TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital has announced the addition of a health coverage resources hotline to its list of services.

The new health insurance eligibility and advocacy services hotline has been added to the COVID-19 hotline to assist those whose health coverage has been affected by the pandemic.

TriStar Health Marketing and Communications Specialist Andria McGregor said the hotline is intended to allow people whose health coverage has been affected to talk with experts who will connect them with the resources they need and guide them through the process of finding affordable health care.

“They’ll have a conversation about their current status or situation and maybe it could be something like helping them continue in an employer’s existing plan for someone who’s recently offered a job, or applying for coverage through a spouse’s benefit program,” McGregor said.

McGregor said the hotline also allows individuals to navigate scenarios such as offsetting the cost of health care assistance with Medicaid through talking with the experts on the other line.

“We have these experts on hand to connect people with the resources they need and guide them through the process to find an affordable care solution for them,” McGregor said. “We’re not representing any other company, we’re not selling insurance plans, our goal is simply just to get patients or community members the information they need so they can properly manage their health care.”

“TriStar Greenview established a COVID-19 hotline at the start of this crisis to provide health information and guidance, and now we want to make sure we’re there to help our community as we move forward with additional tools that may be needed,” Mike Sherrod, chief executive of TriStar Greenview, said in a news release. “We know that financial concerns could keep many from coming to the hospital when they really need us. We do not want that to happen. If the pandemic has caused you to be out of work or lost access to insurance coverage, the hospital is still here for you, as we always have been.”

McGregor said the new hotline can be reached by dialing 833-867-8771.

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