Lewis and Jennifer Logan to Stanley and Phyllis Jones, land near Murphy Road, $30,000.

Tammy Davis to Leslee Lashea Miller and Matthew Ray Wheatley, Lot 180, River Bend Landing subdivision, $134,900.

Kyle and Kadi Burden to Loretta Fleming, Lot 37, Thompson Heights subdivision, $118,000.

George and Eleanor Allen to Houssouwo and Alice Tarnagda, Lots 28-30, Meadowland addition, $65,000.

Benjamin and Mollie Lawson to Donald and Maura Gerard, Lots 12 and 13, Collett addition, $181,000.

Brian and Ashley Miller and Mike and Andrea Miller to Ronald and Karen Butka, Lot 10, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $248,000.

Brian Ditmer to Bradley and Rebecca Seamster, Lot 15, Springwater subdivision, $185,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jenine Antionette Pritchett and Bruce Dewayne Higgins, Lot 101, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $274,873.

Lyle M. and Roberta Parrigin to Lyle James Parrigin and Lyle M. and Roberta Parrigin, Lot 13, Heather Heights subdivision, no tax.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Jonathan and Jasmine Harrell, Lot 142, Briarwood Manor, $237,900.

John and Renea Pugh to Charlie and Sheila Richardson, Lot 39, Claiborne Farms, $414,000.

Mark and Patricia Linder to Charles and Diana Richardson, Unit 10C, Eaglestone Villas Condos, $328,000.

New Millennium Real Estate LLC to New Millennium Real Estate LLC, Lot 1, Leichhardt Nursery Supply LLC, no tax.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lots 172 and 175, McKinney Farms, $77,800.

Kevin White to Tyler Bunton, Lot 170, Northridge subdivision, $160,900.

Steve and Gretchen Cherry and Barry and Melissa Harris to Christopher and Amy Willingham, Lot 4, J. Wimpee subdivision, $36,300.

Steve and Gretchen Cherry and Barry and Melissa Harris to Cory Ellis, Lots 2 and 3, J. Wimpee subdivision, $68,200.

Carson White to Sarah and Craig Widener, Lot 240, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $235,000.

Melissa Kolbe to Mary Taylor, Lot 435, Greystone subdivision, $202,000.

Jessica Carney to Kelsey and Tucker Sago, Lot 81, Kelly Heights subdivision, $140,000.

David Phelps and Shelia Hines to James and Darlene Cox, land in deed book 623, page 491, $30,000.

Halqua and Nancy Wilson to Jon Green, Lot 125, Park Hills, $159,900.

Estate of Margaret Geneva Slater to Richard and Christine Dressler, Lot 2, Forrest addition, $112,350.

Estate of Margaret Geneva Slater to Charles Hardcastle, Lot 60, Springhill subdivision, $88,810.

Harry and Andrea Jenkins to HQ Properties LLC, Lot 48, Forest Park addition, $49,000.

Toby and Amanda Hawkins to Nathan and Rhea Isenberg, Lot 57, Remington Place subdivision, $267,600.

Leon and Seretha Adams to Michael and Jessie Bissell, Lot 3-1, plat book 43, page 159, no tax.

Melissa and Ray Conley to Jonathon and Ann Stokes, Lot 31, M.C. Hinton subdivision, $174,900.

Luke and Kimberlie Griffith to James and Robin Hume, Lot 12, Wind Haven subdivision, $347,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to William and Sarah McKenzie, Lot 511, North Ridge subdivision, $173,750.

Edina Mujanovic and Mirsad Avidc to Edina Mujanovic and Mirsad Avdic, Lot 416, Greystone subdivision, no tax.

Jeffery and Diana Hilliard to Jeffery and Diana Hilliard, Lot 7, Bellevue subdivision, no tax.

Michael and Catherine Webster to Steven and Amy Lane, Lot 4, Nan Hayden Estate, $540,000.

HMC Investments LLC to Roemer Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 1, Richardson subdivision, $1,035,000.

Barbara Canary to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 20, Green Meadows subdivision, $68,900.

Phillip and Rebecca Myers to Andy and Dale Dobbs, Lot 86, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $242,500.

Vision Builders LLC to Hamza T. Sheikh, Lot 102, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $320,100.

Rachel Cassetty to John and Kimberly Garchar, Lot 48, Stone Crest subdivision, $225,000.

Robert E. Isenberg to Darel and Donna Carrier, Lot 2, Treadway & Isenberg subdivision, $100,000.

Vision Builders LLC to Benjamin and Mollie Lawson, Lot 103, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $340,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to John and Laura Casebolt, Lot 531, North Ridge subdivision, $154,900.

Kelli Combs to Angela and Brent Sanford, land near Carter Lane, $330,000.

James and Marilyn Humphrey to Gregory and Maria Telles, Lot 3, Roger D. Borders minor subdivision, $157,000.

Laura and James Hilliard to Will and Shelby Clayton, Lot 8, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $150,000.

Eric and Tina Eubank to Boston Properties LLC, Lot 55, Sherwood Manor subdivision, $306,000.

M2A2 Properties to Falcon Laser Holdings LLC, Lot 5-7, Scotty’s Industrial Park, $421,442.

Jacob and Kellie Crow to Richard and Christine Dressler, Lot 31, Mary V. Young revised addition, $90,000.

J. Stephen and Rhonda Sproles to Cody and April Hayes, Lot 334, Briarwood Manor, $213,750.

Mary and Edward Tunks to Nathaniel Rivas, Lot 34, Countrywood, $133,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to Stephen Frusher and Melony Linhardt, Lots 11 and 34, Kitchens & Reeves subdivision, $135,000.

Harold and Diane Brantley to Commonwealth of Kentucky for the use and benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, land near Nashville Road and University Boulevard, $787,500.

Vadim Manzulov to Gulkhanym Khayaliyeva, Lot 131, Deer Park subdivision, $130,000.

Southern Craftsman Homes LLC to Sharon and Barry Blakey, Lot 61, Springwater subdivision, $229,000.

Sharon and Barry Blakey to Chris Leptinsky, Lot 134, Cedar Grove subdivision, $99,000.

Jacob and Haley Merriman to James and Tara Cabral, Lot 16, Stone Crest subdivision, $220,000.

Cody and April Hayes to Catherine Cummings, Lot 9, minor plat book 4, page 109, $135,000.

Seth and Mindy Alexander to Rachel Cassetty, Lot 10, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $379,000.

Lance and Bethanie Kotelnicki to Cody and Brandy Winston, Lot 9, Westgate View subdivision, $192,500.

Mary West to Logan and Emily Shaw, Lot 24, Plano Estates major subdivision, $249,000.

Lorraine Carnes to Thomas Cherry, Lot 9, Deer Haven subdivision, $93,400.

BO-TY Properties LLC to P&L Properties LLC, land near 14th and High streets, $155,000.

Tandy Higgins to Clark and Katherine Higgins, Lot 4, minor plat book 17, page 76, $250,000.

William Minor Shreve and Jane Briggs Shreve Revocable Trust to Rogers and Patsy Powell, Unit 4B, Villas at Callaway Gardens, $246,000.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Carolyn and Timothy Madison, Lot 62, Plano Estates major subdivision, $285,000.

Bradley and Tracy Riggs to Andrew Wolfrum and Brittany Breininger, Lot 1, Whisperwind subdivision, $195,000.

Jaber Properties LLC to Mevludin Emini and Azemina Ejubovic, Lot 2, Gary property subdivision, $319,000.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. to Stephen and Debra Cholak, Lot 67, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $393,900.

Douglass and Shilo Hunnewell to Daniel and Lindsey Brown, Lot 13, Scottish Manor Estates, $274,900.

BCTA Properties LLC to Andrew and Lindsay Prince, Lot 9, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $50,000.

GC Land Development to Crabbe Homes, Lot 96, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Jeremiah Jones to Michael and Brandy Avery, Lots 2 and 3, plat book 32, page 175, $31,000.

Dorothy Reece to Gregg Reece, Lot 3, plat book 43, page 203, no tax.


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