The meeting follows months of closed-door meetings on the commercial wrap (Hitcents Park Plaza) being operated by Mills Family Realty. On the agenda is a discussion of “terms regarding the issuance of new bonds for permanent financing of the Downtown TIF Block 6 Wrap, including a discussion of possible revisions in the current Revenue Sharing Agreement.”

Hitcents Park Plaza has had financial problems for months, and liens were filed on the property for money allegedly owed to contractors in its construction. Mariah’s restaurant and 6-4-3 Sports Bar closed “until further notice” several weeks ago. Three fast-casual restaurants in the wrap were shut down in September.

The City Commission earlier this year approved negotiations with Bowling Green Hot Rods owner Jerry Katzoff about taking over management of the wrap. While earlier discussions were closed to the public, today’s agenda does not call for a closed session.

Representatives of Warren County government and the Warren County Downtown Economic Development Authority are expected to make presentations at the meeting.

On Saturday, Mills Family Realty issued a news release about the development, disputing the amount of money owed for construction of the wrap and that the company is owed TIF revenues from government entities.

The news release states, among other things, that an unnamed government agency transferred $844,200 out of the bond fund in November 2012 with no explanation as to how funds were used.

County Attorney Amy Milliken said in response to the news release that county officials were set to meet with Mills Family Realty and its counsel this morning.

She hopes for an amicable, out-of-court resolution to the issue, but is “fully prepared to protect the interests of the county,” she said.

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So basically, those who were given access to the funds misused them and will get away with it. I understand wanting to go the cheaper route, but I'm inclined to agree that criminal charges should not be ruled out if those involved violated state law (at the expense of millions of dollars lost by taxpayers). Letting them walk away is a hard pill to swallow and sends a horrible message to the community. Furthermore, if this was a regular citizen who basically swindled the city out of money (even a smaller amount) criminal charges would probably be filed without delay.


Seriously...'Bankrupt businessman'?? Like everyone doesn't know who the arrogant guy is. And why would you even consider letting those 'walk' who might have taken 'funds in violation of the law'???? If it was me or any other John Q. Public, our butts would be in jail pronto. Ethical City award my ass. Criminals...and the taxpayers get the shaft again. Imagine.

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