The nonprofit The HIVE of Bowling Green is celebrating Valentine’s Day by selling flowers through its first fundraising event called Bee Mine.

Bee Mine, which will continue through Friday, allows patrons to not only have a bouquet to give their Valentine but also support The HIVE and programs offered through it.

“This is our first flower fundraiser,” said Laura Orsland, founder and executive director of The HIVE. “We are kind of learning as we go.”

The sale will continue from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Orsland said.

“We will be set up at Spencer’s Coffee, which they have always been so awesome to us. The flowers are $25 apiece and they also have a handmade beeswax, which is our signature little ornament that is tied with the flowers,” she said.

Orsland said the money collected will go to the programs The HIVE offers.

“It is totally just to support our program that we do at The HIVE, which is create opportunities for adults and youth with intellectual developmental disabilities and to learn and grow and connect within the community in ways they don’t have with other places. It just goes to our program. We do a lot of creative stuff, we do a lot of self-advocacy classes. We give them the opportunity to do things that you don’t find classes for necessarily.”

Orsland said the entire organization is funded through donations and grants.

“We keep costs low for the members,” she said. “A lot of these folks live below the national poverty threshold, so we will not charge them. We have a very small membership fee, but we don’t turn anybody away. It just goes to supplies for the programs.”

Orsland said the nonprofit started because of her own family.

“My son is 25 and he has a disability,” she said. “This is where it all came from. My life kind of let me into this. We started services in January 2017 with four members. Now, we have more than 60 members and we have a waiting list.”

– For more information on the organization and to donate past the Bee Mine fundraiser, visit

– Follow Daily News reporter Will Whaley on Twitter @Will_Whaley_ or visit

– Follow Daily News reporter Will Whaley on Twitter @Will_Whaley_ or visit


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