John and Suzanne White and Lee Ann White to Gary and Cheryl Forslund, Lot 108, Bailey’s Farm, $203,300.

Ashesh and Neha Pansuria to Kanaubhai Patel, Lot 10-2, Crimson Ridge subdivision, $163,000.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to TM5 Properties Inc., Lot 77-3, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $65,000.

Gurl and Wanda Bledsoe to Daniel Bledsoe, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 128, $49,926.66.

Sawyer Williams to Sustainnovators LLC, land near 19th Street, $87,500.

Darren and Michelle Viox to Joseph Widner, Lot 3, Bryson & Crawford minor subdivision, $184,000.

Jon and Stacy Sanders to AceLand Holdings LLC, Lot 4-20, Olde Stone subdivision, $70,000.

Ramiz Kantarevic and Elma Music-Kantarevic, Lots 6 and 7, Glen Lily subdivision, $87,000.

Kara and Kenneth Glenn II to Yisel Martinez Rodriguez and Dixie Muguruza Cabrera, Lot 274, Greystone subdivision, $165,500.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Latrice Carothers, Lot 220, North Ridge, $169,900.

Jason and Sandra Quisenberry to Portales Building and Remodeling LLC, Lot 1, minor plat book 22, page 64, $42,000.

White Owl Ventures LLC, Lot 1, Mefford property subdivision, $36,750.

Timothy and Lydia Jenkins to Jeremy and Candice Purichia, Lots 1 and 2, Collettdale addition, $247,900.

Roger and Judy Dunn to RJD Trust, Lot 312, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, no tax.

Salvador Gomez to Christine and Frank Schwender, Lot 17, W.A. Briggs addition, $73,000.

Willie Whittaker to Lewis Hahne and Tammy Adkins, Lot 14, minor plat book 14, page 78, $67,650.

DKB Investments Inc. to Paradise Self Storage LLC, Lot 7-1, Cherry Farms subdivision, $700,000.

Estate of Rita Vaughan to MKC Properties LLC, land near Nashville Road, $412,000.

KP Ventures LLC and Dexter Holdings Inc. to The Marion Revocable Trust, Lot 3-93, Olde Stone subdivision, $825,000.

Joyce and Richard Young to Edward and Bettie Wildon, Lot 362, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $270,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Gina Knutson, Lot 539, Greystone subdivision, $209,000.

Steven and Hillary Goldberg to BDS Rolling Acre Farm LLC, Lot 45, Creekwood Village, $258,000.

Bobby and Anna Morrow, Wanda Morrow and Joyce Morrow to Joseph and Tiffanie Poteet, land near Beech Bend Pike, $50,000.

Kody and Molly Brown to Dewayne Sowell, tract 13, Hamford Acres, $152,500.

Phillip and Danielle Cunningham to Hudson Capital LLC, Lot 12, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shields subdivision, $85,500.

Stephen Young to John and Kayce Kirkpatrick, Lot 10, John Edwards subdivision, $145,000.

Taibos Landing LLC to AsaCo LLC, Lot 39, Normal View Plan, $295,000.

T&C Homes LLC to Jonathan and Catherine Kane, Lot 65, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $318,000.

Fred and Janis Painter to Jordan and Stephanie Waters, Lot 2, Fred and Janis Painter property, no tax.

Cassandra and Timothy Mullins to Joshua and Chelsey Poling, Lot 22, Parkview addition, $299,000.

Matthew McKinney and Brittanie Blevins to Rita Preston, Lot 118, Coalition Estates, $155,900.

Stephen and Rachel Stucy to Stephen and Rachel Stucy, Lot 290, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, no tax.

Mike and Ladonna Miller to A&M Miller LLC, Lot 38, Springhill subdivision, $120,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Sladjana Veletanlic, Lot 217, Summit subdivision, $60,000.

Steve and Suzanne Morrison to Arun and Senija Muaremi, Lot 16, Capitol Commons Condos, $80,500.

Shelly Swagger to Brendan Adams and Allie McCreary, Lot 20, Plano Estates, $270,000.

Michael Lamberson to Randall Wiseley, Lot 314, North Ridge, $158,900.

Choate Rentals LLC to Suri Castillo, Lot 28, Glen Lily Manor, $65,900.

Crabbe Homes to The Mohammad Ali Revocable Living Trust, Lot 59, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $323,000.

Johnny Watts to Casey Edwards, Lot 203, River Bend Landing subdivision, $118,000.

Kevin and Sharon Anthony to Kevin and Sara Deel, Lot 225, Hunters Crossing, $335,000.

Burr and Jones LLC to Eric and Janet Hughes, Lot 17 Poplar Grove subdivision, $49,900.

Bryan and Leslie Saling to Daniel and Barbara James, Lot 1, plat book 31, page 165, $199,900.

J.D. Properties to Donald Hendrick and James and Leigh Ann Ward, land near Sixth Street, $450,000.

Ann McCubbin to Ann McCubbin and Carol Eyerman, Lot 1, McCubbin addition, $10.

Jean and Wanda Hamilton to Maharaj Swami LLC, Lot 10, Lillian Fields subdivision, $650,000.

William and Leanna Holland to Eric and Britney Lyles, Lot 20, Brentwood Place subdivision, $185,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Derek Croxton, Lot 540, North Ridge subdivision, $169,500.

Denali Capital LLC to Kristian and Le’Sasha Buckner, Lot 168, McKinney Farms subdivision, $199,000.

Woodland Station Holdings LLC to SCL Consulting LLC, Lot 48, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property, $43,500.

Tavious LLC to Maung Maung and Mu Paw, Lot 279, Park Hills subdivision, $159,900.

MSC Contracting LLC to Alderson Properties LLC, Lot 50, Weatherstone subdivision, $229,500.

Admir and Belma Hamzic to Hang Khan Khai and Vung Liam, Lot 91, Lost River Cove subdivision, $174,900.

Kathi Smrtic to Mee Reh, Lot 334, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $174,000.

Dale and Mary Henson and Todd and Denise Henson to Barbara Saula, Lot 185, McCoy Place, $299,900.

Jason and Dena Mills to Big Dog Investments LLC, tract 1, minor plat book 21, page 142, $160,000.

Hoogland 2014 Grandchildren Real Estate Limited Partnership to Eric Hoogland Limited Partnership, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $10.

Jonathan and Emily McQueen to Colby Downing, Lot 18, Wyndham Estates subdivision, $178,000.

Sidney and Rebecca Meredith to Kody and Stefanie King, Lot 1, minor plat book 14, page 191, $170,000.

Terrill and Vicki Garmon to Blake Lombard and Erin Scannell, tracts 3 and 4, plat book 43, page 38, $107,500.

Western Homes LLC to Lorraine Rogers, Lot 175, McCoy Place, $333,000.

The Prodigy Co. LLC to Diego Felipe Cabrera-Fernandez and Angela Ann Cabrera, Lot 176, Summit subdivision, $408,000.

Eric and Britney Lyles to Tuan Lan Mang and Niang Lian Dim, Lot 7, Pinewood Estates, $139,000.

Doris Constable to Eduardo Conejo and Martha Conejo, Saireth Conejo and Eder Conejo, Lot 88, Springfield subdivision, $165,000.


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