While you’re rummaging through your garage for last year’s Christmas decorations, you might want to grab those old cans of paint and motor oil, batteries, electronics and other potentially hazardous materials that can’t go to a landfill.

Your chance to dispose of those items is coming up Saturday in Warren County’s Household Hazardous Waste Day, to be held at the county’s salt barn at 999 Lauren Avery Drive off Louisville Road.

Conducted by Warren County’s Division of Stormwater Management in partnership with the Warren County Conservation District, Landshark Shredding, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies, the event will be from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Nikki Koller, the county’s stormwater program manager, said this is an opportunity for county residents to help keep hazardous items out of landfills and protect the environment.

“Warren County government and the city of Bowling Green want all citizens to be responsible in how they dispose of hazardous waste,” Koller said. “We want people to be good stewards of the environment, especially in this karst topography with sinkholes and caves.”

Koller said stormwater management has a partnership this year with Habitat for Humanity to sort through and possibly recycle household paint.

“Habitat will bring labor to take the paint and sort it by type,” she said. “If it’s dry, it’s disposed of. Any paint that’s usable gets recycled.”

A number of other items, including batteries, electronics and oil filters, can be recycled.

Many other items, such as roofing tar, brake fluid and medications, are incinerated.

Koller said Landshark Shredding will be on site to provide shredding of paper products.

A number of organizations, including the Warren County Conservation District and the Bowling Green Fire Department, are expected to provide help in sorting through the items dropped off.

Koller also expects some Warren County Regional Jail inmates to be on hand to help with the sorting process.

“We’re very thankful for the help from volunteers and others,” Koller said. “We don’t anticipate super long lines. It should go smoothly.”

– More information about the event and about what items can be dropped off can be found at the warrencountyky.gov/household-hazardous-waste-day website.

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