Restaurant inspections for Dec. 10-Jan. 9, according to the Barren River District Health Department:

Sam’s Club, 3200 Ken Bale Blvd., 100.

BP Fastrac, 2626 Nashville Road, follow-up required because food contact surfaces were not cleaned or sanitized (soda machine), 95.

Crossroads IGA, 619 Main St., Smiths Grove, 100.

F.O. Moxley Community Center, 225 East Third Ave., 100.

Steamers Seafood, 801 State St., follow-up required because cleaning chemicals were stored improperly, 96. Passed follow-up inspection, 98.

Kummer/Little Center, Bowling Green Parks/Rec, 333 College St., 97.

Chuck E. Cheese’s, 2625 Scottsville Road, 100.

Cabrera’s Bar & Grill, 2225 Russellville Road, passed follow-up inspection, 99.

Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, 1423 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, passed follow-up inspection, 92.

Boba Lounge Fusion Cafe, 1542 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, 100.

American Legion Post 23, 208 Dishman Lane, 100.

Stockyard Cafe, 4350 Louisville Road, follow-up required because employees were eating, drinking or smoking in unauthorized area, 89. Passed follow-up inspection, 93.

Hilligan’s Bar & Grill, 1265 College St., follow-up required because canned food products observed that indicated swelling, leaking, rusting or severe dents, 96. Passed follow-up inspection, 98.

Huck’s Convenient Store, 601 Hennessy Way, follow-up required because employees eating, drinking or smoking in unauthorized area; canned food products observed that indicated swelling, leaking, rusting or severe dents; and there were unwholesome spoiled fruits, vegetables or other foods, 92. Passed follow-up inspection, 98.

Tsunami T3, 1689 Campbell Lane, Suite 200, 96.

Subway, 3521 Dahlia Court, 98.

Betty’s Bar, 2508 Russellville Road, 97.

Canteen Service Company, 120 Hunter Court, 98.

Flip’n Axe, 327 Greenwood Lane, 100.

Flavor Isle, 103 1st & Main St., Smiths Grove, 99.

– Restaurants are inspected at least once every six months by Barren River District Health Department inspectors who use a 44-item checklist to evaluate a restaurant’s cleanliness, food handling and storage. Follow-up inspections are done if needed. A restaurant has 10 days to correct its problem if it scores below an 85 or is cited for a critical violation.


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