Hal Heiner

Name: Hal Heiner 

Office sought: Governor

Age: 63

Occupation: Business park developer

Resident of: Louisville 

Social media (Facebook, Twitter): Hal Heiner on Facebook, @halheiner on Twitter

Party affiliation: Republican

Previous elected positions: Louisville metro councilman

What would be your top policy priority if elected?

The problems facing Kentucky can all be tied back to an underperforming economy that does not have enough high-paying jobs. The people of Kentucky deserve the opportunity to obtain good-paying jobs – to help support their families and their communities. That is why, as governor, growing jobs in Kentucky will be my top policy priority. I've spent my career working to grow jobs in Kentucky, and I'll bring those common-sense business principles to Frankfort to turn our commonwealth around.

What experiences qualify you to serve as governor?

In my career in the private sector, I've worked directly in the business of job attraction – bringing good-paying jobs right here to Kentucky. As governor, I'll bring this experience to Frankfort and get Kentucky back on a path to economic prosperity. We can do better here in Kentucky, and it starts with a Frankfort outsider as governor who knows how to grow jobs.

What is your stance on expanded gambling in the state?

I am opposed to legalizing casino gambling in Kentucky and would not work to promote its passage as a constitutional amendment.

What is your stance on a statewide right-to-work law and local county right-to-work laws?

Kentucky is in desperate need of a statewide right-to-work law. In my career working with companies from around the world as they were considering moving their businesses to Kentucky, there were multiple occasions where the lack of a right-to-work law was the final straw in their decision to locate somewhere else. We are losing out on good-paying jobs to our neighboring states because of failure to pass this legislation. As governor, I will make a statewide right-to-work law a priority and support the efforts of counties to pass their own local right-to-work laws until then.

What are your plans for the Kentucky health care exchange and how do you plan on putting them into effect?

I have called for a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act and stand with (Kentucky GOP) Sens. (Mitch) McConnell and (Rand) Paul in doing so. In the meantime, we are left with an expanded Medicaid system that must be reformed – both to protect the survival of our rural hospitals but also to fit within our budget constraints as a commonwealth. As governor, I'll work to bring accountability and personal responsibility into our health care system by introducing programs that are working in other states – health savings accounts, deductibles and health incentives that can bring down costs for the entire system. As a Frankfort outsider, I plan to bring this type of thoughtful, conservative leadership to the governor's office on day one.


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