Bryant and Gina Smith; Deborah and Ronnie Wilson; Perry and Robin Smith; and Carolyn and James McGinnis to Carol Smith, land near Ky. 101 and Porter Pike, no tax.

James and Mildred Ward to Brian and Jamie Coleman, Lot 121, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $256,500.

Timothy and Flenia Ausbrooks to Steven and Cassaundra Selberg, land near Morgantown Road, $210,000.

Larry and Sharon Conner to Lorena and William Boyd, land near Beckham Road, $185,000.

Mercury Financial LLC to Greentree Capital LLC, Lots 444 and 447, North Ridge, $319,000.

Momentum Properties & Investments LLC to William and Imogene Moore, Lot 42, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $307,900.

Elizabeth and Mark Ames to Moran Properties LLC, land near 14th Street, $30,800.

Graham Builders LLC to Donard Haynes, Lot 26, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $239,000.

Nihad Hajdarevic to Shane and Abigail Baker, Lot 298, Greystone subdivision, $189,900.

Robert David Williams, Darrell Wayne Williams and Lee Edward Williams to Lee Edward Williams, Lot 58, Sunny Acres Mobile Home subdivision, $18,000.

Cook and Davenport LLC to Lost River Properties LLC, Lot 40, Hillview Mills subdivision, $20,000.

Steve and Beth James to Rebekkah Gathright, Lot 56, Cherry Hill subdivision, $295,000.

Arvil and Theresa Meyers to Ronald and Susan Studle, Lot 3, plat book 2, page 53, $215,000.

Barbara and Gary Johnson and James and Laura Johnson to Barbara and Gary Johnson, Lot 3, RCP Thomas Estate addition, no tax.

Susan and Robert Howard to Furnessa Massey, Lot 5, Ed-En Valley subdivision, $219,900.

Ronald and Susan Studle to Zachary Werner, Lot 24, Harris & McElwain subdivision, $149,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Gary and Christine Keyes, Lot 40, Vinings subdivision, $280,000.

Justin Smith and Douglas Sullivan to Timothy Page, Lot 14, River Bend Landing, $127,500.

South Glen Properties LLC to J and R Contracting LLC, Lot 152, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $60,000.

Gabriel and Rachel Conway to Alexander and Katelin Rowland, Lot 505, Hidden River subdivision, $269,000.

Larry and Carol Hinton to Patricia Childress, Lots 41 and 42, Brookeland addition, $82,500.

Craig and Sonya Wilkinson to Robert and Penny Warwick, Lot 1, Stone Trace subdivision, $77,000.

DJB Properties LLC to Summer Polson, Lot 25, McFadden Ferry subdivision, $129,900.

Magnolia Hills LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lots 2, 13, 14, 18, 20, 80, 81, 83, 107, Magnolia, $342,000.

Michael Lawrence to Jack and Ella Moore, Lot 6, plat book 34, page 168, $17,000.

Kalyana Pallerla and Madhuri Penchikala to Kalyana Pallerla and Madhuri Penchikala, Lot 82, Belle Haven Development, no tax.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Megan and Perry Watt, land in deed book 1178, page 31, $124,900.

Stephen and Doug Kurtz to Kenneth and Linda Feeler, Lot 2, Kitchens & Reeves addition, $47,000.

Howard Chen and Nami Kosaka to Beh Reh and Nga Meh, Lot 211, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $210,000.

Jo Ellen Hanna to Sa Sang and Nan Phyu Khine, Lot 50, Lost River Cove subdivision, $175,000.

Edward and Bettie Weldon to Brian and Sherri Herman, Lot 231, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $325,000.

Renae Tuck to Stephen and Samantha Hooks, Lot 445, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $315,000.

Michael Harrison to Brett and Desiree McAfee, Lot 154, Shawnee Estates, $169,900.

Tom Goodworth Construction Inc. to Matthew Oakley, Lot 9, Autumn Grove subdivision, $319,900.

Karen Scipioni to Joanna Gilligan, Lot 18, Point Breeze subdivision, $295,000.

Stephen and Samantha Hooks to Stacy Ford, Lots 12-15, Ogden Park addition, $220,000.

Heather and Thomas Adams Jr. to Christopher and Tanya Gentry, Lot 29, Stone Bluff subdivision, $542,000.

Margaret Houk; Brian and Beverly Houk; and David and Carol Houk to David and Carol Houk Lot 14, Collett addition, $54,000.

Noah and Glenna Hubbard to Penny James, land near Mount Lebanon Church Road, no tax.

Grassroots Construction LLC to Klay and Taylor Kelley, Lot 124, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $521,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Randall and Jarvis Ray, Lot 39, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $245,900.

Edgardo Gonzalez and Shana Gaiter to Ryan Rafferty, land near Richardsville Road, $183,000.

James and Angela Richardson to Valerie Landell and Tracey Zion, land near Hwy. 185, $295,000.

Sharon Warner to Sharon Warner Revocable Trust, land near Rockfield and Browning Road, no tax.

Borom Sun and Socky Bao to Dream Weaver Properties LLC, Lot 66, Three Springs Hollow subdivision, $128,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Tammy Campbell, Lot 90, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $215,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to Jamale Barber, Lot 127, Cedar Grove subdivision, $72,500.

Pamela Simmons and Amanda Guy to Jeffrey and Laurie Norris, Lot 1, plat book 43, page 217, $50,000.

Steven Key and Suzanne Key to Billy Pigue III, Lot 37, Oaks subdivision, $352,500.

Zachary and Lauren Daugherty to James Anderson, Lot 1, minor plat book 22, page 170, $204,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Annetta Smith, Lot 93, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $184,031.

Vincent and Amy Sprenger to LaToya Clark and Jeremy Clark, Lot 42, Brentwood Place, $209,900.

Jeffery and April Taylor to Jeffery Taylor, Lot 1, Victory minor subdivision, no tax.

Robert and Devonia Nealy to SOKY Homes LLC, land near West 11th Street, $30,000.

Peter and Marsha Wyzykowski to Ajae Management LLC, Lot 72, Shamrock Acres subdivision, $150,000.

Majestic Investments LLC to Chad and Wendy Moseley, land near High Street, $72,000.


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