The Landmark Association is offering a chance to enjoy downtown architecture in the age of social distancing – and a chance to win a $100 gift card from Anna’s Greek Restaurant.

The association is sponsoring a scavenger hunt contest through Wednesday that Vice President Margaret Stein said will shine a spotlight on downtown and serve as a celebration during Historic Preservation Month in May.

“We normally would have an annual meeting and we would gather,” Stein said. “We would talk about giving our awards out – highlighting all the work that has been done. We are having to postpone that, but in order to celebrate the Historic Preservation Month, we thought, ‘What could we do to socially distance that gets people outside and gets people excited about landmarks?’

“Two of our board members came up with this idea, and I think it is pretty interesting.”

To participate, print an entry form at and follow the directions to gather information. Participants are asked to send photos or scanned images of both sides of the completed entry form, as well as a photo of your favorite landmark, to or to P.O. Box 1812, Bowling Green, KY 42102. Entries must be received by midnight Wednesday.

“We thought if you want to walk your dog, you can walk your dog,” Stein said. “If you have children, bring them. If you have a stroller, bring that. Whatever it takes for you to go wander around outside with these two pieces of paper you printed off our website and you are good to go.”

On May 28, one name will be drawn from the correct entries, with the winner receiving the $100 gift card. Anna’s Greek Restaurant recently reopened at the former Victory Baptist Church building at 1202 State St.

“We wanted to support a downtown restaurant that not only is downtown, but it is in this beautifully renovated old building,” Stein said. “We thought no better place to celebrate (Historic Preservation Month) than in a recently opened, reclaimed old building.”

Stein said the Landmark Association is hopeful the contest will inspire people to get out and enjoy downtown while learning a little bit about the city’s rich architectural history in the process.

“Now that we are walking and slowing down a little bit, it is nice to pay attention to the details,” Stein said. “Once you start walking around, you notice things like brick patterns or stone patterns, different aspects of architectures. Downtown Bowling Green has got so much of it. I’d love to think people would go around and look for it, especially if they could win a gift card.”


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