GLASGOW – The Joint City-County Planning Commission of Barren County is scheduled to consider adoption of Glasgow’s strategic plan during its Nov. 16 meeting.

The Glasgow City Council acknowledged receipt of the strategic plan at its Oct. 12 meeting and asked that it be forwarded to the planning commission for adoption.

“The strategic plan is a benchmark for us. It’s a road map. It’s a basis to work from so that everyone in the community knows we are moving forward in this,” said city councilman Terry Bunnell, who is also chairman of the city’s strategic planning committee.

The strategic plan was developed with the help of the Kentucky League of Cities’ community development services and Bunnell said it is the first detailed strategic plan the city has had.

Six areas were identified by the strategic planning committee as needing to be addressed regarding their weaknesses and strengths.

Those six areas are: Reimagine Downtown Glasgow, Agriculture, Housing, Economic, Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship, Arts, Entertainment and Culture and Trail Development.

“We will organize groups, committees, to work on each of these areas,” Bunnell said. “They will take a section of the strategic plan and look at the comments made and will begin to map out a direction we want to take.”

Bunnell used the area of agriculture as an example. A subcommittee assigned to address agriculture in the city will look at what opportunities currently exist and then at what can be done to create even more possibilities.

“Would we implement a particular type of dealership? Would we encourage research in a certain agriculture product that is being produced in the county? Do we need more involvement in ag retail?” he said.

If the strategic plan is adopted by the planning commission, it will be included in the county’s comprehensive plan.

“The comprehensive plan is a blueprint of how we want to grow over the next five to 10 years. The strategic plan is obviously the same thing, but on a much smaller scale for just Glasgow only,” said Kevin Myatt, planning director.

The planning commission is required by state law to create a comprehensive plan for the entire county and to include cities encompassed in the county. The comprehensive plan, however, is not as detailed as Glasgow’s strategic plan, he said.

If there are developments or changes in a particular area of the county that is addressed by the city’s strategic plan, the planning commission can use Glasgow’s strategic plan as a tool when anyone requests a zone change, Myatt said.

To further explain he talked about the Veterans Outer Loop.

“That obviously changed some things. Sections (of the Veterans Outer Loop) were getting done at different points of each year, so that kind of changed our traffic patterns and our growth patterns every year,” he said. “We had to reflect that every year to look and see what was accomplished and if that actually affected anything.”

The planning commission reviews the county’s comprehensive plan once every five years and is required to revise it once every 10 years, however, Myatt said the planning commission takes a look at it each year to get an idea of where it should be in planning for the future.

A copy of the most current comprehensive plan is available at A copy of Glasgow’s strategic plan is available at


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