Hitcents employees said goodbye to their home of 12 years today and began settling into their new space overlooking the Bowling Green Ballpark.

"This is going to be a different environment," Adam Diestelkamp said while trying to find a spot for his stuffed red duck at his new work station. "I was always in a big room, but those guys right over there were in a completely different part of the building. The space is definitely going to change the dynamic."

Diestelkamp is a graphic designer who works on web design and phone apps for commercial clients.

Diestelkamp still had black war paint under his eyes from the Nerf wars that the young staff had after a lunch in their old location at Western Kentucky University's Innovation and Commercialization Center. Earlier in the week, employees placed items in a time capsule at the ICC to remind them of their time there.

"We plan to open it in 20 years," said Clinton Mills, Hitcents CEO.

Brady Somerville, who has worked at Hitcents for six years, was talking to company President Chris Mills about the move and some tasks ahead.

"I think the space looks great," said Somerville, who had a work station next to the window where you can look out and see the ballpark.

"Who is going to get online first?" Clinton Mills shouted out to employees, who were still carrying boxes into the new 13,000 square-foot space.

Chris Mills said his boxes were still in the car.

The Mills family, including Chris, brother Clinton and father Ed, who founded Hitcents, are also the developers of the commercial space that is wrapping the parking garage on its ballpark and Seventh Avenue sides.

Hitcents, which is now owned by Houchens Industries, is the first tenant in the wrap. Connected Nation also will be moving into space in the building, but Clinton Mills was not yet aware of their timetable for moving in. The Mills also are waiting to hear from a possible third tenant that would occupy 4,200 square feet of space on the second floor.

— For more information about the move see Saturday's Daily News.

— Robyn L. Minor covers business, environment, transportation and other issues for the Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/bowserminor or visit bgdailynews.com.


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