Janice Cole to Erica Newberry, Lots 1 and 2, plat book 37, page 44, no tax.

Joshua Biggs to Hani Kamel and Nancy Ibrahim, Lot 44, Belle Haven Development, $360,000.

David Dimeo to Ruslan Usmanohly and Siavil Karazha, Lot 2, Sutherland Farm subdivision, $313,500.

Hani Kamel and Nancy Ibrahim to Klaw Reh and Air Ray Too, Lot 173, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Zehrudin and Selma Lokmic to Dream Property LLC, Lot 26, Deer Park Estates, $172,000.

Jeffrey Parker to Randall and Melony Alt, Lot 2, Charles Higdon subdivision, $260,000.

Ellen Bratcher to Ellen Bratcher, Michael Bratcher, Glenn Bratcher, Jacqueline Edwards and Darlene Geron, land near Ogden Avenue, $606.25.

Brent and Patricia Connell to Sharon Sanders, Lot 160, Ashmoor Parke, $280,000.

Jerry and Tonnie Marin to Jerry and Tonnie Marin, Lot 106, Bluegrass Meadows, no tax.

Kody and Stefanie King to Phillip and Sharon Latorre, land near Mercer Road, $159,000.

Kelly and Leslie Anderson to Tun Sawm Thang and Ning D. Lun and Khup Sian Lal, Lot 32, Springhurst, $220,000.

Sharon Sanders to Carol Cole, Lot 1-3, Pine Grove subdivision, $250,000.

John and Morgan Dodson and John and Wanda Dodson to John and Morgan Dodson, land near Old Zion Road, no tax.

J.L. Young and Marlene Young to J.L. Young, land near Ky. 185, no tax.

David Ables and Amanda Critser, Lot 8, Fay’s Mobile Homes Inc., $75,970.

Brian and Jessica Dyer to Lorenzo Vargas and Maria Andres, land near 10th Street, $2,000.

Michael Wright to Veronica and Jason Triplett, Lot 89, North Ridge, $150,000.

Khee Reh and Meh Mor to Ali Hae, Lot 17 Stonehenge subdivision, $140,000.

Cory and Suzanne Dewsnap to Nobi Rahman, Lot 23, Glenview subdivision, $130,000.

PDT Investments LLC to Jonathan Kenner, Lot 138, River Bend Landing, $153,500.

Deborah Gilleland to Jon Rippy, Lot 7, plat book 43, page 136, $1,000.

Deborah Gilleland to Eric Gill and Jon Rippy, Lot 6, plat book 43, page 136, $25,090.

Deborah Gilleland to The Henson Co. LLC, Lot 5, plat book 43 page 136, $34,000.

Deborah Gilleland to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 136, $34,000.

Kenneth and Patricia Beckham to Samuel and Rebecca Troyer, Lot 3, James Harmon Estate subdivision, $180,000.

Dr. Rene Boucher to Mohamed Ayed and Mirvat A. Jaber, Lot 72, Rivergreen, $600,000.

Derwin and Roy Carrier to Melissa Carrier, Lot 2, plat book 36, page 181, $138,030.

Barry and Lisa Cummings to Scott and Sara Cummings, Lot 14, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $139,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Ulises Rosales and Araceli Flores de Rosales, Lot 533, North Ridge subdivision, $163,900.

Bobby and Peggy Young to Angel Hill, Lot 13, North Mill Village subdivision, $188,000.

Thomas and Alicia LaMotte to Austin and Reah Kelly, Lot 3-2, Ray Jones Property subdivision, $135,000.

Deborah Gilleland to Michael and Margaret Groves, tracts 3 and 4, George Leon Gilleland Estate, $251,450.

Jessica and Robert Bunton to Caleb Mather, Lot 5, Miller addition, $100,000.

Phil Brown Rentals to Jarrard Duncan, Lot 20, Park Hills subdivision, $154,900.

Tom Goodworth Construction Inc. to Mohammad Ali, Lot 31, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $250,000.

Ryan and Jessie Dillon to Heather Steff, Lot 148, Coalition Estates, $175,000.

Top Gun Properties LLC to Travis and Shannon Merideth, Lot 14, Cambridge Heights subdivision, $202,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Sydney Engle, Lot 505, North Ridge subdivision, $152,900.

Ryan and Michele Hoskins to Ryan and Jessie Dillon, Lot 376, Springfield subdivision, $247,000.

City of Bowling Green to JT Properties of Bowling Green LLC, land near Rush Drive, no tax.

GTS Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 41, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $37,500.

Studio Apartments LLC to Joshua and Ashley Hardy, land near 11th Avenue, $40,000.

Seth and Heidi King to Jennifer Bell, Lot 128, Hunting Creek subdivision, $262,500.

Christopher Lockwood and Aaron Richmond to Christopher Lockwood and Aaron Richmond, Lot 15, Autumn Grove subdivision, no tax.

Deborah Gilleland to Gerald and Debbie Forsythe, Lot 1, plat book 43, page 136, $188,320.

Novella Gottke to Jo Anne Tinsley Revocable Trust Agreement, Lot 27, Crossings at Cave Mill, $180,000.

Judy Jewell to William and Karen Huffman, Lot 183, University Estates subdivision, $124,000.

Vivian and Freddy Morris to David Cummins, Lots 34-37, Ogden Park subdivision, no tax.

Bluegrass Contracting & Consulting LLC to Lance and Courtney Gidcumb, Lot 4, Siegert Properties LLC, $222,000.

Claudette Brand-York to April and Dana Carroll, land near Claypool Boyce Road, $189,777.

The Wenonah Manning Estate to John and Teryl Manning, land near Smallhouse Road, no tax.

The Wenonah Manning Estate to Paul and Teena Manning, Lots 1-7, plat book 37, page 498, no tax.

Baseheart Brothers Concrete Inc. to JB Holdings LLC, land near Clay Street, $65,000.

Henry Alford Jr. and Linda Baker to Jean Alford, Lot 3, RCP, Thomas Estates addition, no tax.

WKU Real Estate Corp. to Western Kentucky University, land near Emmett Drive, no tax.

3D Builders Inc. to Samir Music, Lot 28 Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $265,000.

Rebecca and Sidney Meredith to Tracy and Andrew Kieffer, land near Petty Road, $60,000.

Michael and Donna Denney to Bethany Keltner, Lot 46, Unit 5, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $180,000.

John and Christy Zinobile to Brent and Shelly Thomas, Lot 98, Talbott Place subdivision, $520,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Rene Witangila and Francine Itongwa, Lot 488, Northridge subdivision, $167,000.

Ryan Shanahan to Scott Webb, Lot 121, Shawnee Estates, $210,000.

David and Joy Neely to Cory and Courtney Eakins, Lot 409, Greystone subdivision, $179,000.

Placid Properties Inc. to Sun Iang, Lot 149, Springhill subdivision, $140,000.

Angela and Terrell Simmons to Laroy White and Jeremy White, tracts 1-3, plat book 39, page 473, $251,450.

Norman and Julie Simpson to Brian and Marcie Matzke, land near Iron Bridge Road, $489,000.

Kerry and April Hardison to John and Christy Zinobile, Lot 79, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $299,975.

Paul Hosler to Bluegrass Vineyard Management LLC, parcel 4, plat book 32, page 127, $355,400.

Hammer Homes LLC to Ross and Erin Boeger, Lot 16, Autumn Grove subdivision, $375,000.

Elfega Rodriguez to Midhat and Sabiha Ajanovic, Lot 2, Spikeberg subdivision, $195,000.

Ruth and Donald Brown and Jessie Haynes to Steve White, Lot 28, Heritage Meadows subdivision, $135,000.

Michael and Sherry Williams to Steve and Janice Sturgill, Lot 103, McCoy Place, $265,000.

Jerrod Barks to Britney and James Witt, Lot 46, Brentwood Place, $214,900.

Rita M. Howard Estate, Margaret and Hughey Miller, Linda and Jason Murphy and Barbara and Brent Carter to Eddie Rone and Amy Fulcher, tract 5, Rita Howard subdivision, $154,000.

Rita M. Howard Estate, Margaret and Hughey Miller, Linda and Jason Murphy and Barbara and Brent Carter to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, tracts 6 and 7, Rita Howard subdivision, $66,000.

Rita M. Howard Estate, Margaret and Hughey Miller, Linda and Jason Murphy and Barbara and Brent Carter to Mark and Robin Douglas, tract 8, Rita Howard subdivision, $40,700.

Karen and Steven Lensing to Steve Cherry and Barry Harris, Lots 2-4, J. Wimpee major subdivision, $80,000.

Clay Diamond to Olivia Collier, Lot 207, Greystone subdivision, $165,000.

Philip and Ashley Talbott and Michael and Kathy Wheat to April and Kerry Hardison, Lot 8, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $209,500.

Paul and Marlon Sanders to Timothy and Hayley Lonergan, Lot 93, Drakesborough subdivision, $450,000.

Travis and Shannon Keown to Taylor Sutton and Brittany Mills, Lot 2, plat book 5, page 3, $134,900.

Sean and Julie Willgruber to Kenneth and Vicki Snarr, Lot 91, Ivan Downs Planned Unit Development, $53,000.

Mark and Christa Jeter to Richard Miller, Lot 7, Green Meadows addition, $87,500.

Raymonda Bohn to Alicia and Colin Frizzell, Lot 199, Greystone subdivision, $188,525.

Thomas and Charlotte Vertrees to Lonnie Shirah, Lot 19, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $265,000.

BG-KY Investments LLC to Matthew Dayton, land near Broadway, $135,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Sandra Himmelright and Sandra Camden, Lot 542, North Ridge subdivision, $163,900.

B.G. Builders LLC to James and Erin McKnight, Lot 545-2, Greystone subdivision, $167,500.

Mehmed and Ismeta Beganovic to AWEX Properties LLC, Lot 2, Stubbins Field subdivision, $50,000.

Ella Samples to Kellie and Robert Palmer, Lot 8, Whispering Meadows subdivision, $132,500.

Live the Dream Development Inc. to Housing Authority of Bowling Green, land near Gilbert Street, no tax.

Casi Cummings to Osbaldo and Sara Puga, Lot 191, Greystone subdivision, $178,000.

Stacey Kono and Anthony Kono to Tom Bray, Lot 2, minor plat book 2, page 50, $88,000.

Ryan and Lisa Fulkerson to Kevin Simpson, Lot 19, Smallhouse Lawn, $230,000.

James and Sandra Stockton to William Richardson, Lot 86, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $162,500.

Paul and Jane Wilder to Bradley and Hannah Rice, Lot 15, Golden Acres subdivision, $219,900.

Michael and Catherine Webster to Brad and Aaron Davenport, land near Old Springfield Road, no tax.

College Heights Foundation to Muhamed and Rajka Ramic, tract 1, Gilliam and Shultz subdivision, $212,000.

Benjamin and Tonya Turner and Debra Turner to Betty Jo Cook, land near South Sunrise Drive, $91,500.

Ashley and Justin Tidwell to Michael Yoest Jr., Lot 19, Crossings at Cave Mill, $228,000.

Lonnie and Beverly Shirah to Chad and Keena McCoy, Lot 23, Glen Lily Manor subdivision, $73,000.

Allen and Trisha Reese to James and Catharine Norelius, Lot 42, Cross Creek subdivision, $339,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Kelly and James Hunter II, Lot 2, plat book 42, page 454, $199,900.

Maci and Joseph Davidson to Mark and Nedra Vogel, Lot 33, Meadows at Smiths Grove, $202,000.

Estate of George Summers to Kentucky Outdoor Advertising Inc., land near State Street, $65,000.

Robert Hendrix to Anthony and Jennifer Swift, Lot 7, Bob Hunt addition, $104,760.

Bethany and David Wells to Daniel and Ida Butts, Lot 129, Park Hills subdivision, $164,600.

Neil and Laura Holt to JT Real Estate LLC, land near Chestnut Street, $198,600.

RMC Holdings LLC to Erin and Michael Vincent, Lot 6, plat book 42, page 457, $199,900.

Barbara and Tim Voegtle Sr. to Roger Matthews, Lot 29, MC Hinton subdivision, $184,000.

Ryan Stiles to Jennifer and Michael Cole, Lot 39, Dutch Gardens subdivision, $210,000.

Grace and Christopher Siegert II to Gary Mullendore, Lot 63, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $279,500.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Christopher and Emily Davenport, Lot 7-8, Olde Stone subdivision, $129,000.


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