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International Budget for Monday, May 11, 2020

Updated at 0000 UTC (8 p.m. U.S. EDT).

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^Maduro buoyed, Guaid reeling after failed amphibious raid in Venezuela<

VENEZUELA:LA — For Venezuelan President Nicol s Maduro, it's the propaganda gift that keeps on giving, buoying a leader long in Washington's crosshairs.

For Juan Guaid , it's just the latest misstep, reviving questions about the competence of the Trump administration's man in Caracas.

Last week's botched amphibious assault on the Venezuelan coast quickly became a Maduro rallying cry, a Bay of Pigs in miniature, complete with a pair of captured U.S. gunmen — Iraq War veterans who were soon on state TV admitting their roles in a B-movie plot to kidnap Maduro and fly him to the United States.

1600 by Patrick J. McDonnell and Mery Mogollon in Caracas, Venezuela. MOVED


^What we don't know about coronavirus origins might kill us<

^CORONAVIRUS-ORIGINS:BLO—<The best minds in virology are trying to unravel a mystery: How did a lethal coronavirus jump from the wilds of rural China to major human population centers? And what chain of genetic mutations produced a pathogen so perfectly adapted for stealth and mass transmission?

Deciphering the creation story of SARS-CoV-2, as the virus now rampaging around the globe is known, is a crucial step toward arresting a pandemic that's killed 270,000-plus and triggered what could be the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

That means heading back to China, where it all started sometime in 2019.

1350 by Jason Gale, Robert Langreth and John Lauerman. MOVED



^Hundreds of police disperse peaceful mall protests in Hong Kong<

HONGKONG:DPA — Hundreds of riot police descended on protests in Hong Kong shopping centers on Sunday as hundreds of demonstrators voiced their anger with the authorities they say are abusing social distancing laws to restrict civil liberties.

In Moko mall in Mong Kok, a policeman shot pepper balls at protesters and journalists who were one floor above, after a water bottle was thrown towards a group of officers from that level.

400 by Viola Gaskell in Hong Kong. MOVED




^Jobs picture will get worse before improving, Mnuchin says<

CORONAVIRUS-JOBS-TRUMP:LA — With the coronavirus outbreak ravaging the U.S. economy and joblessness reaching Depression-era heights, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin acknowledged Sunday that things were "probably going to get worse before they get better," but he predicted a rebound later in the year.

At the same time, a widely watched new projection indicated the U.S. death toll from the pandemic would reach 137,000 by early August, and a leading public health expert flatly contradicted President Donald Trump's contention last week that the virus would subside on its own, without a vaccine.

950 by Laura King in Washington. MOVED



Also moving as:

CORONAVIRUS-JOBS-TRUMP:BLO — 700 by Jennifer A Dlouhy, Steve Geimann and Michael Riley in Washington. MOVED


^Trump's tax returns put Supreme Court back in political storm<

SCOTUS-TRUMP-RECORDS:BLO — The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear what could become the biggest cases involving Donald Trump as president, a pair of constitutional clashes that could insulate chief executives from investigations while in office and add an explosive new element to the 2020 election campaign.

Trump is trying to keep House Democrats and a New York prosecutor from seeing his financial records. The high court will hear back-to-back arguments Tuesday — by phone and live-streamed because of the coronavirus outbreak — on Trump's efforts to block his banks and accountants from complying with subpoenas they have received.

1250 by Greg Stohr in Washington. MOVED


^White House looks to Austria, South Korea for reopening ideas<

CORONAVIRUS-US-REOPENING-IDEAS:BLO — The Trump administration has cited success stories in South Korea and Austria as it calls for Americans to return to work — but those countries moved faster than the U.S. to combat the pandemic and have been more cautious in reopening their economies.

And a third country U.S. officials once regarded as a model, Singapore, is now struggling with a resurgence of the outbreak.

1100 by Josh Wingrove, Boris Groendahl and Kanga Kong in Washington. MOVED


^Pence self-isolating after aide tests positive for coronavirus<

CORONAVIRUS-PENCE:BLO — Vice President Mike Pence is self-isolating away from the White House following his press secretary's diagnosis of COVID-19 on Friday, said three people familiar with the situation.

The vice president didn't attend a meeting on Saturday with President Donald Trump and top military officials.

200 by Jennifer Jacobs in Washington. MOVED


^Approval of new antiviral drug brings hope and confusion<

CORONAVIRUS-DRUGS:DA — As Raymond Schinazi watched Dr. Anthony Fauci reveal data from a highly anticipated clinical trial late last month, he knew he was witnessing history.

Here was Dr. Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease official, sitting with President Donald Trump at a White House meeting, revealing to reporters that a new drug had become the first to show effectiveness against COVID-19 from a scientifically rigorous clinical trial.

1300 by Anna Kuchment in Dallas. MOVED


^Projections show California coronavirus cases and deaths rising more than expected<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF:LA — California is one of a handful of states where coronavirus cases and deaths are going up more than researchers expected, according to the latest projections in a widely relied-upon model of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Christopher Murray, director of the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" that the institute's latest projections suggested the nationwide fatality count would reach 137,000 by Aug. 4. It stands now at nearly 80,000.

600 by Alex Wigglesworth and Laura King in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Fauci reverses course, won't appear in Senate after exposure to White House staffer infected with coronavirus<

^CORONAVIRUS-FAUCI:NY—<Dr. Anthony Fauci won't show up in person in the Senate after all.

The top pandemic doctor decided not to bend the rules by showing up in person for a Senate hearing set for Tuesday on the government's response to the pandemic.

He changed his mind after initially vowing to appear in person despite being exposed to a top White House staffer who has tested positive for the virus.

400 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^California prisons sell coronavirus masks to the state. Are the prices too high?<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-MASKS:SA — A California prison agency that relies on inmate labor is selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of masks and sanitizer to state government agencies, charging prices that give it a profit of about 80 cents a mask.

The California Prison Industry Authority is selling cloth barrier masks for up to $3.10 each to at least 14 state departments in the last three weeks, according to procurement records.

1100 by Wes Venteicher in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^With 38 NYC kids contracting illness related to coronavirus, de Blasio announces safety steps<

CORONAVIRUS-NY-CHILDREN-:NY — New York City has detected 38 cases of "pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome" — an alarming condition linked with COVID-19, claiming one young life in the Big Apple so far — Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday.

"There is a rare condition which we're seeing more of just in the last days and it is causing tremendous concern," he said at a news conference. "Our health leadership is deeply concerned."

500 by Shant Shahrigian in New York. MOVED


^As demand for food skyrockets due to coronavirus, food banks play catch-up<

^CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-FOODBANKS:LA—< Ofelia Jimenez didn't think her family would need to rely on a food pantry — not again.

But after her son's hours at McDonald's were cut due to the coronavirus pandemic, her husband's $1,500 monthly pension was not enough to keep everyone fed.

Across L.A. County, a record number of families have flocked to food pantries since mid-March, as more than half the region's residents have lost their jobs. It's a challenge many food banks have met with remarkable agility, as the need has doubled, in some cases tripled, and a steady food supply has been harder to maintain.

1400 (with trims) by Esmeralda Bermudez in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Did coronavirus spread through a nail salon? Newsom said so, and now owners fear for their business<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-NAILSALONS:LA — A series of texts interrupted Tam Nguyen just before he sat down for dinner late last week. The messages shared urgent news: Did he hear California Gov. Gavin Newsom make a startling new assertion about how the first person in the state contracted the coronavirus?

"This whole thing started in the state of California, the first community spread, in a nail salon," Newsom said in his daily media briefing on COVID-19 in Sacramento, after being asked why personal services, such as nail salons, should stay closed even as the state starts to slowly open businesses.

"I just want to remind everybody of that and that I'm very worried about that," the governor added.

Soon, the beauty school owner was connecting with Christie Nguyen, his friend and fellow nail salon operator. She, too, was taken aback by the governor's words.

1050 (with trims) by Anh Do in Santa Ana, Calif. MOVED



^First coronavirus case reported in Wuhan, China, since April 3<

^CORONAVIRUS-CHINA-WUHAN:NY—<For the first time in more than a month, a person in Wuhan, China, where the global pandemic is believed to have originated, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Local health officials said the patient had previously been asymptomatic, the National Health Commission reported Sunday.

300 by Kate Feldman. MOVED


^Johnson starts to ease UK's lockdown<

CORONAVIRUS-BRITAIN:BLO — Boris Johnson announced the "first careful steps" to lift the U.K.'s lockdown and restart the economy, setting out a "conditional plan" for getting more people back to work while controlling the spread of Covid-19.

Stressing there will be no immediate end to the lockdown, the British prime minister announced looser restrictions on movement from Wednesday, starting with unlimited outdoor leisure time for sports such as golf and tennis, and allowing people to drive to parks and beaches in England.

800 by Stuart Biggs in London. MOVED



^Trump lashes out at GOP critics, exponentially increasing their visibility<

^CORONAVIRUS-TRUMP-CRITICS:LA—<Reed Galen was about to go to sleep one night last week when his phone pinged. President Donald Trump was tweeting about him and his group of longtime Republican allies who are working to make sure Trump is not reelected.

The group, a political action committee called the Lincoln Project, had created an ad called "Mourning in America," a play on a famed 1984 Ronald Reagan campaign ad. The one-minute video blasts Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic free-fall, arguing that he has made the country "weaker and sicker and poorer."

It was mostly a digital effort, but they spent a few thousand dollars to air the ad on Fox News during Tucker Carlson's nightly show on Monday. The purchase — aimed at an audience of one — clearly hit its mark.

600 by Seema Mehta. MOVED


^During the pandemic, Republicans see a rare political opportunity in California<

^CALIFCONGRESS-25TH:LA—<There was no such thing as YouTube or Twitter. President Bill Clinton was on the brink of impeachment. Donald Trump was a New York real estate developer, building his first golf course.

The year was 1998, and it was the last time California Republicans managed to flip a congressional seat from blue to red.

After more than two decades of losing, that futility may soon come to an end.

A special election to fill a vacant House seat to the north of Los Angeles is highly competitive, both sides agree.

The closeness is due in good part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1250 by Mark Z. Barabak. MOVED



^Soul singer Betty Wright dies at 66<

^WRIGHT-OBIT:LA—<Betty Wright, the singer-songwriter and producer best known for her 1971 soul-disco classic "Clean Up Woman," died Sunday at her home in Miami of cancer, The New York Times reported. She was 66.

In addition to becoming a key player in the Miami funk sound of the '70s, Wright remained a mainstay on the Billboard R&B chart as a lead singer, duet partner and background vocalist, placing 20 different singles in the R&B Top 40.

550 by Sonaiya Kelley. MOVED


^Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Meek Mill call for justice for Ahmaud Arbery in open letter<

^GA-JOGGER-KILLING-LETTER:NY—<Team Roc, the social justice group started by Jay-Z, published an open letter to Georgia officials Sunday, demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

The letter, signed by Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Meek Mill and Yo Gotti, is addressed to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, state Attorney General Christopher Darr and District Attorney Tom Durden. It calls for Durden to recuse himself from the case because of his preexisting relationship with Greg McMichael, a former police officer and one of the men charged with Arbery's murder.

350 by David Matthews. MOVED


^Fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery a 'lynching,' Atlanta mayor says<

GA-JOGGER-KILLING-MAYOR:AT — Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms — floated as a possible running mate for Joe Biden — on Sunday called the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery a "lynching of an African American man," and asserted the two white suspects in the case would not have been charged had the video of the Feb. 23 killing not been made public.

"Had we not seen that video, I don't believe they would be charged," Bottoms told CNN's Jake Tapper. "It is heartbreaking. It is 2020. And this was a lynching of an African American man."

800 by Jeremy Redmon in Atlanta. MOVED


^Trump lashes out at GOP critics, exponentially increasing their visibility<

^CORONAVIRUS-TRUMP-CRITICS:LA—<Reed Galen was about to go to sleep one night last week when his phone pinged. President Donald Trump was tweeting about him and his group of longtime Republican allies who are working to make sure Trump is not reelected.

The group, a political action committee called the Lincoln Project, had created an ad called "Mourning in America," a play on a famed 1984 Ronald Reagan campaign ad. The one-minute video blasts Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic free-fall, arguing that he has made the country "weaker and sicker and poorer."

It was mostly a digital effort, but they spent a few thousand dollars to air the ad on Fox News during Tucker Carlson's nightly show on Monday. The purchase — aimed at an audience of one — clearly hit its mark.

600 by Seema Mehta. MOVED


^Olivia Jade says she is 'so blessed' to be Lori Loughlin's daughter in Mother's Day tribute<

^LOUGHLIN-MOTHERSDAY:NY—<Video blogger Olivia Jade wrote that she's "blessed" and "proud" to have Lori Loughlin as a mom in an effusive Mother's Day tribute on Sunday.

Olivia, who's been in the middle of controversy amid allegations her mother took part in a college admissions scandal, shared the new message in an Instagram post, along with a photo showing Loughlin holding her as a young child.

250 by Peter Sblendorio. MOVED


^Santa Cruz surfer killed in shark attack identified<

CALIF-SHARKATTACK:SJ — Officials have confirmed that the surfer who was killed in a shark attack on Saturday at Manresa State Beach in Santa Cruz County was 26-year-old Ben Kelly, owner of Ben Kelly Surfboards.

The Santa Cruz County coroner's office identified Kelly, who was attacked at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday by an unknown shark species about a mile south of the main parking lot, California State Parks said in a statement.

850 by Aldo Toledo in San Jose, Calif. MOVED



^'Vida' and 'Never Have I Ever': shining examples of TV finally welcoming immigrants with open arms<

^TV-IMMIGRANTS:MS—<Randall Park grew up watching reruns of the TV western "Bonanza." But what he saw left him confused.

"You think of yourself as a Cartwright and then realize that everyone sees you as a Hop Sing," the actor says in the five-hour documentary "Asian Americans," which examines the challenges that have faced the country's fastest-growing racial group over the past century.

Park, one of dozens who were interviewed for the two-night documentary debuting Monday on PBS, went on to star in ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat," a sitcom that helped usher in a new wave of TV shows in which immigrants finally ride high in the saddle.

1250 by Neal Justin. MOVED



^Editorial: Keep focus on the coronavirus, not on China<

^CORONAVIRUS-USCHINA-EDITORIAL:MS—<Beyond the most profound health impacts worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has also infected economics and geopolitics to crisis levels.

It's imperative to mitigate the damage while the world waits for a vaccine that can end this scourge. But that will be more difficult, and thus deadly, if China and America devolve deeper toward a U.S.-USSR-style Cold War.

800 by Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Stimulus checks shouldn't penalize citizens for their spouses<

^CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF-IMMIGRANTS-EDITORIAL:DA—<Of the many shortfalls of Congress's pushed-through-too-fast CARES Act, one has seemed particularly misguided: Denying economic assistance to people who are U.S. citizens because they're married to someone who isn't.

Under the original $2 trillion stimulus package passed March 27, citizens are excluded from receiving aid if they file taxes jointly with someone who lacks a Social Security number. This includes 4.3 million immigrants who pay taxes using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN.

450 by Dallas Morning News Editorial. MOVED




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