Dana Jackson sat in the hallway of a local nursing home, her white hair tucked under a veil and her silky wedding gown bunched into her wheelchair. Some people wished her happy birthday; others offered congratulations.

Monday was more than Jackson's 100th birthday - it was also her wedding day. Jackson married 87-year-old Bill Stauss at Rosewood Health Care Center, where they both reside. The two moved into the same room after their wedding.

"I feel 50," she said. "I don't feel 100."

The couple met two years ago at an adult day care center. Jackson had been married three times, and Stauss had been married once for 55 years. All of their former spouses are deceased - Jackson married for the first time 85 years ago at the age of 15.

On Monday, at 100, she did it all again. One of the nursing home's rooms was decorated in candles, flowers and ribbons. About 100 people clustered inside the room and stood in the hallway, peeking through the windows.

The bride rolled down the aisle, clutching a bouquet of flowers and donning sparkling jewelry. The groom stood up front, wearing a tuxedo and holding on to his walker. When the two faced each other, a few tears slipped from Stauss' eyes.

"It's been 56 years since I had that happen to me," he said. "All I wanted was a close look. When I saw her close up, I saw how beautiful she was."

Some of the couple's children stood next to them during the ceremony. Stauss' son gave Jackson a 1912 coin for her 100th birthday. Jackson's daughters helped their mother prep for her big day.

"I am thrilled. A little teary-eyed, but thrilled," said Jessie Miller of Lynn Haven, Fla., one of Jackson's daughters.

The Rev. Steve Hohman, of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, presided over the ceremony, telling attendees that they would never experience another wedding like that one.

Wade M. Hughes Sr., pastor at Faith Assemblies of God in Smiths Grove, has been Jackson's pastor for 23 years. He preached her former husband's and her daughter's funerals, so speaking at Jackson's wedding was a treat, he said.

"I've just been amazed," he said. "I would say Dana is one of the most unique and special people I've ever known."

When the two kissed, the audience asked Stauss to kiss her one more time so they could take photos. A white wedding cake and chocolate cupcakes for the groom's cake sat in the back, where the couple fed each other cake and sipped sparkling grape juice.

Later, Jackson tossed her bouquet. Her great-granddaughter, Brandi Key of Scottsville, caught the bunch of flowers.

"She was a pretty bride," Key said. "I about cried when I saw her in that wedding dress."