Horse Cave community Easter egg hunt

Participants in Horse Cave’s community Easter egg hunt search Saturday for the important “prize eggs” as they walk past a wooden cross.

HORSE CAVE – A large crowd of children and their families spent their Saturday morning participating in Horse Cave’s annual community Easter egg hunt that featured more than 5,000 eggs for the taking.

The event was a welcome sight for the community. It was canceled last year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With proper health and safety guidelines followed, the hunt was back on this spring thanks to the sponsorship of Horse Cave Baptist Church, The Way Church and Horse Cave First Baptist Church.

Those in attendance were first treated to a message and skit that concentrated on the religious aspects of the Easter holiday before they participated in the large egg hunt.

The children gathered as many eggs as they could in hopes of gathering dozens of “prize eggs” spread out in the field. The event took place on city property in downtown Horse Cave.

“The first year we did this we had 500 kids who came out,” Horse Cave Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Denton said. “It’s a way for the churches to come out into the community. This focuses on the resurrection of Jesus, but we of course have the egg hunt as well. It’s something safe for the kids to do, and we also get the gospel out as well.”

Denton said the city was a large help in planning the event. The local fire department provided a generator to power music and audio while the city blocked off the adjacent street for safety reasons.

Sanitizing stations were also made available for the community along with individual hand sanitizers for children who took part in the hunt.

According to The Way Church Pastor Paul Grider, Saturday was another step toward normalcy for Horse Cave as the ongoing pandemic begins to weaken.

“We’ve been doing the lockdown thing and the social distancing thing, and I think it’s important for us to come together as a community,” Grider said. “We are still maintaining the things we have been asked to maintain. It’s just huge for these kids to finally come outside and have some fellowship with each other.”

However, young egg hunter Wyatt Ballew participated in the event for slightly different reasons.

“I’m here to get candy and to get the prize eggs,” Ballew said with a smile. “I had a lot of fun, and I’ll be coming back out next year.”

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