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RIALDA ZUKIC exhibited a very INCITEFUL writing style during this unfortunate incident. One should examine the facts before rushing to judgement.


I understand the people who were getting impatient for information, but all the answers are out now and all the reasonable questions have been explained. A grand jury of randomly selected CITIZENS has, for two days, reviewed all REPORTS and EVIDENCE and interrogated real WITNESSES and OFFICERS who were at the scene. They are in a far better position to determine whether this case was worthy of going to trial than the emotionally charged conspiracy theorists on a witch hunt who obviously will not believe anything Mr. Coron or KSP says. Anyone with half a brain can now see what happened and why. Its over folks. No cover up or conspiracy this time. It was a tragedy for all involved, especially Bradshaw's family, but it is time to move on.


I just wish when ANYONE took responsibility enough to "discharge" a weapon which killed another human that they also took the responsibility to tell the truth and take their consequences. Grow up and at least try to right the wrong. No matter WHAT was going on, shooting another person is never the right thing to do. Obviously Brown did not have a weapon. There really was no mention of Brown being threatening at all. It is all just very sad.


Do you really think they would make mention of a .40 S&W without having one in evidence that was found at the scene of the crime? Do you think Brown noticed that it was .40 S&W during the heat of the moment, or is it possible that the only reason they know the caliber and make of the gun is because it was in fact at the scene?

All the conspiracy theories flying around this tragic incident are ridiculous. Anyone who has been even somewhat close to the case since the beginning has known that Bradshaw pulled a gun.

You can't tell the public about evidence found at a crime scene before it is taken to a grand jury hearing. I feel terrible for both families involved, but lets leave the "cover up" bs out of it. It's not the 1950's any more and any conspiracy theory is only going to make it harder for the families to move on.


Quote "Mr. Brown closed the door back on Mr. Bradshaw's truck, and then eyewitness testimony confirmed that at that point in time, Brandon Bradshaw pulled a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson gun, brandished that (toward) Mr. Brown. At that point in time, Mr. Brown pulled a weapon discharging that weapon three times, striking Mr. Bradshaw ... ."

An eyewitness said this! My question is, do they have this handgun in EVIDENCE? Does it exist? Did he own one?

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