Restaurant inspections for July 31-Aug. 8, according to the Barren River District Health Department:

Big T’s Bar-B-Cue, 3296 Cumberland Trace, 100.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 1680 Campbell Lane, follow-up required because the spray hose above the three-compartment sink hung below the upper rim of the sink, 98.

Hardee’s, 592 Interstate Drive, follow-up required because the dishwasher and prep person had open lesion on arms from just above the wrist. The regular food handling gloves didn’t come up high enough to cover the lesion that looked possibly infected. The employee must wear a tight-fitting, waterproof bandage at all times and must wear long gloves that cover up well above the lesion. Employee left and purchased long rubber gloves, 96. Passed immediate follow-up inspection, 98.

Chipotle, 3040 Scottsville Road, 100.

Rivendell Hospital Cafeteria, 1035 Porter Pike, follow-up required because sliced fried chicken was at the improper temperature on the salad bar (thrown away); and pimento cheese and cottage cheese in the walk-in were at improper temperatures. 96. Passed immediate follow-up inspection, 99.

Hardee’s, 127 Cumberland Trace, 98.

Bowling Green Nursing and Rehab, 1561 Newton, 98.

Taco Bell, 2460 Nashville Road, follow-up required because pot and pan rack was not clean or sanitized (corrected); knife rack was not clean or sanitized (corrected); soiled and some in-use utensils/equipment were left on pot and pan rack (corrected); and sour cream was at improper temperature in prep line, 96. Passed immediate follow-up inspection, 99.

White Castle, 3179 Scottsville Road, follow-up required because the inside of the ice machine was not clean or sanitized; veggie sliders, raw eggs and raw diced onions were at improper temperatures (thrown away); powdered cleaner was stored on open rack above single-service lids (corrected); and filter powder was in a White Castle drink cup (corrected), 85. Passed immediate follow-up inspection, 93.

Dolphie’s Lounge, 4646 Scottsville Road, follow-up required because there was barbecue from an unapproved source in freezer (thrown away), 94. Passed immediate follow-up inspection, 97.

– Restaurants are inspected at least once every six months by Barren River District Health Department inspectors who use a 44-item checklist to evaluate a restaurant’s cleanliness, food handling and storage. Follow-up inspections are done if needed. A restaurant has 10 days to correct its problem if it scores below an 85 or is cited for a critical violation.

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