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It says the Brown family is praying for the Bradshaw family..............Wonder how high those prayers are going????????


Everybody needs to just sit back, shutup and let our two tiered justice system do its job.


elvis, don't hold your breath waiting for your questions to be answered. That "wait on the investigation" is gov. speak for we're not going to tell you. Simpson said, on thursday"s WBKO news he had the facts and knew the truth. If Mr. was allowed to leave the scene, that would seem to be preferential treatment. I wonder, like you, was he taken to police headquarters, tested ,and subject to an extended "interview".


“Everybody needs to reserve judgment until the investigation is complete,” Simpson said, adding that the events have been tragic for both families."

I agree with the respect for families and praying for them but I do have questions.

Granted I was not there. I don't know anything except what I hear on the news and read in the papers. That said I don't understand how two men can get into a gun fight in broad daylight and one was not able to leave and the other one left the scene.

According to the news Mr. Brown left the scene of the shooting. I don't know either man involved but I am wondering out loud if Mr. Brown even was read his rights, taken to jail or given any blood tests looking for drugs or alcohol in his system.

All the press reported was that Mr. Brown has been placed on leave. Paid or not paid leave I don't know.

I will ask for anyone to explain to me how you can be involved in a shoot out, leave the scene and not be in jail ? I'm gonna guess that 99.9 percent of the rest of us would have been drug out of our homes by a S.W.A.T. team.

There are enough accusations,here say and innuendo floating around and I'm not taking sides or trying to stir the pot. I am however a Voter / Taxpayer who is curious and looking forward to further explanation of just what happened.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer


just can't buy the "legally justified/self defense" claim. Mr. Brown is the one who got out of his vehicle to confront Mr. Bradshaw,and it wasn't to say: hey brandon long time no see, good to see you: or something like that. definately an offensive gesture.



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