Jack Conway

Name: Jack Conway

Office sought: Governor

Age: 45

Occupation: Kentucky attorney general

Resident of: Louisville

Party affiliation: Democrat

Previous elected positions: Kentucky attorney general since 2007

What would be your top policy priority if elected?

My top priority as governor will be to attract good-paying jobs for Kentucky families by marketing our state as a prosperous place to do business and by training our workforce for the jobs of the future. I will work to give small businesses a seat at the table by creating a cabinet-level Office of Small Business Advocacy and find new ways to foster partnerships between businesses and our great colleges and universities. To prepare for the jobs of the future, I will focus on new opportunities that allow Kentucky kids access to early education and realign our Workforce Development and Economic Cabinets to better serve Kentucky's workers. I will support strategic investments in our rural communities like improved Internet access. I will always stand up for Kentucky's coal economy and fight to keep our energy costs low to attract manufacturing jobs to the commonwealth.

What experiences qualify you to serve as governor?

My record as attorney general is one of promises made and promises kept. I stood up to special interests to protect Kentucky's working families, fought the scourge of prescription drug abuse, served as a voice for the commonwealth's most vulnerable citizens, advocated for consumers as well as our veterans and cracked down on cybercriminals to make the Internet a safer place for children. I fought for the industries that make Kentucky strong when I sued the EPA to stop the agency from implementing regulations that would raise our utility rates and hurt Kentucky coal. As governor, I will continue to put Kentucky first.

What is your stance on expanded gambling in the state?

I support giving Kentuckians the right to vote on whether they want expanded gambling in our state. Expanded gambling could be an opportunity for Kentucky to access the gambling revenue flowing into states around us like Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. The decision to expand gambling in our state needs to be studied at the front-end to see what revenue our state could achieve and to ensure that our state doesn't become overpopulated with casinos.

What is your stance on a statewide right-to-work law and local county right-to-work laws?

My priority as governor will be to protect and attract good-paying jobs to our state. I will work to continue Gov. Steve Beshear's success at bringing businesses into our state to create new jobs for Kentuckians. I will oppose any effort that could drive down wages for our workers.

What are your plans for the Kentucky health care exchange and how do you plan on putting them into effect?

I will build on Gov. Beshear's work making Kentucky into a model state for insuring more of its citizens. As governor, I will be ready to make tough decisions about what we can afford and what we can't, but my priority will be ensuring that the hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians who now have health insurance – especially our kids – keep their health insurance.


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