Kenneth Churchill Imes

Name: Kenneth (Kenny) Churchill Imes

Office sought: Treasurer

Age: 68

Occupation: Funeral director, farmer and businessman

Resident of: Murray

Social media (Facebook, Twitter): Kenny Imes for State Treasurer

Party affiliation: Republican

Previous elected positions: Six-term state representative – 5th House District (Calloway and Trigg counties) and Calloway County magistrate

What would be your top policy priority if elected?

Transparency of office so that the general public can see how their tax dollars are being spent. Be hands on daily at work to assure efficiency of all co-workers. To use the position serving on investment boards to make better, wiser decisions on state investments as they relate to pension funds. To not only be the "watchdog" of the people's money but a bulldog when necessary to safeguard against any corrupt or illegal expenditure of state treasury (taxpayer) dollars.

What experiences qualify you to serve as treasurer?

I have owned and successfully operated seven different small businesses plus my own family farm operation, have served as deputy secretary and commissioner of the state Natural Resources Cabinet as CAO and CFO of the cabinet supervising 10 divisions, 2,200 state employees and a $56 million budget. I have also served as Kentucky regional manager for an international public company employing 380 Kentuckians with an annual operating budget of $22 million; have served six terms in the Kentucky House with two of those terms as chairman of the House State Government Committee and am currently vice chairman and ranking minority member. Working with the next administration in Frankfort and lifelong friendships as a legislator will provide me a unique opportunity to make meaningful needed structural changes to our various pension systems and replace our current cumbersome tax code with a simple uncomplicated and fair system, while not raising taxes.

What do you see as the most important function of a state treasurer?

To be the public watchdog of the spending of the public (taxpayer) dollars and to ensure that they are spent correctly, legally and in strict accordance with the budget as passed by the General Assembly.

How do you approach your own personal budget and finances, and what will you draw on from that experience in the role of treasurer, if elected?

Personally, if I can't pay for it, I don't buy it or leave it as a debt to be paid by my children, grandchildren or great-granddaughter or some government agency. I have had my own checkbook (and learned to balance it) and my own businesses since I was 10 years old. Personal responsibility, integrity, commitment and hard work coupled with common sense work really well together both privately and publicly.

What role will technology play in the operation of the state treasury under your leadership?

Technology will be openly embraced by the treasurer's office inasmuch as it will be the key element in the transparency and openness of disseminating information to the citizens of Kentucky about how and for what purpose their taxpayer dollars are being spent.


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