The smell of tear gas – familiar to him from his time in the military – greeted U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie as he walked through the halls of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday night.

The Bowling Green Republican hours earlier had left the Capitol and was set to return to vote to certify presidential election results when a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the building.

Because space in the House chamber was restricted because of the COVID-19 pandemic as deliberations began Wednesday on certifying results, “I came back to my office to watch the Senate” on television, Guthrie told the Daily News in a phone interview from Washington on Thursday morning.

Guthrie’s office is in a separate building from the Capitol.

“I was getting ready to go back” when the TV screens went blank. Then he received a message advising him to shelter in place.

While he was not witness to the looting and destruction in the Capitol, “we could see out our window” the Republican National Committee headquarters, where a bomb was found.

There were large groups milling about.

“We were concerned, as we should be,” said Guthrie, who distinguished the many peaceful protesters from the “violent mob” that stormed the Capitol.

Guthrie noted that many in the mob were taking selfies as they looted and vandalized the Capitol. Law enforcement “should be able to find them,” Guthrie said, “and hopefully they will be prosecuted.”

He said he was perplexed in the first place by the call for the protesters to come to Washington to fight against a set outcome.

“Since Democrats control the House (the effort to not certify the election results) would never succeed,” he said.

Trump “brought them here to get an outcome that couldn’t happen. ... Everyone knew the outcome, but he chose to bring people here.”

As a result, there are images and videos of the storming of the Capitol being shown around the world that “plays right into China and Russia,” Guthrie sad.

When the Capitol was finally cleared, Guthrie and his fellow legislators returned to the Capitol late Wednesday night.

“You could smell the tear gas,” said Guthrie, a West Point graduate and Army veteran.

Windows were broken and there were other signs of the vandalism and looting, but the House chamber was in relatively good condition.

“It was absolutely amazing,” he said of the hasty cleanup effort.

Guthrie said having legislators return that night and continue deliberations was important to show “you can’t stop the Constitution. I’m so glad we did convene.”

Early Thursday, Congress certified the election of Joe Biden as the next president.

It was the Constitution that also led Guthrie to vote to certify the results, and not join some Republicans who objected to the election results from certain states.

“The 12th Amendment is pretty clear” that the role of Congress is to only count and certify results, Guthrie said.

“If yesterday had prevailed, Congress will always elect a president,” he said. “It would amount to a federal takeover of state elections.”

He also noted that five of the six state legislatures in contested states have Republican legislatures that signed off on the results.

Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell joined all but one of Kentucky’s eight-member congressional delegation in voting against the election challenge. Rep. Hal Rogers of the 5th District was the lone representative from Kentucky to vote to challenge the election results.

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s events, some legislators have called for Trump’s impeachment or removal from office using the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which allows for the removal of a president found to be unable to do his job.

“I don’t think we need to go down that path,” Guthrie said, noting that to accomplish either in “13 days is impractical.”

Instead, Guthrie said the focus should be on keeping government operational until Trump leaves office.

Amid a rash of people resigning from the White House in the wake of Wednesday’s events, Guthrie said it is critical that “everybody doesn’t resign” and government continues to operate amid a pandemic that has killed more than 360,000 Americans.

Guthrie was traveling back to Bowling Green on Thursday as Congress is in recess. He said he believes what should now happen is that representatives work with the executive branch staff on keeping governmental operations going.

Guthrie said he will specifically be focusing on vaccine rollout for the next few weeks.

In that effort, Guthrie said he hopes to work with state officials.

“Whatever Gov. (Andy) Beshear needs me to do,” he said.

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Sad to see so called republicans turning against one of their own in support of a con man who cares for nothing but his own power. Thanks to trump, republicans have now lost the house, senate, and presidency. If one of the other republican primary candidates had gotten the nomination in 2016, they would have likely beaten Clinton. And kept control. And been re-elected. Likewise if trump had been a decent leader. And now when people like Guthrie speak with a voice of reason they are called a RINO. Trump has destroyed the Republican Party as it was. What will become of it depends on whether we chose the voices of reason or of treason. Trump caused me to change my party affiliation to democrat. But if these crazy fools continue to try to dominate I will, at least temporarily, switch back to vote against them in the primaries. We can’t always have our favorite candidates win, but an insane candidate should never be an option.


The vast majority of area voter feel the election was a fraud. You, Brett, were elected to represent us. Did you hold a town hall to ask us if you should vote to confirm the fraud? Back stabber. Gear up for a primary challenge. It's coming.


If you know anyone locally that participated in the riot at the Capitol please contact the FBI. 5 people died, including a Police Officer. Government computers were stolen, cell phones gone through, secret documents stolen. The rioters peed and shat all over the halls. They beat up security guards. Bombs and guns were found in several places. And there's another armed riot being planned across social media even now. Is the Republican party really one of 'Law and Order' or have you all become traitors?

Enough Already

"Reliable Sources" say it was ANTIFA and BLM


Discernible reality proves that you are an idiot.


Don’t know what you consider “reliable sources”, but the FBI’s facial recognition software, along with statements from the suspects themselves, say otherwise. So far, 100% identified have been trump supporters, including the guys with zip ties who were “hunting” for senators, and the woman shot trying to get through a barricaded window, as well as at least 6 so far republican elected officials. Zero Biden supporters so far!


America has ben taken over by commie just like a third world country. Diagraceful.

Enough Already




God Bless Hal Rogers

Enough Already

“Whatever Gov. (Andy) Beshear needs me to do,” he said.

Gutherie is a RINO. He has accomplished nothing for Kentucky and remains a useless politician that is nothing more than a yes-man to preserve his next re-election. Like most rats, when the light comes on he flees. Our other high-profile politicians also deserted the people and voted against investigating election fraud including McConnell and Paul. The only one who had the courage to do the right thing was Rogers.


Trust the government who says nobody has standing to challenge election law violations in court. Trust the government who makes decisions on vaccines based on skin color instead of saving the most lives. Trust the government who says Trust the government who says that the constitution winninng requires it not to be followed as written. Trust the government. Maybe I'd rather trust Russia or Russia since my government is a bunch of corrupt society destroyers while the Russian government prospers families and the Chinese punish the corrupt. People like Gutherie are letting Twitter and Facebook turn this into an oligarchy. Trust the government. The government has failed us and put Zuckerberg in charge of the nation because they want a oligarch version of the soviet union. Trust the government. But at least the exclusive club is good at gland handing and rubbing our face in their BS while spouting about the constitution. The constitution provided the only means of resolving this, and with an army of supporters they chose not to pursue it. They turned themselves into functionaries. They are rich and don't give a hoot about venezuelification of America, but when China is more honorable, and Russia is more family oriented, these constitution hyporcits are just rich losers, or as the brits say, limey bastards. There I said it. Turning the USA in an oligarchy because they hate a man refusing to cow tow is an abidcation of their oath.

Its even more of a shame because that guy took an oath, which he has violated. Nobody has standing to challenge anything another state does. Don't he get it. The constitution is dead and gone, butchered by the catholics so that some Methodist fraudster could pray to Brahma after tricking people for 37 years into paying him on the belief he thought Jesus of Nazareth was the deity. But what do words matter any more. They don't. All that matters is your power. Gutherie's got it. The little folk don't. But what he don't have is respect.

He should have stood up and said "No Zuckerburg. No Jack." America will be your decentralized oligarchy.

This writer has a goal to leave it. Many more should make the goal. It's old rich people are doing everything they can to leave it in the gutter anyway. Get out before it's totally veneuzuela'd which these god awful hypocrit oath breakers are doing on purpose.

Maybe one day the paper will ban me from posting on here. Aint much else you can do in jack boot tyranny make you homeless land.


It is absolute disgusting that veterans like him said hiding was right instead of standing and debating. They should have stood and yelled to analyze the evidence. That's what the constitution was written before. Instead, Youtube is erasing the entire history. Facebook is erasing the entire history. Those two decentralized bastions of stalinism are using ERASURE just like North Korea and cowardly lying dirtbags like him have the audacity to lecture on the conversation being performed. He's a coward and an oath breaker. A coward and an oath breaker. That is who Guthrie is.

Salmon Ruskie

Yes, the problems with the nation are immense. It was better before everybody was watching social media and morning news shared snuff films. Right now all across America people are pulling up videos watching the face of a white woman dying. Watching the face of a black man dying. It was better before naracissm was deliberately inculculated and rewarded. It is not wise to ask why old days were better. They clearly were. The problem is Facebook, Twitter, and the Smart Phone, GMA, CNN, and their ilk. The unemployment thing is a farce because the bosses determine who gets it by fiat. It is execeedily difficult to care about such corrupt and fallen fellow man. The data and reality didn't change anything for the better. It was only a large scale population wide evolutionary gate event which produced new avenues of change. The online catharsis has helped through trying times. You went to the wrong school. You studied the wrong thing. You pursued the wrong occupations. You lived in the wrong zip code. People hate various things about you. The organs of power don't care what you have to say because they are convinced of what they have purposed in their own minds. The Eastern Orthodox have a saying, and that is that sin is choosing the lesser blessing. Writing words is the greater blessing to get words on paper and a thing said to provide comfort. But eventually it is letting go that is the greater blessing.

Enough Already

"But eventually it is letting go that is the greater blessing."

Very true. God provides justice in his own time but justice is just a matter of time. No sin goes unpunished without the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Enough Already

So where will you go Econobot?

A combination of satanic delusion and corruption has taken hold of the country. It has affected all nations at the same time so there is no place to escape to, but otherwise we are pretty much in agreement. The Bible predicts all of this and it seems like it is becoming a reality in our time. We are entering a dark period in our country's history. Once the US is no longer a bulwark against evil, the end will accelerate and it will take the entire world with it. If this election stands, the communists will come out of the shadows and punish anyone they disagree with. Social media and the comment records from sites like this will become their resource. It is time to consider becoming the gray man, because speaking out when evil has seized your government is a fool's errand. We haven't always agreed, but nevertheless Best Wishes.


Maybe to Russia. They love useful fools. You should join them, fit right in.

Your type has tried their best to overthrow democracy. She has withstood this current onslaught and shown she still has some fight left in her. Special tip of the hat to Georgia. They have single handedly pulled us from the brink.

The cult has been shown for what it has always been for those paying attention and learned in history, nothing but insurrectionist, traitors and fools. If you don't want to own up to your mistakes and wish to continue to toe the line then get the hell out. You've been rejected. You are delusional. You are a danger to your fellow man. And last, but certainly not least, you are irrelevant. We don't want you. We don't need you. You are nothing but a hindrance. Don't let the border hit you guys in the ass on the way out.

Enough Already

COMMUNISTS like YOU, always accuse others of what they are guilty of, and in fact that is a strategy they have long used. Nothing new here. The idea of you, a communist, appropriating Lenin's quote about useful idiots is quite humorous. If there is an idiot here, it is decidedly YOU. You are a communist parrot to stupid to understand you are being played to help bring about the destruction of this country. Keep looking over your shoulder Vladmir. We are not going away anytime soon and we don't quit.


Let me explain this in plain enough language that even you can comprehend it there super chief.

We've done this dance for a long time now and it all boils down to the following;

You don't know anything worth knowing. You aren't willing to learn anything worth learning.

You are the consummate idiot that your second favorite authoritarian, Lenin, was referring to. You are projection personified. You are exactly the type of individual that your boy Lenin had in mind when he said- "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." A gullible mouth breathing cretin that will swallow anything so long as it spews forth from the decrepit recesses of your favorite misinformation silos.

Your ilk may once again rise up, in fact history proves it as being all but inevitable, however as of right now you are irrelevant. Best run along. Off you go to your butthurt coping group meeting spaces where you guys can salve each others chapped asses.

Oh, and you wrote "You are a communist parrot to stupid to understand..."

That should contain the adverb *too. As in... too stupid... because you are attempting to describe an overabundance of something. What a dumbass.

Until you guys get a hell of a lot smarter I'm not too worried. Capiche?

Enough Already

You are pretty opinionated for a communist tool, but that is not surprising. You useful idiots are always the last to know...


It ceases to be a matter of opinion the moment you can back it up with objective reality there super chief.

Enough Already

Discernible reality proves that you are a communist.


A buddy of mine reading these exchanges said that you were actually too dumb to insult. He is one hundred percent correct.

I know that there's no way to fix stupid, but I can sure ridicule the hell out of it.

Enough Already

If he is your buddy, he is likely a communist as well. The two you together are too stupid to understand anything, but if you really believe what he said I expect you to abide by his advice. Play nice and refrain from your communist insults. I however shall remain unrestrained.

You are still a useful idiot and closet communist.


Neither of us were storming the Capitol building the other day, nor do we support Trump so... not communist. Just more of your projection.

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