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People board a GO bg Transit bus Tuesday, November 13, 2018, next to the Warren County Justice Center.

People will get another chance to enjoy fresh air and spend part of their weekends out on the town when GO bg Transit runs its monthly Second Saturday Shuttles from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

GO bg Transit normally operates six bus routes that allow the general public to reach most major destinations in Bowling Green. But an online route schedule shows those rides are only available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Carroll Duckworth, transportation director at Community Action of Southern Kentucky, said the Saturday shuttles offer residents a consistent chance to enjoy public transit on a day that rides aren’t usually offered.

“It just provides the opportunity for folks to be able to get out on a weekend – who may work throughout the week or they are, you know, tied up with other commitments through the week,” Duckworth told the Daily News. “So, on Saturday, it’s one Saturday a month that they have the opportunity to use transit to get out and about.”

The shuttles are scheduled to run on a reduced schedule, but they will reach all of the regular locations for the Blue Line (Route 2) and Yellow Line (Route 4) at their assigned timings.

Duckworth said the reduced schedule won’t affect the amount of time spent at each stop. “Basically we hit every stop every hour,” Duckworth said. “So, if it’s normally 10 after the hour, we’re still going to hit it at 10 after the hour.”

Both the Blue and Yellow lines start and end on Center Street. Blue goes out to Walmart on Morgantown Road and Western Gateway Shopping Center on Russellville Road during its travels, while the path Yellow follows takes it to Greenwood Mall and the Campbell Lane Walmart and Kroger.

A 2013 Daily News article reported the shuttles moved to the second Saturday of the month because the first Saturday often aligned with holidays or other days banks and most shopping locations were closed. But despite an association with traditional shopping outlets, Saturday shuttles can also be used to reach local farmers markets, where patrons can enjoy fresh plants, produce and flowers, according to a CASOKY public service announcement.

Customers won’t have to break the bank to “avoid the fuss and take the bus” Saturday – student and monthly passes are valid for the shuttles. For those without a pass, fares will be $2 for adults 12 and older, $1 for children 7-11 with an adult and free for children 6 and under with an adult. Along with seniors 60 and over and people with disabilities still being $1, Duckworth said any discount that applies Monday-Friday will still be valid Saturday.

GO bg Transit buses are equipped with Sportworks bicycle racks for two single-seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bicycles. Each of the two bikes can be secured independently of one another, allowing local cyclists to ride the bus and reach their intended destinations with their bicycles still in tow.

GO, Too – a door-to-door service that provides complementary paratransit under the Americans with Disabilities Act – will also run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Riders with disabilities must have already completed an application and an in-person interview before Saturday, but all eligible customers will be able to receive rides anywhere that normal ADA service is available for $4.

“ADA services go three-quarters of a mile further than the furthest point on a given fixed route,” Duckworth said. “A fixed route goes from bus stop to bus stop, ADA service goes from origin to destination, so that would mean your home to a shopping destination, to a medical destination ... it could be for employment, it could be for personal pleasure, you know, it could be whatever they wanted to do as long as they qualify for it.”

Duckworth said GO bg Transit will host a hiring event at its downtown transit center at 304 E. 11th Ave. from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The facility will welcome open interviews, allowing prospective drivers to fill out job applications and get interviewed for a position almost immediately.

GO bg Transit schedules, routes and maps are available on the CASOKY website, a bus or at the downtown transit center.

– For more information about all GO bg Transit services, visit http://www.casoky.org/transportation/.

– Daily News reporter Drake Kizer may be reached at dkizer@bgdailynews.com or by calling 270-783-3257.

– Daily News reporter Drake Kizer may be reached at dkizer@bgdailynews.com or by calling 270-783-3257.


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