Restaurant inspections for Nov. 20-Dec. 3, according to the Barren River District Health Department:

Boyce Store, 10551 Woodburn-Allen Springs Road, 98.

Community Farmers Market, 2319 Nashville Road, 99.

Wing Stop, 2435 Nashville Road, Suite 106, 98.

El Mazatlan, 2435 Nashville Road, follow-up required because the approved sanitizing solution for manual/mechanical ware-washing was not utilized on the back line (ice machine), 95.

Bundles of Joy, 543 Second Ave., 96.

Building Blocks Child Care, 105 Laurel Ave., follow-up required because cleaning products were stored in cabinets above clean dishes, 98. Passed follow-up inspection, 100.

Pizza Hut, 2450 Nashville Road, 100.

Pizza Hut, 1200-C Smallhouse Road, 98.

Cabrera’s Bar & Grill, 2225 Russellville Road, follow-up required because paint thinner was stored with sugar and dishwashing detergent was stored on top of rice bags, 95.

Chaney’s Dairy Barn, 9191 Nashville Road, follow-up required because there were canned food products observed that indicated swelling, leaking, rusting or severe dents.

McDonald’s, 625 Main St., Smiths Grove, 100.

Bob Evans Restaurant, 145 Three Springs Road, 98.

Griff’s Deli, 1640 Scottsville Road, 100.

Logan’s Roadhouse, 2920 Scottsville Road, 99.

Massey Springs Senior Living, 2945 Smallhouse Road, 100.

– Restaurants are inspected at least once every six months by Barren River District Health Department inspectors who use a 44-item checklist to evaluate a restaurant’s cleanliness, food handling and storage. Follow-up inspections are done if needed. A restaurant has 10 days to correct its problem if it scores below an 85 or is cited for a critical violation.


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