Restaurant inspections for April 14-16, according to the Barren River District Health Department:

Nine 20 Live, 2800 Scottsville Road, Suite 8, follow-up required because food contact surfaces on the inside of the refrigerator were not cleaned or sanitized; 93.

270 Nutrition, 5368 Scottsville Road, Suite B, 99.

Papa John’s Pizza, 1922 Russellville Road, 99.

South Warren Middle School/High School, 8140 Nashville Road, 97.

Spencer’s Coffee House, 915 College St., 98.

The Pit Stop, 3315 Louisville Road, 96.

Mediterranean Food Store, 103C Creekwood Ave., follow-up required because food contact surfaces were not cleaned and sanitized; and food was not clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed, sold or discarded, 90.

Pelican’s Sno-Balls, 5844 Scottsville Road, 98.

Garrett Food Court/Aramark, Hilltop Drive, 97.

Briarwood Elementary School, 265 Lovers Lane, 98.

Mariah’s, 360 E. Eighth Ave., 95.

Big League BBQ, 306A Old Morgantown Road, second follow-up required because the Grade A dairy product was expired; and food contact surfaces in microwave and inside of refrigerator were not cleaned or sanitized; 84

– Restaurants are inspected at least once every six months by Barren River District Health Department inspectors who use a 44-item checklist to evaluate a restaurant’s cleanliness, food handling and storage. Follow-up inspections are done if needed. A restaurant has 10 days to correct its problem if it scores below an 85 or is cited for a critical violation.