The bond for a Bowling Green man under indictment on a murder charge was reduced Wednesday.

Warren Circuit Judge John Grise modified the bond for Pedro Alfaro from $500,000 cash to $50,000 surety following a hearing in Warren Circuit Court.

Alfaro, 25, was indicted last week in the death of Kevin J. Morris, 20, who was shot Sept. 8 in the parking lot of Campus Pointe Apartments on Fields Drive.

Alfaro pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday. His attorney, Alan Simpson, has maintained that Alfaro acted in self-defense during an attempted robbery by Morris and a juvenile.

Shortly after his arrest in September, Warren District Judge John Brown set Alfaro’s bond at $500,000 cash but later modified it to $250,000 cash.

Grise set the bond back at $500,000 cash upon Alfaro’s indictment, but Simpson filed a motion last week to modify the bond, arguing that Alfaro did not have the resources to post the bond and had no history of violent behavior prior to his arrest.

At Wednesday’s hearing, held over Skype, Simpson said the evidence he has received in the case from the Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office features apparent communication between Morris and the juvenile about a plan to rob Alfaro of two handguns.

Simpson also referenced testimony from Bowling Green Police Department Detective Matthew Irvin at a September preliminary hearing, in which Irvin related the juvenile’s account of the events in Alfaro’s car leading up to the shooting.

Alfaro had picked up Morris and the juvenile and drove them to Campus Pointe.

“During the preliminary hearing, it came out that Mr. Morris basically had his hands around Mr. Alfaro’s neck from behind ... at the end of the day, Mr. Alfaro was the intended victim of a crime,” Simpson said.

Court records detail that Alfaro drove away from the scene after the shooting, called 911 to report the incident and was stopped by BGPD on Nashville Road, where he claimed to have acted in self-defense.

Simpson also said Alfaro was aware at the time of the incident that Morris had been suspected of involvement in a prior shooting.

At the time of his death, Morris was under indictment for first-degree assault and other charges stemming from an April incident in which Dalton Quinn was shot on Crossings Court.

Simpson said those circumstances may have factored into Alfaro’s state of mind in September at Campus Pointe.

Warren County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Daniel “Tres” Miller opposed the motion to modify Alfaro’s bond, saying surveillance video footage from the incident shows the car pulling into the parking near an open handicapped spot and then two people exiting the vehicle before there’s an apparent muzzle flash.

Miller said the car continued to move forward slowly, and witnesses gave statements about hearing Morris apologize to Alfaro before additional shots were fired.

Police found Morris lying between two vehicles in the parking lot.

“If (Morris) had been shot in the vehicle, we would be having a different discussion, but he’s outside and appears to be running from the situation,” Miller said.

During Wednesday’s hearing, there was discussion of Irvin’s testimony in the September preliminary hearing, in which he did not mention the apparent plot to rob Alfaro described by the juvenile.

Miller said he contacted Simpson after reviewing footage of the hearing to disclose that information.

“It was (Irvin’s) first murder case he was the lead on and I believe there was an element of nervousness on his part,” Miller said about Irvin’s testimony. “I don’t believe (the omission) was intentional, but it was remedied as soon as practically possible.”

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