A Barren County man was arrested Tuesday by police investigating allegations that he threw acid on a dog.

Donnie R. Johnson, 64, of Glasgow, was arrested on charges of torture of a dog or cat (serious injury or death) and second-degree cruelty to animals.

According to the Glasgow Police Department, officers responded to a complaint of a neglected dog reported by the Barren River Animal Welfare Association.

BRAWA Director Molly Taylor reported that Johnson brought a black lab mix to the shelter on Trojan Trail and claimed that he found the dog on the side of the road.

“The dog had severe lacerations to its back and the skin had been peeled off from around the dog’s neck to the dog’s tail,” GPD Officer Wesley Hicks said in an arrest citation.

The wound appeared fresh, and Taylor told police it could possibly be a chemical burn, according to police records.

Police made contact Monday with family at Johnson’s residence, and two relatives said Johnson had put acid on the dog in an attempt to kill it.

Johnson’s relatives also said he had been neglecting a cat he was keeping, according to an arrest citation.

Police returned to the residence Tuesday to speak with Johnson, who said the sun caused lacerations to the spot on the dog’s back, according to police records.

“(Johnson) denied throwing any chemicals on the dog but admitted that he neglected the dog by not properly caring for the dog,” Hicks wrote in the citation.

The dog was euthanized and officers seized a cat and several chickens from Johnson’s residence, according to police.


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