It may not feature homecoming games and dorms, but another college will soon call Bowling Green home.

Indiana Tech, based in Fort Wayne, Ind., will open a downtown location at Stadium Park Plaza.

The school has 19 locations in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, with about 9,000 students, according to Steve Herendeen, Indiana Tech vice president for enrollment management. Indiana Tech’s other Kentucky locations are in Louisville and Fort Wright in northern Kentucky near Covington.

What started in 1930 as an engineering school has grown to one offering online and nontraditional student degree programs. That’s where the Bowling Green location comes in.

The roughly 4,000-square-foot location will feature office, classroom and tutoring space.

Herendeen said Bowling Green came on Indiana Tech’s radar from students taking classes in its Louisville and Evansville, Ind., locations who expressed an interest in a facility in southcentral Kentucky. And when the school began researching the area, it “found there are still a lot of working adults who haven’t finished college,” Herendeen said.

The regionally accredited school offers associate, bachelor and advanced degree programs at its campuses and online, which “is growing exponentially,” he said.

Indiana Tech’s niche in the online education space is having local brick-and-mortar locations to offer classes and support, Herendeen said, such as the one coming to Bowling Green.

“Especially working adults need a lot of support ... it can be difficult” for adults who have not been in a classroom for many years, he said.

The location will allow for in-person evening classes to accommodate working adults, as well as registration and tutoring support.

The exact classes to be offered locally will depend on the demand. “We let the market dictate,” Herendeen said.

The facility will be staffed initially by two admission representatives, support staff and adjunct faculty.

When the classrooms are not being used during the day, they will be available to use as corporate training and meeting spaces.

Herendeen said having a regional school such as Western Kentucky University in the same town as one of its locations is a plus.

“For us, it’s an attraction,” he said, noting that Indiana Tech works closely with Purdue University at its Indiana sites. “We want to work with (WKU) closely.”

David Pinchuk, Stadium Park Plaza’s general manager, said the space Indiana Tech will occupy is on the third floor in a previously vacant space.

The building is owned by the Warren County Downtown Economic Development Authority. It is being developed by Jerry Katzoff, who owns several businesses in the building, including Mariah’s, 6-4-3 and the Starbucks franchise.

Herendeen said Indiana Tech hopes to open its Bowling Green location by Nov. 1 with classes starting in January.

Expected to open somewhat sooner on the ground floor of Stadium Park Plaza is a state Department of Motor vehicles office in a 1,726-square-foot space that was the former home of Topper Corner – a gift shop affiliated with WKU, which closed last year.

Construction work on that space “is approaching the finish line,” Pinchuk said, and he anticipates it will open in September.

– Follow News Director Wes Swietek on Twitter @BGDNgovtbeat or visit

– Follow News Director Wes Swietek on Twitter @BGDNgovtbeat or visit


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Demographics is destiny. Government's make choices. Tennessee chose to pay for college because that is not the means of production. That takes people who want education and either can't find a job, or who would be taking up a job, and builds human capital. Others who wanted a job and didn't have one, or the college educated who need a job then get them. The more people there are working, the more small things take shape such as 2% increases in auto part after market sales, 5% higher food sales, and across the economy the value increases exponentially as each new node of minor spending is added to the network of financial transactions that has taken place. Kentucky has choosen to build a workforce strategy based on expanding Medicaid. Even the current candidates have run specifically on expanding Medicaid. That is coupled with the workforce development boards -- who affect things for decades with their decisions -- decisions to encourage employers to pursue active college students and recently graduated students over all others. That is to incentivize the economically struggling to consider education in adulthood as higher value option than they ordinarily would. In order for that to work, the economy as a whole cannot be prosperous or people wouldn't be in need of 2-4 years heavy investment in addition to working. Around 2024-2030, lets say, college enrollments will be down 20-25% from the start of that period. The leaders and the main lobbies are all education and defense related. Both benefit existentially from prioritizing women for socialism and destroying the ability of fathers and boys to succeed in the private sector economy. They have been choosing workforce development strategies explicitly designed to ensure more adulter participants in education programs via federal dollar programs. Whether grants, GI Bill, loans, etc.. The ship has been under construciton and it is a device intended to preserve the education industrial complex. Think about what a 20-25% loss of college students would do the education lobby a couple of years after. So the state is attempting to be a low wage place with lots of adults who will think they need ever more education for the duration of their lives for jobs that don't exist since they specifically and purposefully chose the path of maximim medicaid beneficiaries. Kentucky has 4.4 million people, and something like 1.8m workers at last count. The programs such as day care subsidies and so forth were explicitlly designed to penalize fathers while the mother was able to work for lower wages and earn greater economic security. The problem is that with the new strategies of mass migration the ability of those fathers to have a long term factory job is no longer on the table and so the ability of fathers to feed the socialism beast is no longer viable and so they will want them to be succers attending nightschool, when saving 5 grand and moving to Tennesee would be story worthy of legacy and being told by their future descendants. Look at whose running for office, their platforms, and what has happend to the state. The tea party candidate is running on how great 55k jobs in a state of 4.5 Million people is. The other guy is running on more medicaid and preserving the domain of teachers. They will want to throw more money at education because of the social learning disaster present with language disparities and more mass poverty than before. I am sorry to have such laments, but the people of this state must not be taken in by the schemes and not be patsy's for the educators in an economy that will wash them out and chew them up after. They should instead do what is best for their children -- and that is fleeing socialism. Free college isn't socialism. It's classical liberalism. College was free during the time of Adam Smith.


The big drop in enrollments in college isn't here yet! It's still about 4-7 years out. The Crater in school enrollments was around 2007 and those kids are still in elementary school Look at the government of Kentucky and understand that it and the workforce strategies are designed to produce more need for public educators. They will and are destroying the private economy to mitigate a 2028 timeframe drop in college enrollments. Beashear is running with teachers, Bevin is catering to them. Whether you like it or not, Kentucky is being run for govnerment largess in public education and that's going to mean it needs gullible people to think they need ever more education in ADULTHOOD. Get out of the socialism for your children rather than planning to be a gullible succker who goes to a new indiana night school.


This area doesn't have employers who want educated white males. They are barking up a foolish tree. Its cheaper for men to move to Tennessee and live a year and go to college free than to stay in this male-hating land and attend night school. All abled bodied males need to go live in Tennessee because they have turned away from the ideas of women-first for everything. It's the economic promised land for the sons of the region. Look around you and how many males do you see in brain work publicly? Practically none. Even the government offices don't have them. Kentucky is women-first and will be a decade behind tennessee on economic leveling because of free college for all sexes. Head south to the liberal bastion of Tennessee --- with the lowest unemployment rate in the entire nation. Go to where human capital is worth something other than a meal ticket for a government employee -- which public university staff are. The Crowding out in Kentukcy is driving some of the worst human development metrics in the nation. Take your sons and go to a place that didn't spend a decade hating them in the schools and the employers. Keep your house and rent it out. This is a resettlement zone and those receiving government transfers or providing government funded services to those receiving government transfers will pay prime dollars for rent. With that, you can help build a better tomorrow in a state that didn't hate it's boys. They probably still won't get any brain jobs but they can do something other than work temporary rotating shifts while foreign labor receives special visas to work full time on that same job. Don't fall for the tricks. Indiana is playing predator here. The boys of this region are close enough to Tennessee they can make it out. Don't fall for the siren calls to keep them in a lifetime of poverty relative to most of the nation. What are they going to learn of use? More factory maintenance jobs? There are no jobs for educated people and education doesn't factor into the majority of job applications except as an albatross for anyone who didn't get that education yesterday. Don't be a sucker thinking that a grown man needs to go to night school to compete. Such males simply can't compete here. Make a long term migration plan for posterity. It's the only sane thing for men in this part of the state. Tennessee just passed it's resultion for more women in STEM in 2018 -- while giving both men and women free college education after one year of citizenship. Kentucky was running hundreds of Girls only STEM programs in schools all over the state for years and building workforce strategies designed to produce more people on Medicaid instead of actually building a good society. Kentucky's government for the last decade has been horrific, and the tea party captain who just went to India before local firms decided to outsource people there isn't the answer, and his successors are still on the government for the government employee bandwagon. Don't fall for Indiana's trap. Take your boys and go to a land that will appreciate them and where they are second best and in job markets where they can work retail if they don't feel like being a rotating shift manual laborer for 40 years should their education and plans fail. The men of Kentucky don't need to fall for education gimmicks. The state has proven it's distaste for it's citizen males. Tennessee wants everyone to prosper and do well and their politicians don't run campaigns based on swaggering over 50k jobs in half a decade or on even more medicaid beneficiaries and fatter paychecks for existing government employees! Forget opportunist and looking-for-gullible-males Indiana. CHOOSE TENNESSEE. It's not run by bigots, communists, and idiots, and the private sector is affected by the rules of supply and demand for labor and doesn't have an endless supply of slaves as a result. CHOOSE TENNESSEE and head fpr freedom and prosperity for your sons instead of the opportunistic perdition offered by the educational systems swooping into Kentucky as a result of it's 25% cratering in birth rates due to it's horrific leadership. They need Poor night shift gullible workers who think more government dollar inflows is what's needed -- instead of a functioning economy based on equal opportunity -- which is what exists south of the border. CHOOSE TENNESSEE. Don't let Kentucky's state-funded education industrial complex turn you into a patsy. Kentucky suffered a ~25% loss of babies. The FEEDING FRENZY by education industrial complexes is afoot -- and it will be the gullible workers who think that it will help them in the horrific economy created by Kentucky's mass socialism -- some of the worst in the entire United States. In Kentucky, active duty military outnumber private sector workers. Think about that. Choose TENNESSEE and don't let them socialism make you a patsy while your children miss the chance to live in TN and learn how to navigate an industrial economy of equal opportunity. Choose TENNESSE. IT's a long road because moving is expensive and hard. But trust your senses. You don't need more skills. You need to leave a place that adores, enables, and strengthens privation. CHOOSE TENNESSEE.

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