Justin and Lauren Rexing to Keith and Kathy Barclay, Lot 370, North Ridge, $170,000.

Viking Gas Pipeline LLC to Autumnstone LLC, tract 2, E.M. Covington subdivision, $200,000.

Kilmallock Group Inc. to Christina and Kyle Pollock, land near Park Street, $147,500.

Creekwood Rentals LLP to Parshvi LLC, Lots 74 and 75, Creekwood Village, $825,000.

Kenneth and Shari Gray to Hoffman Industries LLC, Tim Page and Asher Sullivan, Lot 8, Whisper Wood subdivision, $115,000.

Southside Properties LLC to Victor Garcia, Lot 495, Greystone subdivision, $195,000.

James and Joanne Magers to Gina Wallace, Lot 1, minor plat book 20, page 110, $30,000.

Clarizel and James Yarbrough II to Kenneth and Lori Jones, Unit 206, Tower Place Professional Condo, $125,000.

Right Angle Studio LLC to Joshua Biggs and Kaitlyn Hart, Lot 9, Plano Estates, $320,000.

Helen and David Culbertson to Terry and Melissa Grimes, Lot 71, Jennings Mill subdivision, $71,500.

Teddy and Deborah Williams to Yoser Allah Alhasan and Ari J. Alhasan, Lot 28, Coppertree subdivision, $78,000.

Henry Wohltjen and Sharon Ann Mutter to Thomas Manley and Zita N. Pedigo-Manley, Lot 5, Quail Hollow subdivision, $465,00.

Timothy and Brenda Lawrence to Levi and Hannah Farris, Lots 4 and 5, Harold Crawford minor subdivision, $165,000.

Sandra Hughes to Sandra Hughes and Barbara McGuire, land near Massey Mill Road, no tax.

Magnolia Hills LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lots 6 and 7, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $80,000.

Linda and Francis Wright Jr. to JFJLL Hunt Farm LLC, land near Porter Pike, no tax.

J.L. Young and Marlene Young to James Floyd, James Lyons, Randall Drinnon, Edward Baird and David Carpenter, land in deed book 385, page 619 and land near Ky. 185, $297,460.

RTM Operating Co. LLC to LHH Properties LLC, Lot 5 and F-1, plat book 26, page 16, $1,450,000.

Lyle Cross to Lyle and Linda Cross, land near Old Scottsville Road, $65,000.

Joe and Theresa Willis to Amber Barnes and Theresa Willis, Lot 2, Joe L. Willis subdivision, $5,000.

Mona Miller to Terry and Linda Young, Lot 3-1, plat book 23, page 62, $13,500.

Teresa Stokes to Kelly Wimpee, Lot 60, Coalition Estates, $159,250.

Paula Maier to Larry Halcomb Revocable Trust and Paula Maier, Lot 50, Steeplechase subdivision, no tax.

Don L. P’Pool and Gray P’Pool to 1 OMI LLC, land near 14th Street, $160,000.

Teresa and Larry Mansfield to Seth and Taylor Renfro, Lot 28, Glen Lily Manor subdivision, $62,000.

John and Sharon Neeley to Yates Clinton Lewis and Corie Morell Martin, Lot 24-1, Oaklawn addition subdivision, $315,000.

Deana Valentini to Johnathan and Amy Barnes, land near Glen Lily Road, $179,000.

David and Fleur Whitaker to William Travis, land near State Street, $460,000.

Molsheim Holdings LLC to Palermo Holdings LLC, Lot 23, South Central Kentucky Industrial Park, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Hammer Rental Homes LLC, Lot 8, Legacy Pointe, no tax.

Michael and Robin Madison to Seth and Heidi King, Lot 51, Cobblestone subdivision, $330,000.

Graham Builders LLC to Laraine Clark, Lot 24, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $242,000.

Kimberly and Tim Anderson to Richard and Gwinna Freeman, land near Sumpter Avenue, $60,000.

Lawrence Hill and Estie Carlson to Lawrence Hill and Estie Carlson, Lot 29, Greenbrier Acres subdivision, no tax.

Ashwood Homes Inc. to Christopher and Callie Gerhardt, Lot 65, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $439,900.

Suvad and Habiba Hrustanovic to Vita Nova LLC, Lot 2, plat book 42, page 427, $705,000.

Todd and Judy Lawrence to Timothy and Kendra Minton, Lot 5, minor plat book 22, page 193, $60,000.

Joshua and Chasity Grace to Buel and Elizabeth McPherson, Lot 106, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $239,900.

The estate of Joan Davenport Phelps to Kevin and Marilyn Glenn, tract 6, plat book 43, page 147, $30,250.

The estate of Joan Davenport Phelps to James and Gayla Marcrum, tracts 8-15, plat book 43, page 147, $163,350.

The estate of Joan Davenport Phelps to Tyler and Hollie Duvall, tract 7, plat book 43, page 147, $22,000.

Jones Bros. Properties LLC to David Witty, 844 and 848 Nutwood Ave., $210,000.

Elvis and Patricia Green to Steven and Gayle Zeller, Lot 2, Elvis Green minor subdivision, $411,950.

Colby and Jessica Glasscock to Franklin Burkett, land near Hammett Hill Road, $185,000.

Sandra Bledsoe to Dennis and Sandra Bledsoe, land near Hayes Lodge Road, $16,500.

Gurl and Wanda Bledsoe to Garry and Teresa Allen, Lot 2, Lee Allen subdivision, $46,017.89.

Zijad and Hidajeta Hasanovic to Thang Mung and Niang Hau Nuam, Lot 58, Springhill subdivision, $135,000.

Larry Hagan to Mary Cohron, Unit 3B, Eaglestone Villas Condo, $280,900.

Jackson White to Shawn and Natalie Perry, land near Barren River Road, $1,075,000.

Tiffani and Erick Ortiz to Valerie and Cary Alexander, Lot 98, Meadowview subdivision, $227,900.

Corey and Savannah Mahaney to Dani and Patrick Carey, Lot 2, plat book 22, page 2, $189,000.

Israel R. Valdivia Rodriguez and Eunice Vergara Blas to Cesar Vergara Geniz and Hermila Blas Cardoso, Lot 36, Fort Valley addition, $27,411.55.

Brad and Brianah Doeden to Otis and Ruby Baker, Lot 2, Doeden property subdivision, $6,373.90.

Dana Cuomo and Joseph Whitman to Jenna and Nathaniel Settle, Lots 78, 79, 80, Ogden Park subdivision, $190,000.

Kelly and Jacqueline Erbse to Rebecca Lovelace, Lot 311, Hillwood Estates, $178,000.

Tommy and Joyce Givens to Thomas and Tamara Mackey, Lot 8, plat book 19, page 68, $171,000.

Paul and Molly Harbron to James Mannion and Marsha Ristich-Mannion, Lot 2, plat book 21, page 150, $232,500.

Jameson and Becky Lovelace to Zachary Boca, Lots 56-58, Woodland addition, $127,600.

Robert and Wanda Austin to Jason Mills and Big Dog Investments, Lot 20, Blue Grass Meadows subdivision, $135,000.

Michael and Sondra Mamach and Scott Mamach to Highlight Homes LLC, Lot 115, Coalition Estates, $115,000.

Shaun and Katrina Ayres to Donald and Carolyn Merkle, Lot 313, Hillwood Estates, $237,000.

Warren County School District Finance Corp. to Commonwealth of Kentucky, land near Mount Olivet Road, $17,100.

Misael Rocha to Cesar Medina, Lot 3, Parker Miller subdivision, $10,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Austin and Meghan Albany, Lot 30, Vinings subdivision, $243,597.

Steve and Alesia Chaffin to Jenny Davenport, Lot 2, minor plat book 8, page 136, $158,000.

Brent and Tonya Baker to Elizabeth and Robert Unseld Jr., Lot 32, Claiborne Farms, $480,000.

Bryan and Donia Allison to Jodetta and Leroy Hale, Lot 74, plat book 16, page 55, $200,000.

Stockyards Real Estate LLC to Newcomb Oil Co., Lot 3, South Market property subdivision, $950,000.

Kevin Cruz to Glorioso and Miriam Cruz, Lot 6, Richland addition, no tax.

Sherry and Tim Hankins to Ervin Grahovic, Lot 90, Parkland Gardens subdivision, $142,000.

Rita Howard Estate; Margaret and Hughey Miller; Linda and Jason Murphy; and Barbara and Brent Carter to Megan Sanson, tract 8-1, Rita Howard subdivision, $46,200.


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