, land near U.S. 68, $25,000.

Westside Ventures LLC to Calvin Tooley and Rodriques Buford, Lot 156, Normal View, $5,000.

Four M Investments LLC to Calvin Tooley and Rodriques Buford, land near Durbin Drive, $5,000.

Joshua and Kaitlin Dennison to Jessica Russell and Jeffery Slaughter, Lot 457, North Ridge, $169,900.

Kenneth and Eileen Bastin to Robert Cassady, Lot 36, Shawnee Estates, $160,000.

Carla and Don Leeseberg Jr. to Thomas and Johni Lecoffre, Lot 14, Lost Woods subdivision, $305,000.

C&T Properties LLC to Brian Newton and Ashley Boyd, Lot 1, Donald and Lela Smith subdivision, $65,000.

John and Elizabeth Chandler to Dennis and Amy Chandler, Lot 48, Glenwood Estates, $63,125.

Alan Lani to Mina Willis, Lot 31, Pleasant Colony, $162,900.

Mandeep Singh and Harinder Kaur, Lot 167, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $59,000.

Sandra and Carlton Duvall to Holly Hudnall and Todd Bandrowsky, tracts 5 and 6, Shirley Lightfoot Estates, $76,500.

Harold and Tilda Brown to Jonathan Parra, Lot 20, Countryside Manor, $85,000.

George and Eleanor Allen to CMC Properties LLC, Lot 35, plat book 2, page 74 and 75, $75,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Nancy Hogue and Michael Bennett Jr., Lot 530, North Ridge, $165,900.

Patten Properties LLC to Near Surface Geophysics Innovations LLC, Lots 53-55, Ogden Park subdivision, $139,000.

Deanna and William Blondin to Christine and Walter Sadler III, land in minor subdivision, plat book 19, page 132, $55,000.

Kristin Phillips to Jay Beard and Katherine Ryan, land near Highland Drive, $250,000.

Addy & Jett LLC to Neena and Jeremy Hook, Lot 18, R.C.P. Thomas Estate, $225,000.

Terry Hallman and Brian Morrill to Charles and Stephanie Eaves, Lot 3, Quail Hollow subdivision, $435,000.

Cara and Kenneth Mullen to Stacy Absher and Chyron Green, tract 4, Neal Roark property, $197,500.

Garland and Kathy Grace to Cara and Kenneth Mullen, Lot 2-2, Sledge subdivision, $42,500.

Willie and Sharon McElroy to McElroy Family Irrevocable Trust, Lot 17, Chippendale subdivision, no tax.

The estate of David Massey to Nicholasa Sanchez Reyes and Saira Hernandez, tract 2, plat book 19, page 53, $70,000.

Tom Goodworth Construction Inc. to Joshua and Sara Campbell, Lot 25, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $362,000.

Larry and Patricia Mitchell to Albert & Marie LLC, Lot 49, Parker Bennett subdivision, $82,500.

Pamela Winters to David Smith, Lot 1, Pebble Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Tyler and Jessica Dorris to Terrie Ward, Lot 17, Quarry View Estates, $184,000.

Brian and Jennifer Jones and Robin and Perry Smith to RGBL Properties LLC, Lot 16, Jackson Manor, no tax.

Melissa Liedkie and Autumn Puckett to Zeyad T. Al Adhmawee, Lot 3, Coleman subdivision, $190,000.

Crabbe Homes to Aaron and Kayla Alvey, Lot 3, Weatherstone subdivision, $209,000.


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