Danny and Rachel Daniel to Jason and Karrie Kral, Lot 9, Deer Valley, $394,900.

Keith and Kara Ainsley to Barry and Mandee Blue, Lot 65, Cobblestone subdivision, $515,000.

Phillip and Linda Klusmeier to Lula Kinder, Lot 38, Remington Place subdivision, $307,450.

Gregory Willis and Forrest Halford to AceLand Holdings LLC, land near Sunrise Drive, $80,000.

Monty and Janine Goad to John Curd and Collier Curd, Lot 3, plat book 24, page 75, no tax.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Misty Smith, Lot 500, Greystone subdivision, $216,400.

Matthew and Casey Barnes to Jamie Metcalfe, Lot 305, Hidden River Estates, $263,500.

Jason and Dena Mills to Adam and Melissa Picklesimer, Lot 58, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $243,500.

Tiffany and Shatika Boards to Kenneth Orne, Lot 338, North Ridge subdivision, $165,000.

My LLC to William and Bonny Willard, Lot 16, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $318,150.

BME LLC to Jessica Massey and David and Lauren Trabue, Lot 10, RCP Thomas addition, $170,000.

Amberly Bush to Keyla Thompson, Lot 50, Woodstone Springs subdivision, $132,000.

Marta and Vadim Yakovlev to Derek and DeAnna Roberts, Lot 24, Parkview addition, $227,000.

Derek and Deanna Roberts to Roger Jones and Lisa Kelly, Lot 4, Collett addition, $165,000.

J&T Property Management Inc. to Michael and Telisa West, Lot 13-2, Maplehurst Manor subdivision, $22,000.

Hunt Custom Design and Build LLC to Christopher and Daughtry Whitehurst, Lot 3, Pennyroyal Farms subdivision, $259,900.

Grayson and Kelsey Baker to Barbara Payton, Lot 49, Springhurst, $200,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to James and JoAnne Magers, land near Forrest Drive, $135,000.

Senad Dizarevic to BG Property Leasing LLC, Lot 296, Springfield subdivision, $180,000.

Jeryn Lee and Robyn Bailey to Senad Dizdarevic, Lots 2 and 3, minor plat book 20 page 42, $319,900.

Lauren and Anthony Jones to Candace Poole, Lot 38, Springfield subdivision, $174,000.

Wayne and Geralda Nelson to Erdem and Karen Kilic, Lot 1, Belle Haven, $335,000.

Nevil and Joanne McKinney to John Groves, land near Roy Thomas Road, $305,000.

Bowling Green Christian Academy Inc. to Isenberg LLC, Lot 10-10, Destiny Place Office Park, $1,500,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Ashwood Homes Inc., Lot 64, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $49,900.

Kimberly and John Hembree to Robbie and Kellie Willford, Lot 2, Four Oaks Farms, $440,000.

Aaron and Courtney Davenport to Donald and Elizabeth Piper, land near Morehead Road, $262,500.

Melanie Duke to Tay Reh and Jae Meh, Lot 360, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $206,000.

Michael Reynolds to Thomas McGinnis, Lot 1, George M. Allen subdivision, $80,000.

Angela and Jared Delawson to Ronald and Mary Coons, Lot 2-1, plat book 31, page 39, $180,000.

H&A Development LLC to Gemini Homes Inc., Lot 2, Hardcastle Farms subdivision, $80,000.

Debbie York to Dannie Brown, land near Ky. 622, $159,900.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Jordan Jent, Lot 144, Park Hills subdivision, $156,000.

Thanh Lan Nguyen and Hong Nguyen to Truong Sparkman and Nguyen Tran, land near Park Street, no tax.

Mark and Ramona Belcher to Jimmy and Toni White, Lot 138, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $439,900.

Robert Clay Simpson Jr. and Dana Simpson to 31W Holdings LLC, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $510,000.

Robert and Courtney McBaen to Braden Worthington, land near Smallhouse Road, $161,000.

WKU Real Estate Corp. to Homes by 3760 LLC, land near Hadley Cohron Road, $80,250.

David and Amy Topp to Laura Towe, Lot 67, Drakesborough, $382,000.

Jessica Branstetter to Jason Mills, Lot 127, Cedar Grove subdivision, $85,000.

Lee Masonry Products Inc. to Hawkeegan Properties LLC, Lot 2, plat book 16, page 147, no tax.

April Carroll and Dana Carroll to Amanda and Ned Steele Jr., Lot 60, Lake Ayr Estates, $199,900.

Phillip Klusmeier to Candice and Manilo Anzalone, Lot 10, Charleston Place, $248,000.

Terry and Melissa Brewster to Amber and Brian Wade Jr., Lot 11, Kenway Estates subdivision, $90,000.

James and Lisa Caldwell to Samuel and Laura Lowe, Lot 175, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $228,900.

Mark and Emily Booth to Jon Beliles and Lindsey Smith, Lot 46, Sherwood Manor, $270,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Scott and Kathy Hornaday, Lot 4-19, Olde Stone subdivision, $62,500.

Steven and Daltrey Tyree to Coleton Towles and Michael and Melinda Towles, land near Slim Island Road, $169,000.

Robert and Jennifer Coffey to Robert and Sarah Gough, Lot 127, Belle Haven, $335,000.

Robert and Sara Gough to Brian and Megan Woods, Lot 3, Bent Tree Manor, $342,500.

Punchsims LLC to Jeffrey and Heidi Vanek, Lot 527, Greystone subdivision, $208,000.

William and Anne Goad and James and Mary Goad to Tracy Davis, Lot 20, R.C.P. Thomas Estate addition, $162,000.

Christopher Pursley to Michelle Viox, Lots 2 and 3, Goodrum subdivision, $100,500.

Elaina and Stephen Gordon to Anna Tinch, Lot 75, Shawnee Estates, $160,000.

Vera Floyd to Jonathan Schubert, Lot 2-3, minor plat book 6, page 132, $155,000.

St. James United Methodist Church to SOKY Homes LLC, Lot 10, Cherry School addition, $35,845.

Patricia and Johnny Simmons and Kathy and Johnny Price to Brian and Tammy Taylor, tract 1, plat book 43, page 146, $6,000.

Margaret and Gary Alcorn to Heather and Dino Crnkic, Lot 58, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $147,000.

William and Rebecca Scrivner to Julie and Norman Simpson, Lot 3, Pernia Smith Estate subdivision, $67,100.

Thomas and Virginia Porter to Mason and Tabitha Vamvas, Lot 26, Brookeland addition, $123,900.

EAA Properties LLC to Stephen Frusher and Melony Linhardt, Lot 32, Backwoods subdivision, $235,000.

Iva Chustz to Christopher Pursley and Christopher Ausbrooks, Lot 38, Meadowview subdivision, $196,500.

Mason and Hanna Roberts to Patricia and Donald Jensen Jr., Lot 317, Deer Park subdivision, $159,000.

Zachary and Sarah Miller to Kristen and Fred Francis, Lot 85, Springfield subdivision, $265,500.

Kristen and Fred Francis to Thain Shwe and Kee Lar Paw, Lot 51, Deer Park Estates, $170,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Kevin Robinson and Morgan Looney, Lot 21, Green Acres subdivision, $199,000.

Tracy Newton to Eric and Tracy Newton, land near Morris Duff Road, no tax.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Thomas Randolph, Lot 20, Oak View subdivision, $105,000.

GTS Properties LLC to B ’N R Realty LLC, Lots 15 and 28, Brownstone Farms, $75,000.

Beard Family Investments LLC to Judy and John Poling II, Lot 22, Edgewood addition, $300,000.

Walter and Sharon Jenkins to Jaclyn and Joseph Waddell, land near Hayner Road, $160,000.

Patricia Compton to Thomas and Elaine Hehner, Lot 54, Heritage Meadows subdivision, $194,500.

Matthew and Melanie Pardue to Margaret Daniel, Lots 19-21, Ogden Park subdivision, $157,000.

Josh and Brandi Duvall to Darren Viox, Lot 2A, Meredith subdivision, $156,000.

Cory Green and Tonya Green to Keith and Kara Ainsley, Lot 4, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $270,000.

David Newlin to James Carson, Lot 1, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $203,500.

Michael and Margaret Perry to Albert and Marie LLC, Lot 8, Roy Boswell Lots, $66,000.

Sandra and Carlton Duvall to Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC, land near White Stone Quarry Road, $50,000.

Roger and Edwina Linzy to Roger Linzy, land near Crewdson Lane, no tax.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Mitchell and Mary Ellen Henson and Mitchel T. and Mary Denise Henson, Lot 28, plat book 4, page 360, $43,500.

Joseph and Cheryl Bishop to Robert and Catherine Huffman, Lot 17, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $297,000.

Erin Holley to Tito Sabwa Nsungu and Issabel Lasongo, Lot 26, Lee Square subdivision, $133,000.

Ashley Davison to Samuel White, Lot 369, Northridge, $167,500.

Sara and Andrew Moore to Brian and Josephine Willis, Lot 2, minor plat book 20 page 9, $154,900.

Estate of Martha Hayes, Daniel and Wanda Hayes, Joey and Paulita Hayes, Patrick Hayes and Ben and Ashley Hayes to Diam Yong Mei, Lot 1-3, James Brite Lots, $135,000.

Kyle and Emily Smith to Chase and Carly Beckner, Lot 12, Quail Hollow, $395,900.

Western Homes LLC to Neil Holt, Lot 556, Greystone, $209,000.

Steven Cline, Terry Willis, Larry Ferguson and Wanda Berry to Linda Keith, Lot 1, plat book 42, page 350, $400.

Gary and Sherry Duff to Danny and Cassie Dennis, Lot 6, Demunbrun subdivisions, $50,000.

John Karay to Crystal Love, Lot 38, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $179,900.

Scott and Britney Kellar to Dale and Brittany Adams, Lot 464, Greystone subdivision, $212,500.

David and Amy Gifford to Ian and Hannah Boone, Lot 76, Pleasant Place subdivision, $170,000.

Stacy and Kimberly Bishop to David and Amy Gifford, Lot 24, Remington Place subdivision, $260,000.

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