GLASGOW – The Glasgow City Council on Monday approved its representatives to two boards dedicated to expanding the county’s economy and researching the possibility of establishing a park downtown.

For the revamped Barren County Economic Authority, also known as the IDEA Board, the council accepted Mayor Harold Armstrong’s appointees to the board, Jackie Brown and Gary Norman, though the former had the council split, requiring Armstrong to break the tie.

Norman was approved unanimously, but council member Joe Trigg raised some doubts about putting Brown on the board.

Trigg noted that Brown previously served on the board on the county’s behalf, and Trigg wanted the city to appoint someone who wasn’t associated with the county government.

“To me it seems like we’re going against ourself when we say we’re going to put him back on the board,” Trigg said.

Trigg and Norman voted against establishing Brown as a board member, in addition to fellow council members Patrick Gaunce, Brad Groce, James Neal and Marlin Witcher.

Armstrong, who said he’s had trouble in recent months finding experienced people willing to serve on the board, said he didn’t want to renew his search and then voted to approve Brown.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve been working on this since February and I’m about (at) my wits’ end so if he doesn’t do the job, if you want, you all can remove him,” Armstrong said.

Norman said he thinks he was chosen for the board because he has nearly four decades of experience in finance and said he wanted to see effective collaboration between the city, the county and other local communities like Cave City and Park City to improve the local economy.

“As far as direction, we just want to make sure that we’re working together, all of the key positions in the community, everybody on the same page,” he said.

A newly passed interlocal agreement calls for the establishment of a BCEA board composed of three mayoral appointees, three of the judge-executive’s appointees and one appointee from the mayor of Cave City.

Fiscal court magistrates Trent Riddle, Carl Dickerson and Mark Bowman represent fiscal court on the board.

Cave City Mayor Dwayne Hatcher said David Peterson represents Cave City.

The third member of the board representing Glasgow is Gary Hartell, who is in the middle of a four-year term, Armstrong said.

In another matter, the council approved the makeup of a committee dedicated to investigating the possibility of establishing a park downtown.

The roster includes Wes Simpson, who has been active in raising public interest in the potential park, as well as Simpson appointees Brian Clemmons and Brandi Button and mayoral appointees council member Chasity Lowery, who is on the council’s parks and recreation committee; Amy Vann, who Simpson asked the mayor to appoint; and David Jessie, a former building contractor.

Simpson could not be reached for comment before the meeting, which he did not attend.

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